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Bring Christ to the center of your family’s Christmas by celebrating Advent. We have the supplies and resources to make your Christmas more meaningful through the Advent season.

Read more about the meaning of the wreath and candles, and how to celebrate Advent:

The Wreath

The circular wreath represents God Himself, His eternity and endless mercy. The green of the wreath speaks to the hope found in God, newness, renewal and eternal life.

The Candles

Candles symbolize the light of God coming into the world through the birth of His Son. The colors, which vary by tradition, are typically three purple or blue candles, corresponding to the sanctuary colors of Advent. The pink or rose candle marks a shift from the solemn tone of the first two Sundays, which focus on preparation and hope, to a more joyous atmosphere of anticipation and expectancy. If you have a center candle—known as the Christ Candle—it is traditionally lit on Christmas Eve or Day, reminding us that the incarnation is the heart of the season and that the world now has light through Jesus.

Celebrating Advent

1.) The first Sunday of Advent, light one of the purple or blue candles.

2.) On subsequent Sundays, light the previous candles as well as an additional one. The pink or rose candle is usually lit on the third Sunday of Advent.

3.) If you have center candle, it may be lit on Christmas Eve or Day.

With the lighting of each candle, a Scripture is read, a short devotional or reading is given and a prayer is offered.

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ADVENT, meaning the “coming of Christ,” begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas. This year, the start of Advent begins on November 30th. Christians around the world have commemorated and reflected on the coming of Christ for centuries by celebrating Advent. More than any other activity during the season, Advent can bring Christ to the center of your family’s Christmas celebration.


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