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A Wedding for Julia (The Pebble Creek Amish Series #3)

Vannetta Chapman
A Wedding for Julia (The Pebble Creek Amish Series #3)

A Wedding for Julia, the third book in the romantic Pebble Creek Amish series from popular author Vannetta Chapman, takes a last look at the Amish community of Pebble Creek and the kind, caring people there. As they face challenges from the English world, they come together ... Read More

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Item # 1453276


Item # 1453276

A Wedding for Julia, the third book in the romantic Pebble Creek Amish series from popular author Vannetta Chapman, takes a last look at the Amish community of Pebble Creek and the kind, caring people there. As they face challenges from the English world, they come together to reach out to their non-Amish neighbors while still preserving their cherished Plain ways.

Julia Beechy is so stunned, she can hardly breathe. Her mother's announcement that she must either marry or move from the family home upon her mother's imminent death catches Julia by surprise. How can she leave the only home she has ever known? What about her dream of opening her own Plain café? When Caleb Zook offers support, comfort and a solution, Julia is afraid to accept it. Is marrying someone she barely knows the right thing to do?

Caleb thought his time for marrying was long past, but he feels a stirring in his heart he cannot shake for this beautiful, forlorn woman. Amid the circumstances of this life-altering decision, the people of Pebble Creek weather the worst storm to hit Wisconsin in the last hundred years. Where will Julia and Caleb be when the storm has finally passed?

Product Details:
Page Count: 352
Released: 07/2013
  • Store Only: Yes
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jun 1, 2013
  • UPC: 9780736946162
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: Jul 1, 2013
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042040"
  • ISBN: 0736946160

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Filled with Amish charm and suspense! by Nancee on 9/25/2014

Vannetta Chapman has a fabulous talent for diversity in her writing. A Wedding for Julia is a warm and tender account of life at many levels. Several themes are introduced including Amish teen rumspringa, middle age romance, aging, dreams coming to fruition and community. I loved Ada, Julia's mother. She has a Psalm for every situation, and although not quoted directly from the bible the meaning is just the same and so appropriate. Unexpected events tripped me up and caused me to hold my breath. There is no predicting which way this storyline is going to go which makes it unique when compared to many Amish fiction books. The added suspense will keep you turning pages while the clock ticks the hours away!

Grab a copy of this final book in The Pebble Creek Amish Series and enjoy! Although this is a series book, it could be read as a stand alone. I goofed and read the third installment before the second, and had no trouble following the story line. Buy the entire series, however! I read "A Promise for Miriam" when it first released, and can't wait to read "A Home for Lydia!" This series is entertaining, exciting and a beautiful example of life in an Amish community. The author does her homework through indepth research of the Amish communities about which she writes.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

A Wedding For Julia by Vannetta Chapman by Tina on 3/19/2014

A Wedding for Julie: The Pebble Creek Amish Series by Vannetta Chapman*****

Julia Beechy lives at home with her mamm (mother), Ada, who suffers from arthritis and what appears to be early Alzheimer's. Julia loves to cook and bake and it has been a longtime dream of hers to open a cafe in her childhood home in Pebble Creek, Wisconsin. However, she is not sure how to approach her mamm with the idea or even if she would agree with Julia's plan. But before she can talk to her about turning their home into a cafe, Ada shocks Julia with news about what will become of their home once Ada is gone too. What will become of Julia's dream? What does God have in store for her?

As Caleb Zook drives his horse and buggy delivering groceries to his Amish community, his mind wonders as he longs for a friend and hopefully one day to find a wife. As he nears the Beechy home he prays earnestly for a friend. As he learns of Julia's shocking news, he tries to comfort her as best he can. Can they together come up with a solution that will satisfy Ada? God answers Caleb's prayer in an unexpected way. Will he recognize God's answer?

As Caleb and Julia struggle to come to some kind of decision that could very well alter their lives in ways they can not foresee, one of the worse storms in years hits Pebble Creek. Can they pick up the pieces of the destruction the storm has left behind? Is there hope for Julia, for Caleb?

I like the way Vannetta Chapman develops her characters in real-to-life struggles we each can identify with. There is much to glean from her stories, stories of hope, life-challenges we all face, friends and family as well as community that comes together when tragedy strikes and lends a helping hand. Woven through these struggles is hope, love, faith and God's love.

~~I received a copy of this book from the author for my review~~

Never Wanted It To End by Maureen on 7/9/2013

This is one of those book that you wish would go on forever. It is the third one in the series, and yes it can stand alone, but don't deprive yourself.
Trying to put myself in Julia's place. How would I feel soon after my Dad dies, my Mom is ill, and I learn that the home I have always lived in will be sold. Yes, when her Mom passes, she will be homeless. Not really, provisions have been made for her to move elsewhere. All because she is unmarried at 38. Huh??
What a start of a sweet, almost like a mail order bride, when word gets out, but not quite. This is Amish style. This story becomes a sweet love story, also a home for a wayward teen, and a warm heart feelings for an older woman, Ada.
You are going to journey through some great Amish cooking, helping ones neighbors, and surviving life storms, literally! Don't miss this great read that will leave you wanting more!!

