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10 Things for Teen Girls

Kate Conner
10 Things for Teen Girls

The world is run by teen girls: parents of teen girls, teachers of teen girls, boys trying to date teen girls, feminists who want to empower teen girls, companies trying to sell things to teen girls, and people who have had it up to here with teen girls. Chances are if you r... Read More

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Item # 1517657


Item # 1517657

The world is run by teen girls: parents of teen girls, teachers of teen girls, boys trying to date teen girls, feminists who want to empower teen girls, companies trying to sell things to teen girls, and people who have had it up to here with teen girls. Chances are if you re reading this, there is a young woman in your life for whom you desire the very best, and "10 Things for Teen Girls" can help with that.Based on student minister Kate Conner s runaway blog post, this book answers a lot of important questions: Why should I follow my heart?Should I care what other people think of me?Why are boys only interested in my body?How do I handle my emotions?Am I beautiful?Am I enough?Teen girls have already heard the typical shtick about how they need to dress modestly, or how they shouldn t care what others think of them, but it doesn t suffice. Rooted in biblical wisdom and interspersed with candid stories of the modern teenage experience, Conner s imparts common (and all too uncommon) sense.
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  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jul 8, 2014
  • UPC: 9781433682919
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 187
  • Publish Date: Aug 1, 2014
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 17
  • Audience Age Minimum: 13
  • BISAC: "JNF049080"
  • ISBN: 1433682915

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great gift for a teen girl you know by Courtney on 2/26/2015

As a middle school teacher, I am all too familiar with the struggles teen girls face everyday. Ladies, do you remember what it was like to want to wear a top that your Mama took one look at and declared, "Absolutely not!" Do you remember how you felt when your best friend made a hurtful comment about your friendship and all you wanted to do was retaliate by trying to make everyone in the whole school see how stuck up she acts? Do you remember thinking about nothing else other than how you look?

I remember those feelings all too well and with an almost nine year old daughter I'm afraid I'm getting close to reliving those feelings all over again. That's why I was so excited to read 10 Things for Teen Girls by Kate Conner. In each chapter of the book she lays out one topic that young girls today struggle with and she breaks it down to what's really at the heart of the matter. She quotes scripture but doesn't force it down your throat and she leaves you with a truth. The end of each chapter offers journaling or discussion questions which makes it a great book for a group or for a gift for a girl you know.

I picked up this book and read it in a couple of days. It wouldn't be a long, tedious read for a young girl so you won't get an eye roll (especially 'cause there's adorable stick figure drawings all throughout the book). The author's got a great sense of humor and she shoots straight from the hip, but not in an offensive way. I think her writing style is one that will resonate well with teenagers and I highly recommend the book for anyone who has a teen daughter or works with one.

A fantastic guide for parents and teen girls! by Katie on 2/23/2015

As much as I hate to think about it, the littles is inching ever so closer to the preteen years and from there, it's a down hill plummet till eighteen. Yikes!

I'm always on the hunt for ideas to prepare myself and have advice on hand for when the time comes. So when the opportunity came along to review a surprise package of teen girls books, I jumped at the opportunity.

I had not heard of 10 Things for Teen Girls by Kate Conner before, but I have to say, I'm going to be looking for her work more often now. I could relate to so much to what she said and spoke about, granted, I am in my 30's and the same age she is, but her writing was so easy to connect with for any age. I wish, this book was on the market when I was a teenager. It had such a wonderful flow of information and insight, with perfect amount of humor. I was cracking up through this book!

This book also touched on some very important information that girls...well, any teenager, needs to understand, especially in today's social media crazed society. Touching on the importance of not turning Facebook into a diary and the drama that can be involved. Even with the changes in the last 12ish years, the emotions and the feelings are still the same, just different ways of sharing it.

This is a book I will be hanging on to and probably sharing with the littles when it's needed. It is a good one for parents of teen girls or for teen girls themselves.

