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Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set: Deluxe Christmas Story


Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus share the stable with their animal friends in this Little People re-telling of the Christmas Story. Place the angel atop the stable to activate the light-up star and hear the holiday favorite "Away in a Manger" play.The perfect size for little... Read More

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Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus share the stable with their animal friends in this Little People re-telling of the Christmas Story. Place the angel atop the stable to activate the light-up star and hear the holiday favorite "Away in a Manger" play.

The perfect size for little hands, the Fisher-Price Little People nativity set is the perfect introduction to the story of the birth of Christ for young children.

Set Includes:

  • Joseph
  • Mary
  • Baby Jesus
  • Stable
  • Angel
  • Three Wise Men
  • Two Donkeys
  • Donkey Cart
  • Camel
  • Sheep
  • Cow
  • Left and Right Stone Walls with Palm Trees
  • Hay Bale

Product Details:
Ages: 1 - 5
Dimensions: 30" x 12" x 12"
Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Store Only: Yes
  • While Supplies Last: Yes
  • Product type: Default
  • Format: Nativity Play Set
  • Release Date: Sep 1, 2009
  • UPC: 27084306262

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Wonderful for grandchildren by L C G on 2/13/2017

Great for children to play with & learn the story of Christmas. Little expensive.

Best toy for little ones! by Serenity on 1/19/2017

It's a wonderful set depicting one of the greatest stories ever told. It's also Fisher Price at their best. It enables you to make Jesus' birth more tangible for our little people.

This is such a great toy for little ones! by ReRe on 1/10/2017

I buy this for the new little ones in my family and they love it! It comes with several pieces for them to play with and start learning the real Christmas story. It's just a little pricey.

My 2 grandchildren loved this toy! by Momma Jo on 1/8/2017

I purchased 2 of the Little People Nativity Scene sets for my grandson and granddaughter. I wanted to give them a toy that would teach them the true meaning of Christmas. They both love their toys.

Love this by Pam on 1/7/2017

My grandchildren love it

Love It! by C on 1/7/2017

We love the set so much we bought a second one!
Our six year old grandson has played with it for a few years now.
We got it when he began to want to handle our glass nativity.
We actually started placing this one out instead.
It's great to see the whole set together now too. When we purchased it the first time we had to get it in 3sets.
This one will be going to his house for him and his new baby brother or sister.
This is a good and durable, colourful teaching toy, but also a pretty set to place out as well.

Super by Lori on 1/6/2017

I've been waiting forever for an excuse to buy this. ..my great-niece finally have me one. The joy on her face and seeing her delight made it so worth the wait. Fisher Price continues to give a good product.

Disappointed with exclusion of shepherds and inclusion of wise men by Pat on 1/6/2017

I made the assumption, as, apparently many others did as well, that there would be a couple of shepherds in this set. It's very disappointing that they were not included, since they are an integral part of the story, unlike the wise men who did not attend the birth of Christ.

I may try to purchase shepherds elsewhere or just donate the set, as is, to Goodwill.

Loved this by Debbie on 1/6/2017

Got this for our 18 month grandson. He loves it. Taught him to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and rock the baby. Learning that Mary and Joseph are his mommy and daddy. Picking up physical pieces brings the story to life along with various books with pictures .

Love it by Susie on 1/6/2017

Bought this to tell the Christmas story to my grandchildren. Love that it is durable and all ages can play and learn from it.

Great gift and toy by Scriptureintheyard on 1/6/2017

Great toy and gift for our grandson. Just the right size and colors. Love the music, didn't know it had it. Would recommend this product.

Great by Nana on 1/6/2017

Bought this for 3 year old. Baby Jesus goes every where. Into car at toy garage, into Legos, into the toy kitchen frying pan.

Little People Nativity by Mrsch on 1/5/2017

I purchased the nativity set for my 2-3 year old Sunday School Class as a teaching tool. The majority of the class is 2 with only one 3 year old. They all love it! I found it to be a help to keep their attention and also to give them something to play with following lesson time.

