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Love Comes Home (Rosey Corner #3)

Ann H. Gabhart
Love Comes Home (Rosey Corner #3)
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The year is 1945 and World War II has finally ended. After years of anxious waiting, the town of Rosey Corner is celebrating the return of their brave soldiers. Each of the four Merritt sisters have expectations of their own. Kate is eager to start a family and truly begin h... Read More


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The year is 1945 and World War II has finally ended. After years of anxious waiting, the town of Rosey Corner is celebrating the return of their brave soldiers. Each of the four Merritt sisters have expectations of their own. Kate is eager to start a family and truly begin her life with Jay. Evangeline longs for a beautiful house and encourages Mike to pastor a big-town church. Little Lorena is growing up and wondering more and more about her birth family. Victoria wants what can never be--a life with a man who never came back.

Through the authentic storytelling of bestselling author Ann Gabhart, each sister must learn to hold her plans with a loose hand, trusting that God will guide and strengthen them as they share the joys and sorrows of life in their little corner of the world.

Product Details

Page Count: 384
Release: 06/2014
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jun 3, 2014
  • UPC: 9780800721855
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: Jul 1, 2014
  • Language: English
  • BISAC: "FIC042030"
  • ISBN: 0800721853

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This is a beautiful story of a close community and a family, starting over after the war. World War II is finally ended and the residents of Rosey Corner are very excited. While some anxiously await the return of their loved ones, others grieve the loss of theirs. The Merritt’s are facing both of these situations.
Kate and Evie’s husbands both return. While the men have been away fighting the sisters have dreamed of their new lives with their husbands when they returned. Those dreams kept their hope alive, but war changes men, and that changes the plans their women have envisioned. The wives long for everything to be the way it was, but the men know they will never be the same. Tori’s husband died fighting for his country. She is left a very young widow to raise her daughter alone. Even with the support of her loving family, she struggles with going on. The youngest sister, Lorena, is just blossoming into a young lady. She is ecstatic at about the return of her brother-in-laws. Her focus is on pursuing the singing career she dreams about and her youthful enthusiasm is uplifting to the family.
I love the way the author vividly captures all the emotions each character is feeling. In the midst of such happiness is confusion and struggles. As challenges unfold it is interesting to see how each sister’s personality affects her response. These things brought the people to life and made them real to me. One of the things that impressed me the most about the book is how strong the faith of the family was. Each trial the people encountered always drew them to God and His Word. There were so many lessons about how to view one’s situation from God’s point of view, and submitting to His plans. Lessons that can be applied to our lives. Ms. Gabhart also includes other people in the community. She beautifully weaves them into the fabric of the family’s lives where we learn their stories and hardships too. There is lots of excitement and surprises along the way. This is my first book of Ann Gabhart’s to read and I was very impressed.
I received this book free from Revell Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Review from Rambles of a SAHM by Fitzysmom on 7/15/2014

This is another one of those series that just kills me that I have to wait so long for the next book to come out! I absolutely fell in love with the Merritt family in Angel Sister and delighted in the continued story in Small Town Girl.

Now we come to the third book, Love Comes Home. The story begins just as World War II is declared over. There is great celebrating going on across the country and especially in Rosey Corner. Their men are coming home!

Well, most of the men are coming home. Three of the Merritt sisters have husbands serving in the military but only two of their husbands will be coming home. Such a bittersweet time for those that lost their loved ones. You rejoice that the fighting is over but you mourn over and over the loss of the one you loved and planned a life with.

Even though the other two brother-in-laws come home, they are not the same. War changes everyone. The men have seen things that are just too horrific to forget. The women have been holding down the home front by taking jobs that their men used to have. When the soldiers come home everything changes. The men need the jobs and the women are expected to go back home. Such an unsettling time for the citizens of Rosey Corner.

All these changes bring upheaval. I enjoyed the contrast between Evie's neediness and Kate's strength. They both are faced with similar life challenges and it was enjoyable to read about each woman's struggles and how they coped with what was put before them.

This is a great continuing story about the seasons of life. There is mourning and rejoicing. There is death and new life. There is loss and there is gain. This really is a gentle story about the everydayness of life in a rural town. The characters remind us that our faith in God is what will get us through all the changes that come about. The enduring love of a family, whether from birth or adoption, is long-lasting and where we can feel safe and cared for.

If you are a fan of Jan Karon's Mitford series or Louisa May Alcott's Little Women you are going to enjoy the people of Rosey Corner. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but I would suggest that you treat yourself and begin your trip to the sweet little Kentucky town of Rosey Corner with Angel Sister.

