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Jesus Calling

Sarah Young
Jesus Calling
Jesus Calling Jesus Calling

After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to "listen" to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her. It was awkward at first, but gradually her journaling changed from monologue to dialogue. She knew ... Read More

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Item # 968931


Item # 968931

After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to "listen" to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her. It was awkward at first, but gradually her journaling changed from monologue to dialogue. She knew her writings were not inspired as Scripture is, but they were helping her grow closer to God. They are written from Jesus' point of view, thus the title Jesus Calling.

Others were blessed as she shared her writings, until people all over the world were using her messages. It is Sarah's fervent prayer that our Savior may bless you with His presence and His peace in ever deeper measure. To that end, she shares Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, featuring devotions for every day of the year. In these powerful pages are the words and Scriptures Jesus lovingly laid on her heart. Words of reassurance, comfort, and hope. Words that have made her increasingly aware of His presence and allowed her to enjoy His peace.

This remarkable book includes a year’s worth of daily readings from Young’s journals to bring you closer to Christ and move your time with Him from monologue to a dialogue.

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Product Details:
Page Count: 400
Released: 10/2004
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2004
  • UPC: 9781591451884
  • Height: 1.10
  • Width: 6.10
  • Length: 4.40
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 382
  • Publish Date: Oct 10, 2004
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "REL022000"
  • ISBN: 1591451884

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Inspirational! by Frank on 1/13/2017

I bought this for my sister after purchasing my own copy. We both can't start our day without our daily dose of spiritual medicine.

Jesus Calling by pjbrokaw on 1/11/2017

I was given this book by my workplace, which is a ministry and love it. I gave my copy to my daughter over the holidays and had to buy another one.

Blessed by Chandra Hambrick on 1/7/2017

This devotional is a tremendous blessing to me and my family. I have purchased several of these books and given them to others. I thank God everyday for allowing Sarah Young to share with all of us what God so richly shared with her. Thank You Jesus!!!

Excellent daily encouragement by Pure Reader on 1/7/2017

Great source for beginning or ending the day... I buy them 10 or 20 at a time to give as gifts. And I have Sarah's other books as well. I consider them tools for well being.

tell you below by kay on 1/6/2017

I give it friends that need it. To witness to them and more

So, so good! by Bonnie on 1/6/2017

I've only started reading this devotional on the 1st of January, and already, I absolutely love it. I have other daily blogs that I read, and this is the best. It's so simple to read, and I love the fact that each devotional is written as though Jesus is speaking to you. I would recommend this to everyone! I gave it as Christmas gifts to many of my friends this year.

Wonderful by Praying Mom on 1/6/2017

Goal 2017 daily read and discussion with family members.

Have always loved this book! by Pamela on 1/6/2017

Whenever this goes on sale, I buy them and give them out as gifts, because this book is a GIFT that needs to be shared with others. Walking with God is the best gift ever!

Great Devotional! by Ms. T on 1/6/2017

Love this devotional, it's as if God uses her words to speak to specific daily needs in my life. I was given a new one with the scriptures printed Fantastic!

It's a fantastic devotional. by Charlie on 1/4/2017

I was given it after my son died and it helped me through that first year with so much encouragement. I didn't feel like I was alone. My husband and I have used it for 3 years and only switch this past year to Sarah Young's Jesus Today. This year we are using Jesus Always. I purchased 10 of the Jesus Calling and have them handy to pass out to others who might need encouragement.

Excellent devotional by Patti 1/4/2017 on 1/4/2017

This is the BEST daily devotional I have ever read. I received it when going through chemo in 2012 and continue to read it every morning. I definitely feel Jesus is talking right to me on certain days. I buy some when they are on sale. I have given over 20 of them away to people who are gong through trials themselves and to family and friends that I want to share this beautiful inspirational devotional with.

A Must for Christians of any demonination by Momika on 1/3/2017

Need more love, patience, forgiveness, reassurance in your life and/or toward others? You will see these attributes we learn from Jesus in your life as you read this quick daily read!!! GET IT!

