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The Bible: The Epic Miniseries - 4 DVD Set

Fox Faith, Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Mark Burnett

Get swept up into the adventure, drama and wonder of the Bible with this 10-hour miniseries from Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband, producer Mark Burnett (Survivor). Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and... Read More

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Item # 1446868


4-DVD Set
Item # 1446868

Get swept up into the adventure, drama and wonder of the Bible with this 10-hour miniseries from Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband, producer Mark Burnett (Survivor). Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation.

Packed with action and gritty realism, you'll meet Abraham and Moses, witness the birth of Jesus, experience The Last Supper and marvel at the resurrection. Features a score by legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

Product Details:

Not Rated
Format: Color, Widescreen, NTSC
Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Dubbed: English
Run Time: 440 Minutes

The attention to detail is impeccable. The acting is deeply moving. The music is breathtaking."
Craig Groeschel, Pastor, LifeChurch.TV

"...Many lives will be impacted by the Truth that lies at the center of the story."
Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

"...The best I've ever seen. Brilliantly produced with stunning cinematography and academy-worthy acting..."
Dr. Rick Warren, pastor and author

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Homeland, Part 1
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  • Format: 4-DVD Set
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2013
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Amazing! by jess on 8/1/2015

This movie is so inspiring and it motivates you to be more faithful and loyal to your relationship with God. I'm now reading the Bible everyday and i'm improving daily. I'm so excited to read the Bible now to learn all the stories!!!

great by bridgett on 2/18/2014

This is a very good depiction of the bible...best yet.

Suspenseful by JOSIE on 9/8/2013

This series captivates you from the begining. It brings some of the most popular bible stories to life. It should not be used or referenced instead of the written Bible as the series does have the directors own interpretation of events. My kids loved every single episode and could wait to see the next. It provided opportunity to discuss the word of God and they themselves were able to point out inconsistencies or missing facts from reading the word. Overall wonderfully made.

Excellent by Shirl on 6/13/2013

I am sad for those who review this epic as untrue to the Bible, racist, etc. Roma Downey herself said it was made in the SPIRIT of the Bible. The entire epic was stupendous & was a reminder of what I am in relation to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much, Roma Downey & Mark Burnett & everyone who worked with you. Truly EPIC!!!!!!

The Truth is the Life by Verdad on 4/25/2013

I sincerely hope that all who watch this DVD will read the bible (modern or KJV) and ask God to impart understanding. For this effort should in no way have been regarded as a typical movie. It is GOD's written word AND it is holy and real history. Poetic license are you kidding me?!?! In the beginning Satan cunningly deceived Eve into eating from the forbidden tree. Next, The Fall of Mankind..nothing poetic about that now is there? Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!! The bible is the inspired word of GOD and should never be misrepresented as shown in this DVD. If you wrote a book/movie and it was blatantly edited to distort pertinent and imperative context how would you feel? Even the Pharisees told the guards at Jesus' tomb to lie about his body and if asked tell people that his disciples stole it so that people would not believe that he had actually risen from the dead. It's very sad and disheartening that the "Heads" of prominent mega-churches whom were on the advisory panel did not object to the obvious in order to uphold the Truth.

Fantastic by Char13 on 4/17/2013

I loved the whole mini-series. It helped me to see the events in chronological order. And the week after seeing the final episode of The Bible, I saw the play The Thorn. That was also fantastic. If you get a chance to see it, by all means, do. Between the two events, it puts things into prospective very well.

The Best TV Has To Offer by Shane on 4/14/2013

I was glued to the TV like never before. This show has indeed touched all who watched in some way or another. Yes, it did have some things not totally accurate but, that is not the point. It speaks the Word of God. It humbles you, and shows us Unconditional Love - as it should and has had a very lasting effect on me - personally. It will touch your heart and if you are looking for answers - you may find it here. That is the point.

totally awesome by karen on 4/11/2013

The BEST thing I have ever seen on TV!!!!! My heart is changed.......

