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I Am Second
I Am Second I Am Second

A major league baseball player. A Tennessee pastor. A reality TV star. A single mom. A multi-platinum rocker. What do these people have in common? They've all hit bottom. And none of them stayed there. Famous or not, these are the stories of real people who reached the end o... Read More

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Item # 1365175

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A major league baseball player. A Tennessee pastor. A reality TV star. A single mom. A multi-platinum rocker. What do these people have in common? They've all hit bottom. And none of them stayed there.

Famous or not, these are the stories of real people who reached the end of their strength, the end of their control and found the most surprising truths. They learned not to rely on self or substance but to lean on the only completely reliable source of love, hope and freedom: the God who created them.

Shocking in their honesty and inspiring in their courage, the testimonies found in I am Second: Real Stories. Changing Lives. are critical reminders that no one is too far from God to find him. Discover the life-changing power in putting God first and proclaiming, "I am Second."

Product Details:
Page Count: 240
Released: 01/2012
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Dec 17, 2011
  • UPC: 9781400203734
  • Height: 1.10
  • Width: 5.30
  • Length: 8.30
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 240
  • Publish Date: Jan 2, 2012
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "REL012000"
  • ISBN: 1400203732

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Pictures of God's Grace by uncurablebookworm on 3/10/2012

This book is full of testimonies from people who have realized that they must become second to Christ in order to truly live. The people come from many different backgrounds and come to Jesus in many different ways. This book is a good introduction to the iam second movement and a great picture of the grace of God at work.

Are you struggling trying to be #1? by Curtis on 3/4/2012

I recently received an Ebook entitled I AM SECOND by Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender and published by Thomas Nelson.

I had seen many of these videos, a very catchy websight had been set up a few years ago at www.iamsecond.com. In fact I have one of the bracelets, plain black with the words I AM SECOND written on it; and boy can I tell you stories about the conversation that the bracelet and Shirt that I wear have started! Chances to share why I am second since no one wants to be second, it sticks out and draws attention!

So what is the concept? Stories of those who tried doing life on their own, or life in their own STRENGTH and failed. The stories of their struggles with fame, fortune, drugs, sex, alcohol, marriage, divorce, porn etc… You name it an they discuss it.

Their stories are all different, yet in the end they all come together under this one note: GOD IS #1!

They all came to a realization that they couldn’t do it on their own. That without God they were in a losing battle. These are the stories of how people you know like Bethany Hamilton, Michael W. Smith, Brian “Head” Welch, and many more came to a point of utter brokenness in their lives and found God still there waiting to bring them back.

These are their stories. The stories of Victory, Pain and continued struggles but now they are no longer on their own. They are now SECOND following the only one who can truly lead them!

This book connects with all who read. You can see yourself in their struggles, and pains. Maybe you see your self in their stories and identify with one or more of them. Then in the end you hear how these people have overcome!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a gift for a seeker, a college student, and adult, a counselor… you name it! EVERYONE will identify!

I AM SECOND!!! Are you?

Inspiring! by Brittany on 1/18/2012

I Am Second is filled with inspiring stories full of hope. 20 different people share stories of heartbreak, brokeness, and betrayal. They share how in the midst of all these things they came to know God, and began to know what true joy felt like. They also learned the importance of becoming second.

Honestly, I thought the book started out a bit boring, plus all the stories seemed revolve around the same thing over and over again, hitting rock bottom and then learning to put God first. I just thought it was really repetitive. Other those two problems, I pretty much enjoyed the book. I liked the variety of topics (divorce, anger, addiction, satisfaction, health, happiness, etc.). There's really a story for almost everyone to relate to, which is pretty awesome.

The stories really are inspiring. I couldn't believe some of the things people had gone through and still managed to come out strong, especially faith-wise. I think this book will help many people change their ways.

I just wish there were more than 20 stories, honestly. The book was pretty short. There are a lot of videos on Iamsecond.com with people sharing their testimonies, and many of those people weren't even in the book. This really disappointed me since I was hoping to read their stories in the book.

Albeit a bit boring at times, this was a great book and I hope it will make people realize something:

God First
Us Second

I actually just came to realization that I'm supposed to be putting God first, all while reading this book. A swirl of emotions came forth. I felt confused on how to put God first, a bit happy learning that he had plans for me, and at the same time annoyed and angry wondering why exactly God must be first.

It's definitely a hard pill to swallow, but putting God first is all for the better.


Fun read
Changed my way of thinking
I loved the simplicity of the book cover.

Some of the stories bored me
Too short

* I received this book for free to review from Booksneeze.com

The Power of Putting God First by Reader02 on 12/23/2011

Can you imagine what would happen if you put God first in your life? Every story I have read so far has lept from the page into my heart. These are real people with real issues showing their struggles and fears on the page and giving a glimpe of how they have changed when deciding that Jesus is the most important thing and acting upon it. Be impacted by the stories of people who daily choose to put Jesus first, be surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, be second.

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