Wanted to share! by Vondra on 1/3/2017

So far I have bought 4 of these books to share with others. I love the devotion and can't believe how many days it is just what I need to hear!

Great by Lori on 1/2/2017

This book is awesome for everyday life!

Amazing by Sue on 1/1/2017

Got this book as a gift from a dear friend. Literally changed my life. I have bought it twice at Family Christian book stores and both time at a sale to gifts my friends. It's my gift that keeps on giving

Changed my life by Sara V on 12/17/2016

Amazing book! Would definitely recommend this to everyone!!

Awesome by Nancy on 12/14/2016

I bought one for a gift and after reading some of it, bought one for myself

A must have! by Vicky on 11/20/2016

This is my favorite daily devotional! A friend has been going through a hard time so I gave her my copy and she had tears in her eyes after reading the devotional for the day and stated that it was exactly what she needed to hear. I then went out and bought 2 more copies. It truly is a daily gift to yourself from God!

Excellant by Bev on 11/19/2016

This is the best Devotional I have ever bought! The best of the series. It is like Jesus is talking right to you!
I have bought this for all my kids and one for my friend for this year!
It is a Must-Have" devotional

My favorite devotional by Lazyj on 11/19/2016

I love this book. Truly like getting a personal call from Jesus each morning. Can't start my day without it. This purchase was the second gift one I've bought. I read it to my 96 year old Mama too.

Great gift by Helen on 11/10/2016

Bought another one as a gift. The best little book for inspirational messages every day.

Good by Tinker on 11/9/2016

So impressed with Sarah Youngs writing have all of her recent books. Bought this one to give as a gift.

Definitely a Blessing by Teresa on 11/6/2016

I love it so much that I've bought a couple to give away. I'm a Caregiver for an elderly woman. Every morning, Monday thru Friday, I read out loud and look up scriptures for both of us. I can not tell you how many times the daily reading have ministered to me. I look forward everyday to reading what the Lord wants to share w/me.

Five stars by Patti on 11/1/2016

I have had "Jesus Calling" (a gift from my daughter) three years (2013) ago; I read each message daily and I found on days when I really need to have a message from God, I open to that day's scripture and it is just what I needed. I have given this daily devotional booklet to several friends. Could not do without these words from God. I love this book!

I love it! by Lillie on 10/24/2016

I LOVE love love this book!! I read it each morning to start my devotion time with the Lord. I think this is the 3rd year in a row I have read the daily devotion. It is so applicable; still seems new every day. If you're looking for a way to really connect with God, i highly suggest this little book as a great way to get a nugget and then it directs you to specific scripture that often entices me to read more & learn more. My Mom is elderly. She loves it too. She says, "Ring ring...Jesus is calling":). It is a tender daily passage from His heart to yours.

Great devotional. by Janet J. on 10/22/2016

It makes a great gift, we keep ours on the kitchen table and read during breakfast.

Jesus Calling is Beautiful! by Susan M. on 11/13/2014

Jesus Calling is beautiful little book filled with daily readings for the whole year. I absolutely enjoy every word in this devotional. Hope, love, and faith all wrapped up inside this lovely book. I keep reading it over and over. I feel this book is inspiring and very interesting.

Life changing by Nonna2011 on 8/5/2013

I received this book as a gift in 2012 - little did I know that it would rock my world. Her writings are so helpful and true to Scripture; it's almost as if Jesus was using her pen to write directly to me, at my station in life. Highly recommend this!

Love this devotional by Joyce on 5/31/2013

Given to me as a gift in 2011, I am now reading it and journaling as I hear God speak. Sarah Young is truly a gifted child of God whose writings have inspired me to spend time with God. I read it in the morning over a cup of coffee and feel that I am supping with Jesus as I begin my day.

I, too, have purchased many of these and given them as a gift at God's leading. I work in a doctor's office, where many are suffering and when I feel led to give one to a particular patient, I tell them I believe God wants them to have it...I have also given to complete strangers, knowing the power of God's love. This book has comforted and inspired many people and I know God is working out His plans in their lives as they read these words and realize God is speaking to them. Many have said that this book has changed how they view God. For many it is the first time they believe He is real and are beginning to recognize His speaking to them.