Love it! by Tasha on 1/5/2017

Very durable and a great learning tool. I bought this for my one and a half year old grand daughter for Christmas. After having it less than a week she picked up the Manger and said "chuch". She loves the music and when she's not learning the story of baby Jesus, the Little People figures fit well in her other Little People toys. Who knew the 3 wise men could have just taken an airplane

Excellent by Taylor on 1/4/2017

My son (18m) loved getting this for Christimas! The song is great and the set is very sturdy, will be played with for a long time!

Excellent by Christine on 1/4/2017

I love it! My daughter enjoyed it.

Fun set by Nanajoey on 1/3/2017

I bought this for my 3 year old grandson to reinforce the meaning of Christmas and we've all played with it with him. I expect we'll use it for many years to come. I only wish it had Joseph and a shepherd so we could roll play that part of the story.

Perfect by Mel on 1/3/2017

I bought this for my Grandson to teach him about the Christmas story. He loved my baby Jesus in my Nativity and he loves his new Nativity!

Love by cdk on 1/3/2017

I bought one of these 3 years ago for my house for my little grandsons to help explain the reason for the season. They have loved it! Played with it and played with it. So I bought one set each for their homes for the Christmas season. They were really excited when they opened it up!

Happy with the Nativity Set by Janie on 1/3/2017

I bought the Fisher Price Nativity Set for my grandsons. I was so happy to see them eager to play with the set. They are still young (2 y.o. & 8 m.o.)--so this will be a good tool to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas for years to come. They, also, enjoyed the music playing "Away in the Manger".

Great for little ones! by Connie on 1/3/2017

Purchased for grandkids who are currently under 2---they love it!

Love this set. Bought it for my grandchildren. what a great way to teach them about Jesus. by lpiper on 1/2/2017

Love this set. Bought it for my grandchildren. what a great way to teach them about Jesus.

Thumbs up! by Cris on 1/2/2017

We bought this set for a great price during the Christmas deals. Shipping was fast and reliable. My kids (ages 10,7,5) love to play with this set. I switched out our porcelain nativity set with this one. My porcelain set does not play music like this one. We did not mind the lack of shepherds.

Should have included the shepherds by Teresa on 1/2/2017

Good size for small grandkids. They still enjoyed playing with it even though there were no shepherds.

Growing with Jesus by Sav'sMimi on 1/2/2017

Our grandchild turned 2 just before Christmas, so hands-on play is her learning mode. The sturdiness of the structure and pieces of this nativity were what attracted me to this set. The pieces are just right for her little hands and being able to make light and sound attracted her to initial play. As days went by she began to study the figures and learn their names. I'm sure she will get years of enjoyment and learning from this set and it is so charming to look at that we will be proud to see it displayed for her.

Wonderful! by Perfect Nativyfor Children! on 1/2/2017

Absolutely perfect way for children to interact with participants in the manger scene (instead of ceramic or porcelain ones!).
I had the set for my children and gave t to a friend. I just purchased this set for my great nephews & niece and they love it! As does my sister - their grandmother - who no longer needs to worry about her ceramic set! Thank you!

Love it by Tab on 1/2/2017

I bought this for my granddaughters and they play with it constantly. They even dance to the music.

Kids loved it. by Nana on 1/2/2017

Nicely made and sturdy for little hands. We had 3 young children (1, 3, and 4) playing with it and all seemed to enjoy this Nativity Set.

Excellent! by Teely on 1/2/2017

Purchased for my granddaughter who is 3. She loved putting "Baby Jesus" to bed at night. Sturdy enough for her to play with without the worry of it getting broken.

Little People Nativity Set by Kathy on 1/2/2017

I can't wait until next year to give my niece the set. Actually, I did not realize that the shepherds were not included but will make it complete by buying separately. Maybe by next year, Family Christian will have the shepherds and the kings available to purchase. It is a beautiful way to show children the deepest and truest meaning of Christmas. Thank you Fisher Price!!