Beautiful Portrayal - No One has it Perfect but God by Crysal Clear on 4/10/2013

The mini seriers is a wonderful portrayal of God's Word. Although it may not be exact it was pretty darn close. It brings out the visual aspects as a child reading about these stories and it surely did not add any ridiculous exaggeration as Hollywood usually does.
Of course, some people may find it not perfect and it may not fit you since many of us aren't Bible Scholars nor film critics as yourselves. But for the majority of us, I will have to say... I have read the Bible from cover to cover and my perception of this film / miniseries is that it is superb! I visualized these stories differently in my mind but none the less, it was the story was Bible based and true to His Word! God is truly pleased I am sure.
So back to this film / miniseries. I know from my own experience as a person who was angry with God for the death of a parent, had pushed Him away and really found every excuse not to go to church. I blamed Him for taking my dad away from me too soon. For some reason I happened to start watching this on the History Channel and I was hooked. I was broken and this miniseries humbled me and reopened my eyes, that there is purpose and meaning. I can help those now who suffer loss or try. I know this miniseries changed me and for that, it saved me- again.
Perhaps many people that are upset at this new film are currently reading from the New Copyright of the NIV bibles that have changed the verbiage of God's word to conform to ways of political correctness of this world we now live in. That is unacceptable and that is written clearly in His Word! That is blasphemy and should be considered more a direct threat to sincere Christians than anything. Romans 12:2
Maybe I am now a fanatic. Whatever the case, it is definitely worth watching. If it's not for you, than pass it along to someone else. You may save them from their darkness unknowingly.

God is faultless by Deb on 4/10/2013

God gave Noah knowledge and skill to build the Ark. I was hopeful when checking out this movie of a video portrayal of scripture to support the bible visual to my children. When viewing the trailer for the episode about Noah and I saw the creaky leaky ark I was disappointed. Not only does the Bible specifically state that the Ark was pitched, which is done to prevent leaks, I am sure Gods design was faultless and Noah was a man proven to follow Gods instructions to a T. This along with the other inaccuracies I have read about in reviews will keep me from supporting this series. They could have done just as dramatic and inspiring a job and been accurate. :(

I'm greatful for the time spent on this miniseries. by LORNA H on 4/6/2013

I am excited about "THE BIBLE" and the effort and inspiration behind the production. What ever the deviation is; I believe God is pleased because it got the job done. People that may not have read their Bible in a long time took their Bible out to verify/confirm, funny thing is; God may just have had a message for them in that particul scripture.
The timing of the series was great and was in my opinion strategically done. The Air Time and the channel was awesome. Knowing that many thousands if not millions that watched it on the History Channel may not have watced it on a regular Christian Channel. Bravo!! To God be the Glory
Roma & Mark job well done!!!!!!

beautiful graphics - main components missng by john on 4/6/2013

I love Jesus and film. i believe the Bible is the living word of God, without error, complete from Genesis to Revelation. This tv show has beautiful graphics (that are so accessible today, which begs the question why are so many main components missing. For example, Scripture clearly illustrates the plagues - God's curses for Egypt, this film left out many and re-wrote some....example - turning the water to blood. Moses didn't cower in secrecy at a distance from Pharaoh to touch the river with his staff and turn it to blood Exodus 7:15, but confronted Pharaoh. The excuse cant be made the Bible is TOO big to cover it all. If this is mentioned then do not attempt the project. It does not have be 1956 deMille-paced, but it could have been correct. Develop a portion at a time (like deMille) and build the whole story to last generations - not some simplistic, sensational, add-water (pun intended) and your there.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by c Ray Walker on 4/5/2013

I sooo very much loved the miniseries. I Think cast and crew did a truely AMAZING JOB conveying the message of Gods Love for us that He gave his son as payment for my sins and yours! I was baptized as small child and over the years I drifted away. I even almost lodt my life when I was 20 years old but God saw fit to leave me here so that I may realize the error of my ways and find my way back. A few weeks before the show aired I rededicated my life and when I saw the show it simply reaffirmed my decision to return to my Lord. May God Bless and keep Roma and Mark producing more stories from the Bible. John 3:16

Wonderful movie !!!!!!! by Steve on 4/5/2013

This is one of the best done movie in a long time it follows the Bible and witness to all amen !!!!!!!

Inaccuracies by Tex on 4/5/2013

I'm reading about things that deviated from the account in the Bible and how so many are saying it isn't a big deal and maybe it isn't. My question is: "Why deviate at all?" Portray it as written.

Excellent by Wendy on 4/4/2013

Beautifully Done, Anointed Cinematography, Touching Spiritually, Evangelistic, Educational and Thought Provoking! Thank you Mark and Roma for everything you went through to put this mini-series together. Favorite parts were: Scenes of Passover leading up to the Crucifixion; The plot before the Crucifixion; The effects of the Crucifixion; The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost; the Stoning of Steven; and Paul's conversion on the Damascus Road. Well Done!! P.S. Now I know why Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows!

awesome by kati on 4/3/2013

I was so impressed with this miniseries and the way it inspired my walk with God. Thank you for taking the time and money to produce this for anyone to see. I pray many will see this and their hearts be changed because of the man called Jesus who came and saved us - because of his great love for each of us. Amazing production!