Thank you to the Family Christian Blogger Program, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Are you struggling to connect and start conversations with you teen girl? This is the book you need. by Alana on 2/9/2015

I heard that Kate Conner was writing a book for teen girls and their moms and I couldn't wait to read it. I follow her blog and I knew that what she was going to write would be exactly what the girls in our lives needed to read. She speaks their language and connects to their emotions. My daughter wrote a review for this book after reading it, this is what she thought about it:
" I love that she is speaking on my level, a teenage girl level. She wasn't explaining or talking in a boring way, she was talking to me like I was her best friend. What stood out to me was how she was explaining that we are perfect the way we are. That we don’t have to keep wishing we were different. For example, I wish I was thinner, I wish my hair was straighter, I wish my legs were longer, and more. She said that GOD made us the way we were, perfect. You don’t have to be super model skinny, Just exercise regularly, and eat well. Real advice."
Kate was smart when she wrote "10-Things" because she wrote the companion for us mothers called "Enough". I encourage you and your daughter to read these at the same time, they really open up conversation about areas in your daughter's life that may be difficult to talk about.

A book every teen girl needs to read! by Christian Shelf-Esteem on 11/7/2014

In her book 10 things for Teen Girls, Kate Conner tackles topics that are often difficult to breech with our teens. Do your attempts to discuss modesty, emotions, social media usage, or peer issues (aka drama) with your teen lead to eye-rolling or worse - shouting matches?! Does your teen know that her value comes from her Creator God who has designed her with special gifts, talents, and passions? Without mincing words, Kate Conner gets straight to the heart of these issues! She speaks the truth which our girls need to hear; in a way that will be well received because it is seasoned with grace, love, and well timed humor.

As a mom, I’m still 7 years away from having my own daughter enter her teens. However, I work with teen girls every week at a crisis pregnancy center. I would love to get this book into the hands of every one of them. Every teen needs a parent(s) or a loving adult who cares enough, who is bold enough and willing to take the time to share these principles. Kate uses her own misadventures, stories and examples from her ministry, as well as key scriptures to convey her message without causing teens to tune out. By doing so our girls gain a greater appreciation of their femininity, their potential, and their purpose. If you have hit a roadblock with your teen or are unsure of where to start then get a copy of 10 Things for Teen Girls. Read it for yourself and then give it to her. Better yet, read it together so she can ask you questions, you can affirm the books biblical messages, and you can both get a good laugh.

Beyond personal use, this book would be great for churches or homeschool groups to use with a small group of teen girls. There are discussion questions at the end of every chapter. I can’t say enough about this book other than it is a #mustread for teens and their parents. I enthusiastically award 10 Things for Teen Girls 5/5 stars!!!

**I received this book free as a member of the Family Christian Blogger program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Helping Teens by Strength of it All on 10/13/2014

“10 Things for Teen Girls” was written by Kate Conner, ideally for teen girls, but I thought it would be an awesome read, regardless of my age. On the cover, it says, “You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.” I thought it would be a perfect book to learn about building confidence in others, especially since there are soooo many negative voices in the world – but hopefully also in learning to build more in myself in the process.

This book came from Kate’s blog that she once wrote that gained her more than 2 million views in a short two week time. As long as girls are ready to hear the message that Kate has, the book has a lot of information to provide.

Kate speaks on different topics such as girls’ changing bodies, outer appearance, friends, technology, drama, following your heart, and being “enough”.

If you want to help a teen you know, or are a teen yourself, I highly recommend getting Kate’s book! I found it to be a fun read as well as an informational read. I can’t wait to get Kate’s next book, “Enough: 10 Things We Should Tell Teenage Girls”.

Our treasures - our girls - need our help by Vera on 9/4/2014

Got a teen girl? Or a 'tween girl? Or a girl? Well, Moms and Dads of girls need to read Kate Conner's on-target, get-in-your-face (and heart) book that gives you the low-down and a head's up on what your teen girl needs. So if you don't right now, this very minute have a teen girl, but you do have a "girl on board," this little book is right down your alley.

Initially, you'll see that these girls need to be told in words, actions, and deeds....
You are beautiful
You are valuable
You are enough

Its a hard, mean world out there and our treasures, our girls are vulnerable; and it is your responsibility, Mom and Dad, to protect, shape, and strengthen them. This is a great tool for parents to use to help instill in their daughters that they are of value. They belong to the King of Kings. They are not objects. And on and on....

Kate Conner has a delightful writing style replete with get-you-attention termanology and real "cool" humor. You'll laugh and you'll "Oh me" throughout. You'll wish your parents could have had a book like this when you were that teen. I'm not going to pretend and say I agree with everything she says, but by-and-large she is "spot-on" and she uses Scripture to back what she says.

While written for teen girls, you'll WANT to read the book so you can begin to understand and help that teen you love.

DISCLOSURE: As a Family Christian Blogger, I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my review. Opinions expressed are solely my own and I received no compensation for this review.

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