Perfect. Right size. 2-year old likes it. by Ani on 1/2/2017

Perfect for a 2-year old.

Great Children's Nativity by Chelsea on 1/2/2017

This is an amazing gift for a little one for Christmas. My two year old son loves hearing about the story of Jesus and playing with all the figures.

Cute by Nana on 1/2/2017

I love the set but I agree the Shepherds should be a part of this Nativity to teach my grandson the total truth of the Bible. It is very cute though! He is only 14 months so hopefully I will find the shepherds before he is able to fully comprehend.

GREAT !!! by BJ on 1/1/2017

I have now purchased three
of the Nativity sets and I don't have grandchildren yet..... Believe me I will
purchase more sets in the future. With the emphasis on the real reason for the celebration of Christmas there is no better gift for
young children.

Children's Nativity Set by Molly on 12/13/2016

Purchased for grand children to help in teaching the true meaning of Christmas, however, the set is missing the Sheppard. I understand the box clearly states what items are present. This was the only child friendly set I could find. Now I have to go to toys are us to buy 1 little people and remake myself into a Sheppard.

Fun by Grammy on 12/13/2016

This is a great set for children. You need to buy the shepherds separately.

Perfect addition to the church nursery by Donna on 12/13/2016

A perfect Christmas season toy. My granddaughters have played with this set for years. I recently ordered a set for the church nursery as well. For those wondering, there is an additional shepherd set which includes shepherds and more sheep.

No shepherds in this set! by What? No shepherds? on 12/12/2016

Aren't the shepherds the first to hear directly from the angels that Christ was born?! Why wouldn't they have a shepherd?

It was OK but not complete. by Star Direct on 12/11/2016

When I received this set I was disappointed - not because of the quality or the price (which was good) - because it seems incomplete. There are not any shepherds included. For this to be a "Deluxe" set they should be included. I am going to give it as a gift instead of using it at our church and daycare. I went to Fisher Price Online and ordered the complete set from them. I was very pleased with the complete set which includes more pieces.

Wonderful idea. too few usable posts. by GMC on 12/11/2016

Wonderful idea! My two and half year old granddaughter played for hours. She wanted to post the little people somewhere. There are many pieces and the roof location was the only one easy for her to use. I was surprised there were no posts to hold the holy family. The two posts on the back corners are too close to the sides and palm trees are too short to use the

Love this! by Grammy Sue on 12/11/2016

I saw this in a department store and bought one for grandkids, ages 2 and 5. They loved it. So I went online and bought more for other grandkids. Buying from Family Christian, I got a great product, great price, and fast shipping. The set is excellent quality, Fisher Price Little People. It as great colors and lots of pieces so little hands can play and learn. I like that little ones can move the people around and act out their own nativity - usually family nativity sets are " do not touch" items, so this is a wonderful way for children probably ages 2-7, to act out the birth of baby Jesus on their own.

Great Gift by Alan on 12/11/2016

My wife Donni has given the Nativity to New norms for years now. The mothers are so appreciative of this gift as they get to teach their children the important message of Christ. Each year they thank Her especially during Christmas time because the children love to play with it. Thx Fisher Price for the Nativity set.

Wonderful product by Kimmy on 12/10/2016

This set is very colorful and fun. My son has a lot of fun playing and rearranging the Nativity scene. I also like how the product is not breakable.

Great toy, great price! by Nakita on 12/10/2016

My 77 year old mother wanted to give this to her 2 year old Great Granddaughter for Christmas. I looked everywhere and either they didn't have it, or they wanted over $50 for it. I found it here for a great price and they delivered it to her house in three days. It's beautiful and my Mom can't wait to give it to the little one.

Great by Genie on 12/9/2016

This is a very cute little nativity set for young children. I look forward to giving it to my granddaughters.

Perfect by jjsmot on 12/9/2016

Perfect for my 18 month old daughter. Loves how it plays Away in a Manger.