My husband and I loved this mini series! by Rebecca on 4/3/2013

My husband and I also noticed a few small things that were left out but nothing was done so in a way to be deceiving. It was obvious that it was done so more time could be spent on the main part of the story instead of the small details. If you've read the Bible you'll notice this but if you havent you'll see this story and still come away from it with an interest in learning more about the life of Christ. That's what's important. I didnt notice that they ADDED things to the story. That would have been upsetting. But leaving out a few lines here and there didnt bother us.

Lovely rendering by Karen E. on 4/3/2013

You know, I can't help but enjoy reading these reviews. Many people are critical because of the instances when the creators of this miniseries deviated just a little from the Biblical account. My favorite part of these reviews are when someone says "Hey, that's not the way the Bible says it happened, right?" and then they OPEN THEIR BIBLES to read it -- just to see for sure. If nothing else, I praise the creators of this miniseries AND OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST that something actually stirred people to open their Bibles and READ GOD'S WORD-- whatever the reason. I wish I could be so effective in having others to do that. Despite the inaccuracies, it was a lovely rendering of the story.

Thorougly Enjoyable by Jacey on 4/3/2013

Seen many negative reviews...certain things were not "exact" to the Bible. The main point is that the main things "were" exact. All movies take 'poetic license' to change or embellish a bit...and they generally leave some things out, if it is made from a true story. And how often, when a movie is made from a "Book", do they say the Book is Better? Well, same thing here...watch the movie, but then if you haven't ever before read the book...then read it. Find for yourself if what you seen is accurate, and if it wasn't...you get to read what "really" happened. A great way to get people to "dig deeper", IMO

Good movie but not accurate by Concerned on 4/3/2013

I read through the comments and watched all five series. The movie was good and for someone that never opened the Bible, they got to see that people in the Bible is just like us now - we all are sinners needing forgiveness. Jesus was a Jew - He did not have blond hair and nicely comb but the actor did a good job.

Overall it is worth watching one time - but my fear is that many with watch this and think the stories are accurate - they were not a lot of areas. Hopefully, God will use this to spur people to read the truth and act on it... You can be a Bible scholar but the Person God wants is the ones that will read and act - not just sit and read ( or now watch) ove and over again

Outstanding for what it is.. a movie by William on 4/2/2013

For the amount of time the producers had to tell the story they did an outstanding job. Yes it could have been less violent but there is no way they can include every detail and make everyone happy. I know non-believers that watched the series that told me they were touched after watching. I'm disappointed in some of these reviews, most coming from people that know a lot about the bible. Think of this movie as a start for many... many that would have never picked up the bible or ever considered getting saved.

Excellent by Don on 4/2/2013

For people who are writing bad reviews. Please stop. You look like an idiot. I applaud Roma and Mark for putting this Series together. The cast and crew did the best job possible with the greatest intentions for believers and non-believers. If it didn't touch your heart, then you sir/maam are just a loser. May God have pity on your hating soul.

Close but not quite accurate by BITSY on 4/2/2013

I too like so many others was very excited to see this epic miniseries. GREAT Cinematography!! However, there were several scenarios that were quite inaccurate which contradicts the prefacing intro abt the adaptation adhering to the truth. The beginning w/Noah retelling the Creation story excluded Noah's sons completely out of the picture, this was critical info. b/c they were spared to repopulate the entire earth. I could go on abt the inaccuracies from Lazarus, Mary-prostitute, Paul's conversion, Stephen, Daniel/Hebrews, Jesus tomb, etc... Paul in the bible stated that there will be many true and false zealots for Jesus but the main thing is that Christ be preached! The actor portraying Jesus is Absolutely Gorgeous and Very Attractive! However, the scripture indicates that Jesus was the complete opposite. Nothing about him was attractive that men would be drawn to him. He was despised and rejected. A man of sorrow plagued with grief! Read the Bible (find a good translation) & go to a church that fosters bible study collectively and individually!!

