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Finding Hope Now - DVD

Vertical Praise Production

In Finding Hope Now, 16-year-old Santos Delgado leaves his home and survives on the streets. Reverend Roger Minassian knows very little about street youth, but feels God’s calling to help. He must step out of his comfort zone and takes to streets ravaged by gang violence. ... Read More

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In Finding Hope Now, 16-year-old Santos Delgado leaves his home and survives on the streets. Reverend Roger Minassian knows very little about street youth, but feels God’s calling to help. He must step out of his comfort zone and takes to streets ravaged by gang violence. Roger and Santos' lives intertwine as Roger learns to become a father to the fatherless and Santos struggles to find a new life.

DVD Features:

  • Hope Now Circa 1994
  • Hope Now Circa 2009
  • The Real Counselors of Hope Now
  • Awesome Premiere Night
  • Official Trailer

Product Details:
Dove Faith-Friendly for ages 12 & up.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 106 Minutes
Released: 08/2014
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Video
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: Aug 19, 2014
  • UPC: 866156000000
  • Language: English
  • Volumes/Discs: 0

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Very Good by Stase on 10/26/2016

I really enjoyed this movie. It was powerful. It has a really good message and good acting and a very good story line. I watched it with a couple young people and they enjoyed it immensely. It touched everyone's heart.

The Power of God's Grace by DEBI L. on 3/15/2015

While I received this DVD in exchange for my review, I can tell you if I had seen the trailer for it, I would have bought it myself. It is a very nicely made movie that deals with the heavy topic of gangs, drugs, guns and shootings that are taking place in every city today. By God's grace, a pastor is moved by God to pursue bringing the message to kids in and around gangs in his city. At first, they disregard him, but because of his persistence (and I'm sure God's nudging), he continues to move forward to help some of these youth come to know the power of God's grace and love, as well as to learn the love of a true fatherly figure. We learn of Reverend Roger Minassian's Hope Now ministry and how it helped change lives, and continues to do so today. I give this movie 5 stars for both the acting and the story line. Thanks so much!

Excellent Testimony! by Charity on 12/10/2014

Have you ever watched something and found yourself moved to do more in your neighborhood? That is how I felt after viewing this film, Finding Hope Now. It is the personal testimony of the Hope Now youth program started in 1993. I found the story captivating and yet my heart was so touched by the lengths that the founder went to in his fight for the gang youth.

The story is well done and not in the way that some Christian films are. It doesn't look cheaply made or like it was done with a home video recorder. I will warn you though, this is a graphic look at how youth in America are being pulled into gangs and the crime and violence that comes with the territory. So while there is no language or anything it shows teenagers beating people up, etc. The rating is for 12 and up. This is an excellent testimonial video though and I loved how Roger Minassian went out on faith and started this program. You can find out more information on Hope Now at their website.

I received a copy of this DVD in exchange of an honest review.

Redemption by sarah on 11/26/2014

* I was chosen to review this movie for my honest review.***

This movie at first made me nervous due to the content but God had a plan for Him to be right beside me.
As I watched this inspirational true story of how one young man went from being a young man who did not have a true parent at home to saying He was blessed to have Pastor Minassin as his father. Pastor Minassin had a change of heart when God called him away from the pulpit to minister the gangs in California. He chose a path that would be bringing rewards and blessings. He was called by God to love boys who needed the Fathers love. To love them as Jesus loved them. Yes even when he wanted to throw in the towel, God encouraged him to keep going forward during the tough times. God never gave up on him, and he did nt give up on these boys either.
With great expectations I encourage families to watch this movie. Watch it for how God redeems a lost sons, who come home and are now fathers who work rightly and raising children to love God too.

A Redemption Story worth watching by sarah on 11/26/2014

*****I was chosen to review this movie foe my honest opinion.****
When I first received the movie to review, and was nervous to watch it alone but God had other plans. I watched alone. God caught me with the redemption songs that were playing throughout the entire movies. Some scenes yes were hard to watch but nonetheless you could see Pastor Minasain learning to become father to the fatherless. Someone who had been given a heart for the young men who were caught in the gangs of Fresno California. God brought redemption to these young men who did not have a true fatherly example. He brought it throught Pastor Minassin who became a spiritual mentor to these young men.

Great movie! by Rebecca C on 11/22/2014

*DVD received in exchange for an honest review*

This is not a movie I would normally choose to watch, but I am glad I was chosen to review this movie. It was such an inspiring movie and had me in tears by the end. Reverend Minassian has such a big heart and loves youth and wants them to do right. It inspired me to want to help the youth in my city. I live near a city that has a gang problem and my mayor has a heart like Roger and wants to get them off the street and into jobs. This movie will not disappoint.

Beautiful & Inspiring by Randi @ A Modern Day Fairy Tale on 11/12/2014

**DVD received in exchange for honest review.

Now, I'm not one who usually likes movies that are about gangs or crimes in general, but this movie was absolutely inspiring. Can you imagine what it must have been like to feel that calling to help bring these young gang members off the street? This was not only a world that the Reverend was completely unfamiliar with, but also one that had the potential to be very dangerous. Yet, he took that risk and made such a huge difference in the life of so many.

Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if more people took those kinds of risks? If we looked deeper within a person than where they come from or their name. If we believed that people can change, if given the chance. This is exactly what Finding Hope Now was all about. To be honest, sometimes with inspirational stories like this, it can be very easy to get a little...well, cheesy. I did not find this to be the case here. Sure, there may have been a slightly cheesy moment here or there, but overall I found it genuine and beautiful. I will definitely be watching again!

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