Great to have their own Nativity scene to learn and play by Perfect for Baby's, Toddler's, and Pre-schoolers on 12/9/2016

I bought 4 of these. Three for gifts for baby's and toddlers and one for my own son who had a similar set that wasn't quite as big and he had lost some of the pieces through the years. My son just turned 5 years old and he still loves to set this up in his play room at Christmas time to tell the Christmas story and sing along with Away in a Manger. This year it was wonderful to hear him telling his "stories" of baby Jesus.

Love it by Janis on 12/9/2016

This was a gift for my 2 1/2 year old nephew. He absolutely loves it. Great quality and fast shipping. Wonderful

Great Product to Plant the Seed in Children by Chilibean63 on 12/9/2016

My wife wanted this for her "In Home" Daycare Children. It was priced great, arrived early, and does help plant the seeds.

One of her children in her care (3 years old) was playing with the manger scene yesterday and had to show me. She kept telling me she was playing with Baby Genius.

Great product for a great price by CalmGirl on 12/7/2016

I was so excited to find this nativity set for a decent price. I've seen it in other places for twice as much! As soon as the package arrived, I got it all set up on the coffee table, waiting for my grands to come and enjoy it!

Perfect Toddler Gift by Nana Blanca on 12/6/2016

I ordered this for my little 18 month old granddaughter who lives in LA. I asked for it to be sent to her home and it was delivered as requested. She LOVES it and has set it up multiple times already. I am very happy with the service, the price and the delivery and will order again in the future.

Will be loved for years to come! by AuntieBeks on 12/6/2016

I purchased this for my nephew and nieces to be kept at "the grandparents" and they were absolutely thrilled with it! I love how many pieces it came with, and my nephew can't get enough of putting the angel on top of the stable to play Away In a Manger. I know this will be well loved by all the nieces and nephews for years to come!

Perfect for small children! by Tracy on 12/6/2016

We have been looking for a nativity set we could let our little ones play with, and this one is absolutely perfect! Not much setup required other than batteries to play Away in a Manger and light up the star. I feel this set comes with the perfect amount of pieces to display in a small space without looking too cluttered.

Excellent by Carm on 12/3/2016

I've always wanted a nativity scene, and the little people set is just excellent. I was also very impressed with the postage tracking as I live in Australia I knew where my parcel was at any given time. I will definitely use Family Christian again.

Great price for a great product. by Annie Eliot on 12/2/2016

I purchased this for my 16-month-old daughter. It is a huge success. She loves handling the little people and getting to know the characters in the Christmas story. It's a great teaching tool for helping kids grasp the true meaning of Christmas even at the earliest of ages.

Great buy by Grandma Coco on 11/22/2016

My 4 year old grandson is so happy to have his own Nativity Set! Very good quality and great price.

Thanks for a great product! by Amy on 11/22/2016

We bought this for 2 families with older grandchildren last year and we were so glad they could be exposed to/play with the nativity and ask questions without worrying about anything breaking. Bought another one yesterday for the youngest grandchild. We are excited to open it with him this Christmas. And thanks for the really great price, too!

Thankful by Maryjane on 11/20/2016

I was so excited to purchase this for my 4 grandchildren! I was a bit disappointed that the shepherds weren't included...but the amazing service I received at the store far made up for It! Christian, an associate at the Winston Salem store went above and beyond to help me! I was very blessed by his kindness.

Great purchase by Grandma on 11/18/2016

My grandchildren range from 10 months to 6 years. I have bought this nativity for the older 3 and just got one for the 10 month old for this Christmas. I also have one for them to play with at my house. They love setting it up so much that I had to get one for each child. They absolutely love setting it up over and over again. It is fun for older kids and safe for the crawling babies---perfect!!!!

FP Nativity by Gammy on 11/12/2016

This is still in its box awaiting the arrival of our almost 1-yr. old foster grandson & his parents for Thanksgiving when we will give it to him. From reading the other reviews, however, I am disappointed that the shepherds are not included in the set which I had not paid attention to when I first saw the box. Oh well, his parents will have to educate him on that part.

