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Prince of Peace

Akiane Kramarik, Carpentree
Prince of Peace
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Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik painted this image, titled Prince of Peace when she was only eight years old. The result is a striking portrait of Jesus Christ, as Akiane saw Him. In the book Heaven is for Real, four-year-old Colton Burpo tells his dad how he went to heaven af... Read More

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Framed Art
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Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik painted this image, titled Prince of Peace when she was only eight years old. The result is a striking portrait of Jesus Christ, as Akiane saw Him.

In the book Heaven is for Real, four-year-old Colton Burpo tells his dad how he went to heaven after slipping from consciousness during emergency surgery - where he met Jesus and sat on his lap. Colton, who had never met Akiane, then identified this image as the "right" picture of Jesus. This framed print of the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus will encourage you each day and share the peace and joy that Colton felt in Christ's presence.

The framed picture measures 16"(W) x 19"(H).

Learn more about Heaven is for Real.
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  • Format: Framed Art
  • Release Date: Jul 28, 2011
  • UPC: 767722998984
  • Height: 0
  • Width: 16
  • Length: 19

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I Remember by margarita on 5/21/2014

When I was 13 in 1976 Jesus came to me..., I had a major surgery on my spine with harrington rods placement and I was very scared so I prayed to him and the Virgin Mother. The picture above is a split image of him! The eyes I will never forget.., they were beautiful blue with green and they were not eyes from this earth.., his smile was of love and peace and I felt comfort in his presence..,and he had a white light of glowing around his body. I ran up to him and I bowed to my knees and kissed his feet.., they had markings on them. I kissed his feet in recognition of the sacrifice he had given for all of us and in recognition that he is The Son of God. I can't believe I am seeing him again in this portrait,,. Thank you Jesus for reaffirming that what I saw that day is truly what I saw!!!!!

This is the face I saw... by caz on 5/6/2014

Over thirty years ago, in an enviroment of great pain and indescribable suffering, I as a 9 year old child had an experience, a mystical but REAL, vision inwhich I got to see what Jesus looked like as he walked this earth. I saw this depiction and wept sweet tears of recognition, relief, and sweet sorrow of missing a loved one. I was kneeling so His nose was slightly foreshortened by my perspective. Also his jaw therefore looked a bit wider. There was more light around Him when I saw him, when I knelt in his presence, so there were many more copper highlights of reflected light in his hair. The hair was a lighter redder brown with copper highlights. Also he had markings not known of in most circles but mentioned by researchers who studied the Essenes and Nazarites. Something like henna tatoo across forehead. I was always afraid to mention this until 27 yeats later a researcher documented this practice as one he likely kept. He fid wrar a white robe when I saw Him. Ofcourse He saw through to my core, but what wadshovking is that there was no judgement. I was left in my own judgement. For three days after, it was as if my feet were three feet above the ground I walked on. I was filled with great love suchnlove for my fellow human and animal. Such compassion. Such as sense of connection. I had these feelings before but never in as great intensity. His presence was majestic, strong, timeless and awesome. I know people will laugh at me or think.I'm insane, but this is real. I later went on to foubt Him due to the unloving actions of Christains and tbe evil people did in His name. But now, realize, that"s not on Him. The Shroud of Turin has forced me to go back to my knowing Him. I'd like to add that my questioning in prayer caused me to be gifted with this vision. My questioning was a form.of seeking. I believe He was the Only One that gave us the way to fully become Beings of Eternal Light.

My son identified this portrait by Cast Iron Cowboy on 4/29/2013

My son broke his arm and was under heavy sedation when it was set in the ER room. He took a triple dose, big strong kid. We were told that he would remember nothing due to the specific medication utilized. When he awoke he stated that he met Jesus and talked with him. The room went silent and time stood still. Jason told us of the wonderful conversation he had with Christ. A year later, I hid the caption and showed Jason this portrait of Jesus in Heaven is for Real and asked him if he had ever seen this man before. Jason had no idea who or what book he was looking at. Again, the caption was covered up and all my son saw was the painting. After contemplating, Jason firmly stated, "His hair was a bit different, but that is the man I spoke to in the ER room when I broke my arm, that is Jesus."

Love by Angela on 11/29/2012

Beautiful I wish it wasn't so high , would love to have it

Absolutely beautiful... by Marla on 11/14/2012

I just got this beautiful painting for my birthday from a dear friend, and it is in my living room, where I can look at it and feel the wonderful comfort that only he gives.
I just can't say enough about it, and I'm so grateful to have a friend that bought it for me. I was going to get it myself, and she surprised me!
I can't wait to see Jesus face to face and I know he will look just like this picture.
He is so awesome... He deserves all our praise!
Ask him into your life. It will change you forever.

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