I would recommend this devotional to everybody.

Speaks directly to you by Neenybo on 5/16/2013

I purchased 5 copies of this last Christmas when they were one of the special deals of the day. I gave copies to my sister-in-laws, pastor's wife and my daughter-in-law's mom. I am so glad I kept a copy for myself! This little book speaks right to my heart each day. It's a great way to start each morning by helping you focus on God and how He is present in your life that day. Anytime this is on sale, buy it!

....the best of the best by Baggie on 4/25/2013

...this is obsolutely the best devotional book ever! Scriptually sound. It takes you into conversation mode with Christ. I don't like sappy, make you cry devotion books. This is solid - for men and women. Gave a copy to my doctor - he loves it !

Love Sarah Young by Frammy on 4/25/2013

I purchased Jesus Calling four years ago. Shared it with a few friends and now whenever I can I purchase a couple books and give them away. I have gone through Jesus Lives and Jesus Today also. My next book is Nearer to Jesus.
God has spoken to Sarah Young in such a way that it touches every heart that reads these devotionals.
All are blessed you read them.

The Blessing That Keeps On Blessing! by CeeDee on 4/22/2013

I have the smaller book, as well as the large, leather-like edition. I exclusively use the larger one now, because it has the scriptures written out! It is one of my highly prized devotionals! Who doesn't need a truthful, prophetic word for every day of the year? I rarely miss my morning time in it. I highly recommend it, frequently.

Great Book by Grammy on 4/14/2013

A friend of mine gave me this book for my birthday and it has been so good for me . Every day it really speaks to me the things I am going through and that I have been through. I would recommend this book for every one. It has Blessed me every day!!!!!!

Speaks to my heart by JAL on 4/8/2013

I love this book!! Best devotional ever. Really speaks to my heart.

This book is Fabulous!!! by Susan on 4/8/2013

My husband and I read this out loud every day. It talks to you and answers everything you are experiencing. I have purchased quite a few copies for a lot of people. Others I told about it, and couldn't say enough. They in turn have also purchased the book. I wish I could hand these out to everybody. I always feel Jesus presence, holding my right hand with his loving arms around me. I have had so many surgeries, I lost count, the last one being a double organ transplant. I had no fear, there's a reason, and my Lord and Savior was right there beside me.....

Excellent style of writing by laurie on 3/29/2013

Unique and beautiflul !

Buying my 50th by Adriana on 9/22/2012

My mother-in-law had given me a copy. I loved it so much that I have bought 50 of them and have passed them to other people. When I read the book, it envelops me in a warmth "presence" and feel I need to stay close to Jesus.

Feels exactly like Jesus is talking directly to me by Missy on 9/14/12 by Missy on 9/14/2012

Plan on buying many of these for friends & family. This book is so unique in that you feel like Jesus is right there with you which in reality He is! I can easily feel His Presence! I read it on a daily basis & keep it close. Thank you to Sarah Young & God for your team effort! Awesome book, like no other!

Have bought and given away more than I can count... by Lou on 8/29/2012

...maybe 16 by now or more. Thank God for Sara Young, not only for our own blessing but being able to forward it on. The last one was for our Korean Granddaughter who was here on her honeymoon and now returning to Korea with "Jesus Calling" What thrill. Sometimes I wish I could purchase them by the box. God bless you dear Sara as you continue write for Him.

Outstanding and inspirational!! by The Power of Three on 8/26/2012

My wife and I were given this book by our church's Ministry of Sick. We read this every morning during her fight against a very aggresive cancer. It gave us the strength, why we are here and reminded us of our Faith!

It brought us closer together and helped us during her tremendous fight. She never complained, cried or screamed while going through all her procedures (chemo, radiation, etc.) Now, she is with our Heavenly Father in no more pain.

Thank You GOD for allowing one of your angels to come to this earth and bless me with our son.