I received this book through First Wild Card Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.

Adversity, Hope and Humor in this Refreshing Read!! Loved it! by Wman4JC on 7/9/2013

On the back cover: Just As Hope Runs out the Door, Love Softly Peeks In

My Comments
What a precious book! A Wedding for Julia is the third book in this series, which is proof that the number 3 is a great number and that Chapman saved the very best for last (can’t you tell already that I loved this read). Its been 6 months since Julia’s father passed away when her mom, Ada, reveals the news that she must marry or move away to live with distant relatives. Julia is horrified and devastated at this news, she has been devoted to her parents for most of her life and has no desire to move away but she has no idea what choice she has.

Enter Caleb…..he has lived in the area for one year, is a hard worker, and has been praying for a companion because he has too much freedom and it has become lonesome for him. Then he has a simple encounter with Julia where he learns of her dilemma and everything seems to fall in place after that.

There is nothing rushed, unrealistic or shocking about this story. Caleb has his flaws, but he doesn’t treat Julia with sympathy or criticism regarding her situation. In fact, he immediately grows attached to Ada and fits right into the harmonious picture they have as a family. I was also deeply touched to see the characters from the previous two books jump right in to help Julia plan her wedding like it’s the most natural thing to do without overstepping their limits or pressuring the bride to be.

Julia has no misunderstanding about the commitment she’s entering into and she doesn’t do so lightly. She seeks God with her whole heart as does Caleb. They communicate every concern to one another with respect and Caleb proves himself even before the vows have been taken. I admired his patience and his heart regarding Julia’s doubts and wants her to be comfortable with him in every area. He is a true leader, gentleman, and God fearing man that comes through for Julia, understands her, and supports her. I understood so much of what Julia experiences, although I didn’t relate to the cooking part of her character, and I was pleased with her maturity and faith throughout the book.

My two favorite parts of the book are Ada and the Elliott family neighbors. Ada is aging quickly in the story, but has rock solid faith and understanding at all times. She brings more peace, safety, and support than I ever thought possible. The Elliott family are Englischers who have moved from Chicago to find a simpler lifestyle and they end up being Julia and Caleb’s neighbors. Their two daughters, elder son, and adorable dog enhance the story perfectly. They also bring healing and restoration effortlessly to Sharon, Caleb’s cousin who comes to stay with them. Between Ada’s scripture comments and the joy of the Elliott family: Caleb and Julia find a wonderful haven and family environment with Ada and Sharon that proves how blessed they are throughout the story.

When the storm hits at the end, I felt every bit of it! Any adversity Chapman writes about in this book only enhances the story as the characters overcome it. There is so much love, community support, tenderness, friendship, miracles, humor and healing in the plot but everything was balanced perfectly! This book really is hard to put down and the reader experiences every bit of Julia’s journey as if you were there with her. This book illustrates in such depth that learning to trust someone happens as you love them and God carefully guides that love when the time is right. You do not have to be a fan of Amish fiction to enjoy this book or relate to its characters. And even though this book is the third in the Pebble Creek Amish Series, it’s definitely a stand alone. It took me longer to read than usual but I was grateful not to rush through it so I could enjoy this wonderful community of Pebble Creek at its finest moment. I highly recommend this book to new and regular readers of Vannetta Chapman, it will give you hope and be an enhancement for all booklovers. The book also includes discussion questions, glossary, and recipes (the cinnamon flop cake sounds wonderful).

I want to thank the author and publisher for the free review copy I received, I was not required to write a positive review.

Love Never Fails! by Judy B on 6/17/2013

This book spoke to my heart in so many ways. I realize this book is fiction, however, I was deeply touched by it. God’s word jumped out at me throughout the pages. I even saw my husband in a new light. Things that Julia Beechy dealt with is some of the things I have been dealing with. Did God use this book to open my eyes?

I loved the characters in this book. Caleb Zook and Julia Beechy are so right for each other in many ways. They did not even realize it.

Ada Beechy, bless her heart, is a woman after God’s own heart. She reminded me of my Grandmother and perhaps that is why I was so emotional while reading this book. I fell totally in love with this gracious little old lady.

Other characters play an important part in this book too. Sharon, the wayward young lady, has totally lost her way. She is out of control and her parents make a decision that would be best for her. The decision her parents made did not make Sharon happy and she was filled with anger. Can her heart be changed?

I read this book with a roller coaster of emotions. I found the tears falling as I read through the last pages of this book. I love how their faith, their caring, their love, their forgiveness and their hope, shone through. All of these gifts from God.

I didn’t want this book to end. It was that good! I hope that we will see another book following up on what happened to these characters that stole my heart. Are you listening Vannetta Chapman?

If you are reading this review, I urge you to read all the books of The Pebble Creek Amish Series, A Promise for Miriam, A Home for Lydia, and A Wedding for Julia. (A Wedding for Julia, even has some yummy recipes in the back!)

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