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Henry Madison Morris

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  1. The Bible Has the Answer

    The Bible Has the Answer

    Henry M. Morris, Henry Madison Morris, Martin E. Clark, Henry M. Morri...

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    THE BIBLE HAS THE ANSWERHow do we know the Bible is true? Why did God create the universe? How will we spend eternity?Neglecting and rejecting God's Word has its consequences: abortion, AIDS, troubled relationships, crime, immorality, personal freedoms - the Bible is vita... Learn More
  2. The Modern Creation Trilogy: Gift-Boxed Set

    The Modern Creation Trilogy: Gift-Boxed Set

    Henry Madison Morris, John Morris

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    The modern creation trilogy is the culmination of decades of study of the classic confrontation between evolution and creation. The definitive work on the subject, this three-volume set is destined to be the standard-bearer in its field.SCRIPTURE AND CREATION VOLUME ONEAn ... Learn More
  3. That Their Words May Be Used Against Them

    That Their Words May Be Used Against Them

    Henry Madison Morris

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    In sifting through the shifting sands of evolutionary thought, one can be forgiven for feeling tangled up in a plethora of conflicting statements. A very great secret kept from the public is that evolutionary scientists are far from unanimity when it comes to naturalism. The... Learn More
  4. Scientific Creationism

    Scientific Creationism

    Henry Madison Morris, Institute for Creation Research

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    Used as a supplementary text in public universities, this book provides an in-depth examination of the research for creation. Covers dating methods, geology, biology, and other reas. A strong defense of biblical creationism. Learn More
  5. The Revelation Record

    The Revelation Record

    Henry Madison Morris

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    Years of Bible study and research by a specialist in hydrology and geology have resulted in an excellent commentary with a scientific approach to the book of Revelation. Learn More
  6. What is Creation Science?

    What is Creation Science?

    Gary E. Parker, Henry Madison Morris, New Leaf Press, Orris Henry M

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    Many Christians are not aware that a growing number of legitimate scientists now embrace the Genesis explanation of origins. In What Is Creation Science, two of the most respected members of that group have given us the benefit of their knowledge: Dr. Henry Morris, who has s... Learn More

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