Read Daily by Naplesnana on 8/16/2012

One of the BEST Devotionals that I have, I am getting copies for my grandchildren

Wonderful by Julie on 7/30/2012

Upon reading each page daily, one would think that Sarah was in your home. Not likely, but we do know who is... Jesus. This daily devotional is comforting, and helps us to remember Christ in our busy lives! Very inspirational, giving you strength to face your challenges, reminding us that w/God all things are possible.

Scripture references show that the devotional thoughts come out of God's word. by Grandmer on 7/28/2012

These daily thoughts are so personal and fitting for the life and struggles of humanity, and the scripture references show that Sarah Young found strength for her life from God's Word. I'm so glad she shared her experience with Jesus with all who are willing to take a few moments each morning to meet with Him.

Worth every penny! by Tiffany on 6/30/2012

I recently purchased this book and I absolutely love it! I love the concept of having 1 inspirational page to read daily and look forward to reading a new message every morning! I highly recommend it :)

Intimacy by Vonnie on 5/19/2012

Truly Sarah Young has such an awesome relationship with Jesus and what a gift to the Body of Christ that the Spirit used her to bring such an oneness with Himself to impart His unconditional Love!!

CHANGED MY LIFE! by NDS GAL on 5/9/2012

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about this book. A friend of mine gave it to me and my devotionals have been better than ever, what a blessing!

best little devotional ever! by trulyblessed on 3/5/2012

As extended family gathered together the last couple weeks of my brother's battle with cancer, different ones of us would pickup this book and read from it. Every day it seemed to fit exactly what we were facing that specific day. Including speaking peace to his wife, a stay at home Mom, on the days that she was most overwhelmed with worry about the future for her and the children.

Awesome! by Jodiegirl77 on 2/8/2012

This is an awesome devotional book! It has been such a blessing to me to hear Jesus speaking to me every morning. I gave this book out for Christmas gifts and makes a wonderful gift for someone going through a difficult time that needs a fresh Word from the Lord.

Excellent! by AJay on 1/25/2012

Jesus Calling starts off my day every morning. Great devotional book!

Awesome Devotional by jj on 1/25/2012

This devotional is very inspiring! It truly gives you a revelation of how much God cares and wants you to trust Him in all things.

A Must read devotional by Nathan on 1/2/2012

This is a great devotional book. Sarah Young lays things out so well and its very easy to understand and digest. I would definitely recommend this book!

Best Book Ever by Young Widow on 11/27/2011

This book was given to me by my best friend after my husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. I had two kids to raise and I was only 45 years old -- way to young to be a widow! However, the daily readings of this book brought me such great peace and it helped me to trust! Early on, I didn't know how I was going to make it through the day but these short devotionals gave me hope. It was as if the book was written just for me and Jesus was, indeed, talking to me personally. I would highly recommend it.

GREAT devotional by EDunahoo on 11/24/2011

This is possible the BEST devotional I have ever used and I have used many. This is obviously divinely inspired as it is so applicable to anyone who uses it. A great daily devotion and a great gift.

Jesus Calling by Tracy on 11/24/2011

I was chatting with a friend about some hard times I was about to face. You see my son enlisted in the Navy. I am so proud of his decision and honored that he is my son. He has chosen to defend this country we live in. With all that said, it still tugs at a mother's heart strings when her son has to leave... My friend said she had just the thing for me to read and drove 40 minutes to get this book and bring it back to me. She simply said read this; it is what you will need.

Now I have read a lot of devotionals in my time, however I thank you Betty because I have never experienced anything quite like this. I took the book home and read the day's devotion. I was moved to tears as I felt Jesus simply sit down beside me and began to chat with me. We became closer friends that night and I can't wait to get my daily dose of Him each and every day now. It is exactly what I need exactly when I need it.

This book is simply beautiful. It is divided by the date so no memory of where you left off is required. Simply open to today's date and sit down and meet your best friend, who is going to get you through the day- no matter what you are going through!

Please remember my son and I in your prayers as we go on this journey. And God Bless America!

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