THE BIBLE by MARIE on 4/2/2013

VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

worthwhile yet disappointing by precious on 4/2/2013

i watched the entire series. i agree with those that say it was worthwhile, especially for non believers, who may not ever pick up a Bible. hopefully it at least caused some dialogue and further research as to who Jesus is and His message of salvation. where i take issue and need someone to help me understand is why does Hollywood whitewash everything? clearly the people depicted in the Bible are not Anglos and yet when you look at the main patriarchs, especially Jesus and Mary, they look like they should be running along a beach in Malibu with their blonde highlights. clearly, this is a racist act. am i out in left field on this one or what?

great!!! by scott0446 on 4/1/2013

I loved it, because i know that there a people out there watching it that do not know the Lord. The ones that really know the bible will be a little disappointed do to the discrepancies. This is wothout a doubt the best way to get the Lord's msg. out there.

awesome by mrjsw on 4/1/2013

this is without a doubt the best flick i have ever seen, pertaining to the bible. there are a few discrepancies but overall is as close as it gets. you know they have to add there hollywood ideas to it.

Excellent by Susie on 4/1/2013

It saddens me to see people nick pick on small things that maybe wasn't just as the Bible said, but it was an excellent series and received allot of attention from people that normally don't watch this type of movies. Isn't that what it is all about, if just one person was helped, it did what it was suppose to do. I will tell everyone about "The Bible" because it worth talking about bringing the good news and not the negatives.

Trust In The Message by BELEIVE on 4/1/2013

I thought this mini-series was absolutely outstanding. Most moments left me in awe. I agree with others that say the message here is strong and clear. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see it.

watched the series by followerofjesus on 4/1/2013

the positive out weighs the negative here in watching this series that gives the " gist " of the story so that we can cross reference in the bible. This movie like the bible moved me to tears to know that Jesus was crucified to save me from sin and have etenal life with him. If you know Jesus then you won't be a " doubting Thomas" and this movie won't turn you to the dark negative side but you will once again appreciate what Jesus suffered so you can live eternally.

Thank you for opening eyes and Bibles! by Cathawk on 4/1/2013

I am saddened to read so many people who cannot see the good in this movie, but feel compelled to point out , the wrongs!
This movies had ratings that were through the roof, the joy of those many believers, warms my heart and my soul rejoices!! To watch and witness children and adults stop what they are doing and sit to watch, words can not

The only truth is in your hearts and in gods love, rejoice there, do not turn your head and refuse to watch because it did not seem right to you! Where you there, then how do you truly know the totally story. The message was there clear and strong!

Reason to discuss by proud momma on 3/31/2013

I agree that there are many discrepancies between the mini-series and the Bible. However, getting this many people to watch and learn about the bible has to be a good thing, doesn't it? The number of people watching is astounding!
Also, it has been a great opportunity to discuss with my children, as they question things that the series says, and we compare it to the Bible's teachings. I think that people picking it apart are focused too much on the differences, preventing them from seeing what good can come from it. This has been a true blessing in our spiritual life, discrepancies and all!

One episode was enough by ChildofChrist on 3/30/2013

After seeing so much advertising to ths mini series, my husband and I were all excited and anxious about it. What a disappointment. We just saw the first episode and saw how it's not accurate with God's Word and saw it pointless to see the following episodes. I feel they focused more on the violence to make it more "Exciting" than bringing the true Word of God. The bible is very straight forward regarding removing or adding to His Word and this is what this mini series did. Hopefully the productors can go back and redo this series with the true Word of God. I don't recommend it, because we are to be stand firm in the True Word of God and not what seems to be.

So much inaccuracy in this movie! The epistle of John will reveal the truth. by Cindy M. on 3/30/2013

Study the scriptures and you'll see that Jesus did not go into Lazarus' tomb and kiss him. Example - Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead - John 11: 38-44.

38 Jesus, once more deeply moved, came to the tomb. It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance. 39 “Take away the stone,” he said.

“But, Lord,” said Martha, the sister of the dead man, “by this time there is a bad odor, for he has been there four days.”

40 Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

41 So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42 I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.”

43 When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” 44 The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face.

Jesus said to them, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.”

Excellent Way to spread the word of the Lord by Michelle on 3/30/2013

I will not be critical of this series...Why? Because this is representing our Savior in so many homes to so many lost..hence the ratings! I want to applaud the makers of this film!!!! I do not think it was intended to go right from the Bible word for word..it is a "series" to allow others to get a taste of the Word and invite them to look for more, learn more. Please all think about the ones sitting in their living rooms and watching. If this touchs one, two, three to want to come back to the Lord or come to the Lord.. Amen!!! Job well done good and faithful servant!!

