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Mercy Rule - DVD
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Mercy Rule is a baseball adventure for the whole family, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea. Parents and kids alike will be inspired by the story of the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God. Co-starring ... Read More


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Mercy Rule is a baseball adventure for the whole family, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea. Parents and kids alike will be inspired by the story of the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God. Co-starring Bas Rutten and comedian Tim Hawkins and written by bestselling author N.D. Wilson, Mercy Rule will teach your family what it means to be a "No Quit Family." The DVD also includes a family study guide for further discussion of the important messages in Mercy Rule.

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"Our family is always on the lookout for an exciting new movie to watch together on 'movie night.' We look for something fun and inspiring, something that builds our faith in God and our strength as a family. But instead of waiting for a great new movie, we made one! Mercy Rule is one the most exciting movies we have ever been a part of and we are so excited to share it with you." - Kirk and Chelsea Cameron

Product Details:
Run Time: 117 Minutes
Not Rated
Released: 02/14/2014
  • Product type: Video
  • Format: DVD
  • Release Date: Feb 14, 2014
  • UPC: 748252659125
  • Volumes/Discs: 0

Customer Reviews

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Christian audience by David on 5/4/2015

I'm sorry to say this, but some of you guys are displaying a disheartening lack of imagination. While this movie had deficiencies (the first twenty minutes had basically nothing going on and the overuse of slow motion and attempts at flashiness just distracted from the story), lack of Christianity was not one of them.

Not all decent films - even Christ-honoring ones - need to be explicitly evangelistic. In fact, if your real goal is evangelism it is actually counterproductive for all films to be as evangelistic as something like Courageous, because only a small handful of people are ready to be "closed" in such a fashion. For many others, explicit evangelism will be a huge turnoff and a barrier to them finding Christ. People are on various parts of the spectrum in terms of their relationship with God. Some are very far, others are closer but not quite there yet. We need a RANGE of movies to deal with people, not only one single type. Some should aim to simply put a "stone in one's shoe"... not too evangelistic to make those far from Christ throw up walls, but decent enough to present a certain worldview that perhaps makes people think about life and how it should be lived. Others are ready to be "closed" in an evangelistic sense with such scenes as you find in Fireproof and Courageous, and some are somewhere in the middle.

We need films on ALL parts of this spectrum to be truly effective as Christian communicators. We need to meet people where they are, as Paul did in his own ministry - he "was Jew to the Jews and Gentile to Gentiles", he reasoned from the Scriptures to those who held the Scripture as authoritative but did not do so to others, rather using reason and cultural norms germane to the culture at hand to those that did not care about Scripture (his sermon on Mars Hill). God himself also could have presented Jesus to everybody right off the bat, but He did not! He prepared the way for thousands of years before the world was ready for Jesus. God Himself saw that people take preparation before they are ready to be "closed" on the deal of salvation. If such strategies are good enough for God and for Paul they are certainly good enough for Christian filmmakers.

But it does not help when our own audience berates us into only making one narrow kind of film, and accuses people like Kirk Cameron of being unfaithful when he makes something other than the same old thing! You guys need to open up your thinking here or Christian filmmakers and their films simply have no chance to communicate on a mass level. Christian films need to meet people where they are, and thus need to come in all kinds of forms. I'm very happy there are movies like Courageous. But we need many more movies that point in the direction of truth without being another Courageous clone. Not all movies that are worthwhile need to have overtly evangelistic themes. All truth is God's truth, and it doesn't have to all be presented in the same narrow fashion with every single film. By demanding that they are, you, as the core audience, are straightjacketing Christian content creators into only preaching to the choir again and again and again. I'll take Paul's adaptive way over that way any day of the week.

Out of the Park by Sondra on 1/22/2015

We purchased this DVD for "family movie night" and it did not disappoint. The story is cleverly written. It follows both father & son as they battle with pride, anger, courage, and a host of other obstacles. It tested their faith. The movie does not overtly preach Gospel. The family is seen praying and you can infer faith is a big part of their life. What I enjoyed so much about the movie is how you could sit with your children and explain how the father or the son was not handling situations right. It teaches some great lessons in parenting as well as faith, without using a church or Biblical scripture to make the points. For people of faith, the lessons learned in their journey is clear. Again, also cleverly developed throughout the plot.

disappointed by Tennille on 12/26/2014

My family and I always gift each other movies on Christmas so that we can spend the afternoon snuggled up watching movies. I purchased "Mercy Rule" with the impression that I was purchasing a Christian movie that was full of Christian values. I was looking for something that would be spiritually encouraging and uplifting. This movie lacked the Christian views and examples I expected. In the plot the father/business owner faced a pretty big battle and had to make some pretty big decisions. Not once did this man cry out to God to help him in his time of need. We cannot do anything on our own, but it is in God that we find our strength and guidance. Since this movie is only for purchase at Family Christian I expected there to be a lot more focus on a Christian walk and lifestyle. If I buy a movie from a Christian bookstore, I expect it to have Christ as its center. I was looking for something more along the lines of "Facing the Giants". Besides this movie lacking what I expected the story dragged along and there were holes in the plot. All in all I was disappointed.

Mercy Rule, Mixed Feelings as a whole... by Laura on 11/4/2014

I was very pleased with the aspect of this movie based on Kirk's disclaimer right at the beginning, that this was something his family did, because they couldn't find something to watch as a family.
While I agree, that it is a basically clean movie, the references to smoking and alcohol would be something I would have to explain to the littles of our crew. The older crew would get it, and understand that talking about it and doing it are two totally different things,
That being said, I LOVED the character of Pops even though he was not visible, he was a very important character of the movie. I have taken some of the things he said and actually journaled them! Pretty awesome insight.
This movie was not a movie to bring people to Jesus, it was a movie made for a clean activity for a family and this fits that guideline except for the two things I mentioned.
The story line presents a family in need of reevaluating their own morals and ethics after Satan has attacked them in different ways. Their ways of handling things are so structured, almost exactly alike, it would have been neat to seen two different points of view, but that may have been confusing in a 90 minute movie also.
The DVD also includes a small question and answer booklet and that was great seeing the "behind the thoughts of the making of the movie"
So for me and my family, based on the fact that it was made for a "clean entertainment" I was pleased with this movie and will show it to the older crew of my bunch. Thank you again for your faithfulness to family

THIS MOVIE IS A HOMERUN! by Barbette on 8/26/2014

Mercy Rule is a movie in a class all its own. If you start watching this movie with preconceived notions about it, based on the characters playing in it, you will find yourself a little lost at first.
The movie does begin a little like a documentary, but as you listen to the narration you are assured that the ground is being laid for an amazing story line.
I found this movie both refreshing and challenging at the same time. I love that the parents aren't the only ones going through a struggle in this movie. Cody is learning some hard "life lessons" as well through the non-traditional methods of his baseball coach.
This movie encourages a person to: be a good "sport", take responsibility for your actions, to be courageous, to love and support your family through hard times, to stand up for what you believe in, and most of all to build a strong Godly legacy in your family.
The addition of the Family Discussion Questions and Study Guide was perfect. This was helpful in going back and discussing things with my kids after watching.
In my opinion this movie is a homerun. It is clean, humorous, and full of Godly principles for not just getting through life.....but living life well!

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