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.

Wonderful WWII era historical novel! by J. Augustine on 7/15/2014

As I read Love Comes Home I kept thinking that it reminded me of a book I had read sometime before. It took me awhile but I finally figured it out. It reminded me much of Little Women. It has a similar feel to it, with 4 very different sisters, loving parents, the trials of growing up, and the domestic incidences of life. One of the facets that really jumped out at me is how life never seems to go quite as planned. Each sister, Kate, Evie (Evangeline), Tori (Victoria), and Lorena, thought they had things figured out. Kate's husband will come home, they'll buy a place of their own and start a family right away. Evie's husband will come home, he'll start preaching again in a nice church, and she can decorate her home in color-coded perfection, no kids needed. Tori thought her husband would be coming home but he died, she never planned on being a 19-year-old widow and single mother, she also has no intention on ever falling in love again. Life is going quite well for Lorena, she is singing in churches around the county and going to radio auditions, and then the nagging empty spot left behind by her birth family's abandonment catches up and she decides to try and find them. Each of them has to learn to handle the changes wrought by 4 years of war, not only in the men in their lives, but also in themselves.
This is a book about growing up, about forgiveness, about love, about letting go, and about faith. Life isn't always easy so every moment of peace and joy that God sends is appreciated even more.

Ann H. Gabhart has a delightfully old fashioned way of telling a story, evoking the style of the day. I have read several of her books and always jump at the chance to read a new one. Just as I knew I would, I enjoyed every page of Love Comes Home. It was nostalgic trip back to a simpler time that is actually much like our own, with similar tragedies and triumphs.

If you are an Ann Gabhart fan or love WWII era stories than Love Comes Home is just the book for you. Read it and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

(I received a copy of this book from RevellReads in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)

Impressive! by Nancee on 7/13/2014

World War II has ended. Two of the Merritt family's four daughters are happily awaiting the return of their husbands after years of being separated by the war. Sadly, one of the Merritt girls will not be greeting her husband along with the others. Her husband died in the war, leaving her to raise her young daughter without a father. Merritt family ties are strong, and the family gathers together in rural Rosey Corner to celebrate, accompanied by extended family in the community.

This post World War II novel is rich in history and the flavor of a rural community where neighbors are family, and everyone's business is public knowledge. At this time in history people truly cared for one another, and shared in the joys and sadness surrounding them. Young families were excited and determined to move forward with their lives, although nightmares of war haunted many young men. There were obstacles to overcome and fears to be conquered, but the support of strong families and friends is paramount in this compelling story. Acceptance is a strong theme throughout, as well as faith, hope and unconditional love for one another as a family pulls together to support one another in love and life.

Ann H. Gabhart has a gift for creating stories of human interest that go far beyond a simple story. She creates in-depth characters, rich in faith and compassion. Her writing contains a wealth of human emotions that grips the reader by its intensity. Life is not watered down. These characters are true to rural American communities. "Love Comes Home" is a memorable book of diversity in personalities and a family love so strong that nothing can break their ties to one another. I highly recommend this book! I had not read the first two books in this series, but I certainly will now!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

Coming Home by Maureen on 7/10/2014

Love Comes Home, a book everyone should read, to remember this country in 1945. The great sacrifices that were made, and the losses, and the men finally coming home to their families, so much time lost, and the happiness that it is finally over.
I’ve had a personal life experience of this, my Dad was in this war, and didn’t meet me until it was over. With this book, faces, dear ones, are put on this hard life experience, and we become personally involved. This is the second book in this series, which you surely should read, and enjoy, but don’t worry, so much information is given here that you can read it alone.
How do you get over a loved one that doesn’t return, looking at the baby you had with you husband, and he will never be here. This is so hard, you see your sister’s husbands returning, and their happiness, you take joy in your child, but your husband will never come back in this life.
Life takes on different perspectives here, and so many changes, and longing for closure in your own life. Lorena, wants to know why her parents never returned for her, she remembers her mother telling her to say her name every day, and her brother Kenton, where is he? There are some real surprises her for her as this story wraps up. Above all there is such a great faith in God, you see how they live their faith, even in very sad times, and dealing with life’s hurtles.
Makes me want to move back into the past, and I know that is not possible, but 1940’s in rural America sounds so wonderful, and yet there was a lot of heartbreak. Journey back to a time of peace, no wars going on, happiness of having love ones home, new homes, cars and jobs. Don’t miss this heart-warming story, you will not regret it.

I received this book through Revell’s Book Blogger’s Tour, and was not required to give a positive review.

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