God is Not Dead! He is alive! by Jle on 3/29/2013

All the reviews with 1 star or upset that the movie is not exact to the bible are being very myopic. The spirit behind what they are trying to convey in these stories is what matters. So Jesus went into Lazarus' tomb in the movie. Did he raise him from the dead in the bible and in the movie? Does this really change the miracle? Abraham didn't walk far enough to build an alter so you throw the whole thing out? The 3 Hebrew boys are burned at a stake in the fire instead of in a furnace loose? This is like arguing over the color of carpeting at your church and deciding to leave when you disagree with the color. For those that decide to pass on this series for these reasons, you are missing out. There is no disputing that God is using this series to awaken people back to the bible and that is what is important. Let's try to unify around the message as a full body of Christians and stop focusing on the fringe elements that prevent us from doing so.

Enjoy watching by Mar on 3/29/2013

I think this movie has really brought out many of God's miracles, judgments, and mercies upon His people. Although, some parts of the Bible where left out or modified in the movie, the message is clear!
The only think I am disappointed of, are some of the reviews I have read from other viewers. God's Holy Spirit has really convicted me through these episodes and I Praise Him for it!

Mixed Feelings by GirlForGod on 3/29/2013

I love God and realize ALL the stories in the Bible demonstrate Gods love and mercy for man and mans need of His direction and redemption. I am thankful that this miniseries is getting people watching and talking and even getting them into the Word of God to check out the stories for themselves. It is true that some will rely on this TV program to show them the Bible and will not look to Gods Word for themselves. But I believe the big picture is that people are looking and GOD IS WORKING. Just like our concerns for accuracy of Scripture itself we have a Mighty Loving Concerned and Capable God Who can and will do what needs to be done in the hearts of man for us to see His Love for us and our need for Him. I have mixed feelings but I am TRUSTING GOD TO WORK IT OUT.

Excellent by Suave on 3/29/2013

It may not be all biblically correct, but this is an amazing show. God be the glory

Loving seeing something decent on TV. by Ape in NC on 3/29/2013

Though it can be graphic, brings the Bible to life - maybe not exactly accurate at all times, but enough to give the viewer an idea of the real day, time and emotion in these huge biblical events.

Groundbreaking by sheriffbob on 3/29/2013

This series bring the message depicted by classics like the "Ten Commandments" and "Passion of the Christ" to a new generation with first class acting and contemporary movie production. Great work by this husband and wife team, along with a talented cast. Although there are limits anytime produces take on a summary of such a comprehensive book like the Bible, they manage to stay true to the message without including all the details that could never be condensed into 10 hours. Thanks for proving the Hollywood establishment wrong again.

Scenery beautiful but movie not accurate by Andrew on 3/29/2013

I like many was thrilled that this movie had been made. When script differed from Bible, it was very disappointing. The true accounts would have easily been included adding no time to film. The best script is continually read by millions 2000 years later. David appeared arrogant and never repented. Jesus was a beautiful Brad Pitt like actor with perfect teeth and highlighted hair. This actor did a good job but is America's version of Jesus. He stood out in stark contrast to the Hebrew Jews around him.

Skeptical by Bri on 3/28/2013

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"
- Revelations 22:18

I enjoy watching stories of His word in shows ever since I was a child, but am terribly disappointed that this series is not accurate. I am still learning to verse myself in the Bible, and was not even aware of some discrepancies until I read through these reviews, and therefor can personally attest to the fact that what this series shows can be exactly what people believe. When it comes to His word, that is the ONE thing you should NEVER deviate from.

Thank you to those who cited where the errors were! My husband and I will be heading to the scripture to learn and appreciate the full and honest value of his word :)

I am happy that a series such as this did air, however. It brings attention back to God and in these days that's saying something when it has ratings through the roof. I know that's a terribly sad statement, but how wonderful is it to see how many on here are so beholden to His word ^_^ Maybe they can do a remake and get it right!

Disappointed by Joy on 3/28/2013

I, like, "saddened" was disappointed. For me, it began with the first few scenes I saw; "Sarah's" refuting the LORD. In the movie, when the LORD asked why she laughed at His saying she would give birth, her reply was that she didn't laugh. (The actress did not laugh; it was more of an exhale). Which, to me, interprets as the LORD made a mistake or lied. In the first six minutes I saw, there were, at least, 5 discrepancies. I chose to stop watching.

