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There's nothing better than curling up with a good book, and you'll find thousands of inspiring Christian book titles at Family Christian. America's leading Christian bookstore, we offer a wide variety of Christian books, including bible reference books, devotionals, Christian fiction and books on Christian living.

Inspired Reading for Mom
  • Every Day is Mother's Day

    Every Day is Mother's Day

    This 365 day devotional contains short inspirational readings, poems, Scriptures, and prayers that recognize the strength, influence and beauty a mother brings to her children.

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  • Fervent

    The Power of a Positive Mom

    The Power of a Positive Mom offers seven principles that will help you and your child face the complicated issues confronting parents today, including bullying and social media.

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New From Emerson Eggerichs
Mother & Son Emerson Eggerichs

Mother & Son

Emerson Eggerichs

There's advice out there about fathers learning to better love their daughters, but not much guidance on a son's need for respect from their mothers. Whether you have young sons or grown sons, Dr. Eggerichs will help you navigate the unfamiliar waters and teach you what your son needs to hear.

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Fresh Books for Spring

God has Good Plans for You: Books for Grads

Graduation means new opportunities--and new challenges. These keepsake books will bring graduates guidance,comfort,and encouragement straight from the Word. The collection of Scripture passages cover topics like character, integrity, loyalty, focus, respect and perseverance.

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