She loves it! by Aunt Randi on 10/27/2016

I bought this for the two-and-a-half year old that I care for daily, M-F. She loves it! It is delightfully colored, just the right size for her hands, and perfect for her abilities. One of the first things that she did was to line up the characters and animals to the right of the stable. Then she began to play with them individually, asking me what they were called if she did not know. Great product on many levels!

purchased for my grandsons by Debbie on 10/21/2016

Purchased these for my 2 younger grandson's. So adorable! My sister had pruchased a few for her grandchildren and they adore them. Love seeing the kids playing and learning with these sets.

Fantastic by Sheena on 12/13/2014

I received this nativity set a week after I ordered it from the US to the UK. Family Christian packed the item so well and were so prompt in shipping it. It is a great price as well. (RRP $86 in UK.) It is a beautiful set. Although there are no shepherds, fisher price is a secular company and may not be familiar with the accurate story of the wise men not being in Bethlehem. I am so thankful that the nativity has been manufactured so that we don't just have secular Christmas decorations but some Christian ones too that are child friendly.

A Nativity with No Shepherd by Ally on 12/1/2014

This set does not have a Shepherd. Sam's Club has the same set with more pieces including a Shepherd.

Best Value! by Carolyn on 11/14/2014

Received my FP Little People Nativity today and am so pleased with both the item and this company. Shipping was very fast and packaging was excellent. This nativity set is not to be missed. It arrived in new mint condition in the original Fisher-Price box, and the set is exactly as described. It plays "Away in a Manger" and star lights up when angel is pushed. Everything you see in the photo is included. There is no online shopping site that offers this set at a better price point. I bought this nativity for my almost 1 year-old granddaughter Sarah. She and I will be setting it up on Thanksgiving day so that she can begin learning about the birth of Jesus. I purchased the original FP nativity 13 years ago for my first grandchild. She still sets it up every year. There are add-on pieces available from Fisher-Price and certain websites. I certainly will purchase again from Family Christian.

Impressed with this company by Annie on 11/22/2013

I was extremely impressed with this company! I ordered the nativity set and it came VERY quickly and in perfect condition. They took care to package everything properly. As for the set itself, it is a must have for children! The set comes with a lot of extras, and even has the palm tree side pieces (which the newer fisher-price set lacks). Overall, a very good value. For those concerned about lack of shepards, you can purchase the add-on set that includes them. It is darling & I can't wait for my daughter to play with this. Excellent purchase experience, excellent price, and excellent packing!

Love this product! by Bonnie from KY on 1/11/2013

I bought this for my daughter for her first Christmas last year. I have it displayed on her dresser in her room. I knew she couldn't play with it yet, but I wanted her to remember always having it. This is an item she can play with and it's very meaningful to our family. She tells baby Jesus good night every night at Christmas! I loved this set so much that I bought another one for my best friend's son so they can have wonderful memories too! Thank you Little People for creating such a wonderful product.

Great product can't go wrong getting this by Crystal on 12/15/2012

This is a great nativity set that for any children. My daughter is two and loves to play with it.

Love it! by Happy Mama on 12/9/2012

Bought this for my children this year (as our wooden children's Nativity set was falling apart due to overuse). We all love it! The best moment (so far) came when my 3 year spontaneously said,"Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!" while he was playing with it. A worthwhile investment.

No shepherds! by Path on 11/30/2012

Love it except no shepherds. I was sure it was advertised with shepherds. That is important to me. Anyone know if shepherds can be ordered separately. Why would any set exclude shepherds?

Not truly Biblical by jensmom on 11/29/2012

I bought this set 3 years ago when my daughter was teaching kindergarten in a Christian school, but it has a major flaw: there are NO shepherds (altho the last three FCS catalogs have incorrectly said it does.) If you are going to teach the story of Jesus' birth, you can't leave out the shepherds. They were there that night: Luke 2. The wise men were not. They came later: Matthew 2. It's fine as a hands-on toy, but for teaching the nativity, it falls way short.