Disappointed by linda on 3/27/2013

I love watching biblical movies. I began watching them as a young child and onward throughout my life into adulthood. So when I heard about this series, I was glad that a new biblical film had been created and I was really looking forward to seeing it. However, from the first episode to the present it has been somewhat of a disappointment. I know it's not good to nitpick but from the start my husband and I kept saying, "That's not the way it happened, at least, that's not the way the Bible says it happened. Did it?" So, we would go and get the bible and compare. I don't know if I'm being overly critical but I just haven't been able to get into it. I keep watching each week expecting some improvement but there has been none so far. It's also lacking something else and I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh well, I at least applaud Roma Downey and her husband for doing a biblical film, however, I feel it has somewhat fell short.

Wonderful. by Lu on 3/27/2013

If you are a reader of the Word, yes you will notice the discrepancies, but you have to remember, this is a made for TV series, you can't expect to fit every detail exactly the way it was written in 10hrs. They get to the point of the message and that is what counts. The fact that its the most watched program on Sunday nights for 4 weeks running is astounding. Not to mention that its caused such a frenzy and provoked a wildfire of interest. Who would ever have thought that the Bible and all its beauty would be the hot topic on entertainment shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment tonight!!!To the producers of this series who's purpose was to glorify the Lord "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway."-E.L. To those who criticize the series, you're missing the big picture!

Amazing miniseries by Psalmreader121 on 3/26/2013

Yes, there are some differences from the original text. It is an ADAPTATION. Don't freak out if it has some things slightly different. Also, they are making the stories of the Bible to be adapted into an interesting television docudrama, including celebrities in it. This show is getting people to read the Bible, and that is what is important. This series is amazing, and it's bringing the Gospel to believers and non-believers alike. Even atheists watch this. If it brings them to Jesus, then I don't see how it is bad.

Enjoyable by LI Diciple on 3/26/2013

Even though some of the stories are not exactly the way it is written in the bible, my family and I are enjoying the series. My children know the bible stores and even pointed out the fact the Jesus did not walk into the tomb where Lazarus laid. Praise God they are paying attention and know the truth at such a young age. The bible teaches us to be like the Bereans in Acts 17. Go back and examine the scriptures to check and see if what is being taught is true. And thats what people need to do. Enjoy the series, but go and study out the scriptures for themselves. TV is not the only place to learn about God.

Excellent! by Sara on 3/26/2013

I have to disagree with all the negative comments below. I think this miniseries is excellent! Yes, the bible has many interpretaions, and is very long - so, with that said, the interpretation isn't going to be 100% to your liking, and it's impossible to fit the entire bible into a 5 week miniseries.

Only good will come from this production. This will help Christians and Non-Christians learn more about the bible and also inspire some to dig deeper.

If you haven't seen this yet, I reccomend you watch it!

way off the mark by saddened on 3/25/2013

I was excited at first to see this miniseries. I watched the first few episodes and kept forgiving the poetic license until this past week. Roma and her husband missed the mark totally with Lazarus. This would have been the gratest moment to show the power of God before people, but they had it all wrong. Jesus going into the tomb to get Lazarus? Did they even read the Bible before filming? Not worth the price asked for these DVDs. Not worth it even for free. So sad about how this highly anticipated series went so wrong.

Good til the 4th week by reviewed too soon.... on 3/25/2013

Sorry I would rather be one of those people that the glass is 1/2 full. But I have to break the glass on this one. This series was doing well until the 4th show. The actor for Jesus is bad lets say VERY BAD.... Made me turn the channel....

Great program for our time. Watch with open eyes and mind by Sherrie on 3/23/2013

I have to say I have enjoyed this miniseries, there are parts that are lacking when it comes to telling the true story. But I am sure that when airing this type of show you have to try and keep people watchig.
Again THANK YOU for taking the time to create this series. It is one that every family should set down TOGETHER and watch.

God Bless you all.

Terrible Miniseries by sdholly5 on 3/23/2013

I agree below a "1" star is even to strong for this TERRIBLE miniseries. I am surprised Family Christian would even sell this liberty taken series. In Sodom and Gomorrah Lot is afraid and barely gets his family home safe. The Angels are attacked; one has a gash on his head, and begging Lot to let them into his house. The angels are super sword fighters killing many in the city before they get Lot out. Phooey, this is not scriptural at all. Abraham is to take Isaac to be sacrificed taking two of his servants for a 3 day journey to get to the place God would test him. He must have gone in a circle because he is not far from his main camp because Sara starts running to the mountain. Come on! The 3 Hebrew children supposedly thrown into the fiery furnace we find are really tied to a stake, lit on fire and are screaming until Jesus intervenes. Please!! Terrible liberties taken by Hollywood once again. Family Christian, you should distance yourself from this trash.

