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James Kennedy

Descendants of Civil War soldiers, twin brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy have held posts with the Sons of Confederate Veterans for several years. Both also are founding members of the League of the South. In their spare time, the brothers enjoy participating in reenactments of Civil War battles. They are also the authors of The South Was Right! and Why Not Feedom!: America's Revolt Against Big Government, both published by Pelican.

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  1. How to Know for Sure You Are Going to Heaven (Pack of 25)

    How to Know for Sure You Are Going to Heaven (Pack of 25)

    Good News Publishers, James Kennedy

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    A professor of philosophy in a university was lecturing on the lack of certainty in our age. "Certainty is impossible," he said. "We can know nothing for certain." A freshman raised her hand and asked, "Professor, are you sure of that?" "I'm certain " he replied. Yes, we li... Learn More

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