Best New Baby Gift by Dian on 9/16/2012

No matter what the season this is the gift I give the family when they have a new baby. It lasts for a life time! Hands down this set is the best one...compared to the newest version by Fisher-Price. You can count on me as a customer as long as you keep this one in stock!

Great product, good price. by Deb on 12/23/2011

We purchased this nativity set for our grandchildren this December and were so pleased that it arrived in mint condition in seven days. They have been enjoying it immensely. It has all the pieces as shown in the picture and it also plays "Away in the Manger" and the star lights up. I saw another set at Wal-Mart which was 38.99 but I think it may have also included the shepherds which unfortunately this set does not include. That was significantly more than we wanted to spend. We appreciated the inexpensive shipping and handling fee of only 99 cents. Thanks Family Christian!

Fantastic product! by Mina on 12/15/2011

I am so happy that I ordered this Little People Nativity set! My mom always put out a nativity set when we were young, and now the she passed away, I felt the urge to do the same for my one year old. I have a ceramic set, but I do not want him to hurt himself with it, so I searched for a kid-friendly nativity. This was perfect and exactly what I was looking for!

He is only one, but I will put this set out under the tree every Christmas and when he is a little older I will be able to teach him the true meaning of Christmas. This set will be an excellent learning tool for him, and I hope to make great memories with it!

The product came beautifully packaged with fast shipping, I am extremely pleased with Family Christian! Thank you for offering this wonderful product!

We love this nativity set!! by Irelands in America on 12/10/2011

Lots of pieces which is good if you have more than one kid, that way they all can find a piece they love to play together with. The song is nice and there is a button on the back to turn on or off the ability for it to play.

not Biblically correct by Amy on 12/9/2011

why do they have the wise men there. They were not. The Shepherds were. The wise men were at the house to see Jesus when he was about 2 years old....

Very Entertaining by Micha on 12/9/2011

Our kids love this. It has gotten them to see the true meaning of Christmas and they keep running around showing everyone Baby Jesus.

Wonderful by Trace on 12/8/2011

Bought this for our Great niece. Received and want to keep it for the house for when children come over. Going to buy one for our grandchild. A friend told me about this set and how her children love playing with it.

wonderful by Trace on 12/8/2011

Had a friend comment on how nice this is her twins love to play with it. I bought if for my great niece for Christmas and really like it. Going to buy one for my grandchild who will be arriving this month sometime. Maybe even one for here so when children visit they can play with it.

Great Buy! by Joe on 12/3/2011

Bought this for our grandson and our godchild. So glad to give them a toy of a spiritual nature.

Love it! by Cons on 12/2/2011

My one year old and two year old love to play with the nativity at least once every night since we put it out. I love that I can play with them but also introduce them to Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. They love pusing the angel on top while the star lights up and the song "Away in the Manger." This is a great price...my mom paid much more last year when she purchased it.

Very pleased by Cindy on 12/1/2011

I am so excited that Fisher Price has made this nativity scene available. When my daughter was younger, she used to love to play with our ceramic nativity scene. Of cours we were concerned about her safety, as well as the safety of the pieces. What a wonderful idea to safely put the figures into the hands of the children:)

Wonderful! by PJ on 11/30/2011

We got this for our grandchildren to enjoy when they come over during the Christmas season and it was a big hit with the little ones! Love Fisher Price!

Great purchase by Jacky on 11/30/2011

Such a cute nativity my girls will love it and it arrived in 11 days all the way to Canada.

excellent toy! by happyhomemom on 11/17/2011

All of my kids from 1-6 year old play with this toy. It is very durable and a great way to let them act out the true story of Christmas. We have had this toy for 5 years and plan on having it for many more.

Perfect for my baby boys 1st Christmas by Louise on 11/7/2011

It arrived in perfect condition all the way to the UK! Couldn't get hold of this set in the UK so I'm now a very proud owner! The set comes exactly as pictured and can't wait for my little boy to play with it.

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