Great job visualizing the way God worked through the Bible. by Becky on 3/22/2013

No 8 hour movie can encapsalate the entire Bible but the heart of the scipture is there. It moves me as to how awesome and inspiring the people in the scripture lived God''s word and sometimes not. I am ordering the series and using it for teaching our youth. They can search the scripture for the parts that were left out and discuss the power of God that was displayed.
I was pleasantly pleased that the miracles of God were not portrayed as man controlled but God using man. Thanks for an inspiring movie that I know the ending :).

Outstanding & Epic Miniseries! 0:-) by Kathie on 3/22/2013

I was very excited to hear that a new production of the greatest book known to man has been done & will be shown on TV. The stories are heart wrenching & a testament to the human spirit. The special effects are spectacular. There are scenes that are very violent at times however it carries to the theme of the storyline. There are many people who have been touch transformed & blessed as a result of this labor of love by Mark Burnett & Roma Downey. Nothing compares to the WORD of GOD & his love for humanity. NOTHING! I for one believe the essence,integrity & love for the Bible has been lovingly expressed & feel this is highly needed especially in today's times. Outstanding series to watch & have. There is Hope and his name is JESUS!

The Bible (Movie) by Tom on 3/20/2013

Through Out Most Of My Life Since 1990 I Have Been Waiting On A Movie On The Bible So REAL That Will Knock You To The Ground.
And Now The The Episodes I've Seen On The Web Is Mind Blowing. I Do Not Have The History Channel Or Else I Would glued The Watch. Thank You For Whoever Decided To Put The Bible In Realistic Form. Thank You Tom

Beautiful by Soul Sister on 3/18/2013

My husband and I could hardly wait to see the mini series. As we watched our hearts were truly touched. Great Job and beautifully done. Thanks for all you've done. We believe that heaven is rejoicing and that the heavely Father is so very proud of you.

God Is Good! This WILL Minister to Thousands!!! by foreverchanged on 3/18/2013

I recently went through a major transformation in my life and I feel truly blessed that this series has come at this very time in my life. I was raised in a Christian home since birth but it wasn't until a few months ago that the light turned on and God truly grabbed a hold of my heart!

I want to say a few things to those who feel this hasn't been a good depiction of the actual "Bible". First and foremost, the Lord is in control :) He will use this for His glory. There can only be so much in a mini series. We can't have EVERYTHING explained otherwise it would be a 50 part series ;) and it would no longer be a "mini" We as Christian have to believe that after all the prayer that was put into this production the Lord's hand was and is in it and He will use this for His good to reach many people. That is the ultimate goal. Hopefully it is helping other Christians learn more about the Bible and be more interested in getting deeper into the word. That is what it has and is doing for me. God is working through this series and that is the most important thing.

It's better that we encourage each other and be excited about that rather then criticize and tear down what God has clearly done for the good. I am truly grateful and I feel so blessed! Thank you Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for all your hard work and trusting God! :)

Not Biblical by Diasppointed on 3/18/2013

I am highly disappointed in this mini-series. Even one star is too strong of a rating!! There are too many discrepancies in the series I have watched so far. Did they just hear about the stories and thought "hmm...that sounds good." Didn't they read the stories in the Bible BEFORE they wrote their script? How many people, who do NOT know the Bible, will get the wrong information and not check it out. The main one is the birth of Jesus. I hate to think what they will do with the crucifixion and the resurrection! Come on people open your Bibles and check out the stories for yourself. Don't believe what you see in this series. I say save your money and boycott this dvd!

so good by Jackie on 3/17/2013

So far through the first two episodes this movie is proving to be pretty accurate.The violence and struggle are little hard to take but that is a big part of how it plays out. I am learning things from the movie that I hadn't laid weight to before. I look forward to Sunday evenings and watching the history channel. I am buying pre-buy) the dvd set when I get paid this Friday. Thank you for developing and producing this movie and bringing the
Word of God to the people in this manner. Jesus lives!

awesome by bowlmn on 3/16/2013

Very excited to see the next episode. I realize that if one were to put every word of the Bible into a show that it would be never ending. Understanding this is extremely important and it breaks my heart to read the disappointments people are expressing about this mini-series. Wake up people! This is not about you. Open your hearts and your minds. I totally agree with Dani's review. It is about spreading the news of God! This will lead many to read the Bible again and hopefully it will bring many first timers too! God is Great!

