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The Bible: The Epic Miniseries - 4 DVD Set

Fox Faith, Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Mark Burnett
The Bible: The Epic Miniseries - 4 DVD Set
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Get swept up into the adventure, drama and wonder of the Bible with this 10-hour miniseries from Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband, producer Mark Burnett (Survivor). Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and... Read More

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4-DVD Set
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Get swept up into the adventure, drama and wonder of the Bible with this 10-hour miniseries from Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband, producer Mark Burnett (Survivor). Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation.

Packed with action and gritty realism, you'll meet Abraham and Moses, witness the birth of Jesus, experience The Last Supper and marvel at the resurrection. Features a score by legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

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Not Rated
Format: Color, Widescreen, NTSC
Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Dubbed: English
Run Time: 440 Minutes

The attention to detail is impeccable. The acting is deeply moving. The music is breathtaking."
Craig Groeschel, Pastor, LifeChurch.TV

"...Many lives will be impacted by the Truth that lies at the center of the story."
Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

"...The best I've ever seen. Brilliantly produced with stunning cinematography and academy-worthy acting..."
Dr. Rick Warren, pastor and author

Watch Exclusive Episode Previews:

Episode 3

Homeland, Part 1
Aired 3.10.13
Episode 4

Homeland, Part 2
Aired 3.10.13
Episode 6

Hope, Part 1
Aired 3.17.13
Episode 6

Hope, Part 2
Aired 3.17.13
Episode 7

Mission, Part 1
Aired 3.24.13
Episode 8

Mission, Part 2
Aired 3.24.13
Episode 9

Passion, Part 1
Aired 3.31.13
Episode 10

Passion, Part 2
Aired 3.31.13

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  • Format: 4-DVD Set
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2013
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Amazing! by jess on 8/1/2015

This movie is so inspiring and it motivates you to be more faithful and loyal to your relationship with God. I'm now reading the Bible everyday and i'm improving daily. I'm so excited to read the Bible now to learn all the stories!!!

great by bridgett on 2/18/2014

This is a very good depiction of the bible...best yet.

Suspenseful by JOSIE on 9/8/2013

This series captivates you from the begining. It brings some of the most popular bible stories to life. It should not be used or referenced instead of the written Bible as the series does have the directors own interpretation of events. My kids loved every single episode and could wait to see the next. It provided opportunity to discuss the word of God and they themselves were able to point out inconsistencies or missing facts from reading the word. Overall wonderfully made.

Excellent by Shirl on 6/13/2013

I am sad for those who review this epic as untrue to the Bible, racist, etc. Roma Downey herself said it was made in the SPIRIT of the Bible. The entire epic was stupendous & was a reminder of what I am in relation to God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much, Roma Downey & Mark Burnett & everyone who worked with you. Truly EPIC!!!!!!

The Truth is the Life by Verdad on 4/25/2013

I sincerely hope that all who watch this DVD will read the bible (modern or KJV) and ask God to impart understanding. For this effort should in no way have been regarded as a typical movie. It is GOD's written word AND it is holy and real history. Poetic license are you kidding me?!?! In the beginning Satan cunningly deceived Eve into eating from the forbidden tree. Next, The Fall of Mankind..nothing poetic about that now is there? Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!! The bible is the inspired word of GOD and should never be misrepresented as shown in this DVD. If you wrote a book/movie and it was blatantly edited to distort pertinent and imperative context how would you feel? Even the Pharisees told the guards at Jesus' tomb to lie about his body and if asked tell people that his disciples stole it so that people would not believe that he had actually risen from the dead. It's very sad and disheartening that the "Heads" of prominent mega-churches whom were on the advisory panel did not object to the obvious in order to uphold the Truth.

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