LOVE IT!!! by Richie Rick on 3/16/2013

Everyone needs to see this!

Wish Everyone Would Watch! by REDEEMED on 3/16/2013

This has been an excellent production covering many significant accounts (no way to cover it all in under 100 hours or more!) that takes only minor creative license; nothing significantly unscriptural. Kudos for everyone involved with this production. The Lord only knows what impact this series could have!

Witness Material by Phignewton on 3/15/2013

I haven't seen this series yet because my wife and I don't have cable, but I get to witness to my coworkers a lot more because they're watching the series and they have questions. I'm going to purchase this because I know it's a powerful tool that is being used by God to open eyes and hearts to the truth of the gospel. Don't waste the opportunity to explain your faith to your friends, family, coworkers--whoever. It's less important that the story isn't fully capturing the depth of scripture (nothing can do that but scripture itself). What's important is that the series is breaking records and lost people are actually watching something they would probably never read by themselves. So, don't waste your opportunity for this prime witnessing material!

Spreading the Gospel one episode at a time! by Dani on 3/14/2013

I am personally very pleased with the miniseries thus far (almost 1/2 way through). Although there are scenes that perhaps embellish the story or even leave out pertinent details; I still believe this production will do more good than harm. Kudos to the production for the beautiful cinematography, gifted actors, and rich costume design for really painting a picture for what life could have been like thousands of years ago.
I have personally already pre ordered my own copy of the production and I know I will watch it for many years to come! I am hopeful that many non-believers will watch this production and at the very least be more willing to learn about the life of Jesus and to explore the principles of striving to be more Christ ourselves.
The Bible is the end all~be all source of accounts of our Lord and his work here on earth. I find it completely inconceivable to cover only the most important and impactful stories in this 10 hour miniseries. I offer the highest praise to the producers for their hard work and tireless effort.
If you are truly a believer with an open heart, any review of this miniseries should be positive. After all, weren't we put here on earth to spread the good news? I most certainly think this miniseries will accomplish that, appropriately through our human and imperfect ways.

What Bible? by LuvTheWord on 3/13/2013

I love the Word of God and I study it all the time. I was very excited about this mini-series, I have heard an interiew of the creators over the radio and I thought, finally! some one has done it. I tuned it for the 1st and 2nd episodes of the show and I'm not sure what bible these producers were reading when they produced this. It is a great disappointment and does not deliver the message in the Word of God accurately. I do not care about who they choose to portray the character, what I care about is how accurate the stories. They ARE NOT representing the Word of God in it's truth. A movie that I feel has stood within the context of the Word is the Passion of the Christ. If these producers would have taken advantage of such a great opportunity to portray the Word of God the way it is, they would have made such a great impact on nonbelievers who have tuned in. But the scenes in this miniseries are just a mockery of the Word. I will not be watching it anymore.

Good going on this fine production by Deb on 3/11/2013

I am very excited that this production was done. It
is getting alot of attention and I feel it will encourage
alot of people to go to church to learn more.

Very Poor with short story lines without deep meaning by ruthlanlee on 3/6/2013

I looked forward to this series and have been totally disappointed. The Bible has such deep meaning and this series is totally lacking. Just think how serious the first part of the Bible could have been with the creation and then Adam and Eve in the garden. Yes, the Bible is long but the first show of the series went through some very important historical things that are still having an impact today. This was not clear. I am so disappointed.

Skip this mini-series by Disappointed on 3/4/2013

I am so disappointed I could weep! I was looking forward to a truthful presentation of the Bible by people who KNOW the Bible. But once again we are presented with sensationalism and speculation on what happened instead of using the actual events that took place. God's Word is exciting enough without embelishments. But what was saddest to me was the lack of true worship for our Awesome God. Except for the one altar scene on which Isaac was to be offered, there were no other times when anyone actually worshipped the One True God. And this is only the first episode that I viewed. Answers to questions like why were they enslaved in Egypt, why did they have to wonder in the desert for 40 years, how was the Tabernacle built and what were the Laws were not given. The need for a Messiah, the pointing of the animal sacrifices to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, man's fall, God's mercy and grace were all missing! This is presented like an epic tale of fiction. My advice is to spend the next few Sundays evenings reading your Bible and leave your TV off.

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