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  1. Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

    Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies


    ["There is nothing you need more than the warm, reassuring voice of one who has traveled this path before . . . and survived after suffering the death of a spouse.In Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies, Marta Felber offers just such a voice-caring, hopeful, always pointing ahead to a tomorrow that will be a little easier than today. Having experienced her own spouse's death, Felber is never glib or simplistic. She knows the grief her readers are feeling and she encourages them to give it full expression. At the same time, she offers sound, practical suggestions on how to navigate difficult days. This book shies away from none of the difficult issues of bereavement. Felber gently urges her readers toward careful, honest examination of the issues they face."] Learn More
  2. Una Guia Rapida Sobre Vitaminas Minerales y Suplementos

    Una Guia Rapida Sobre Vitaminas Minerales y Suplementos



    Hay miles de vitaminas, minerales y suplementos. Todos dicen que mejoraran tu salud Pero no todas esas cosas son buenas para ti. Tal vez tu cuerpo esta tratando de enviarte un mensaje. ?Lo estas escuchando? La doctora Pensanti ha investigado y ha hecho una lista en orden alfabetico de los suplementos esenciales con informacion muy pertinente. Hasta podras descubrir suplementos para enfermedades especificas al alcance de tus dedos y una facil referencia con respuestas a preguntas como estas:
    ?Cuales son los cinco mejores suplementos para alguien que sufre de una enfermedad del corazon o de cancer? ?Que pasa si mi cuerpo no posee suficientes vitaminas y minerales? ?Que alimentos proveen estas vitaminas y minerales de manera natural? ?Cuanto debo tomar y con que frecuencia? ?Hay alguna contraindicacion?
    "] Learn More

  3. Grief Therapy

    Grief Therapy


    ["The death of a loved one has a powerful and significant impact on a person's life. But the surrounding world often expects survivors to move quickly beyond their loss, to just snap out of it. A wise and sensitive dissenting voice, Grief Therapy demonstrates how the grieving process takes time and deserves attention. With succinct, meaningful guidelines and hope-filled illustrations, it reassures those who grieve that out of their pain can come profound, transforming healing."] Learn More
  4. Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide

    Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide


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    ["What does the Bible say on the topic of suicide? What does it not say? Lloyd, now professor emeritus of biblical and theological studies at Gordon College, Mass., began to ask these questions after a daughter-in-law died by suicide. He embarked on a thorough canvassing of the scriptures and church history on this topic, which helped him on his grief journey. Gwendolyn found solace in writing out her responses and thoughts in moving, sensitive poetry. Their combined efforts meld the pain and poignancy of the devastating experience of a family member's suicide. Fierce Goodbye is first and foremost a penetrating account of a family dealing with suicide, and offers solid guidance for those who worry about the eternal fate of a loved one. It also provides a reliable and readable summary of Christian thinking about suicide, useful for pastors, counselors, students, and teachers. This special documentary edition was published in cooperation with Mennonite Media and Mennonite Mission Network. A website for the documentary offers follow-up resources for persons dealing with the aftermath of suicide,, where you can also find information on purchasing copies of the documentary on video or DVD."] Learn More
  5. PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga - DVD

    PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga - DVD



    For 22 years, Laurette Willis studied yoga and endured a difficult journey through New Age beliefs. When she became a Christian, she wanted to create a Christian alternative to yoga that would allow her reap the health benefits of stretching and meditation while focusing her mind on God. Now churches across America host her PraiseMoves<\/i> program, which helps people:

    • increase flexibility and balance<\/li>
    • lose weight and gain endurance<\/li>
    • nurture a rich, meaningful prayer life<\/li>
    • ease depression and stress and inspire joy<\/li>
    • develop a deep knowledge of Scripture<\/li><\/ul>

      This DVD, PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga<\/i>, provides two workouts - 60 and 20 minutes - that are easy, effective and intended for all fitness levels. Exercise enthusiasts will love incorporating this time of worship, health and rejuvenation into their daily walk with God.

      Product Details:<\/b>
      Format: NTSC
      Language: English
      Released: 2006 "] Learn More
  6. 20-Minute Praise Moves: Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule - DVD

    20-Minute Praise Moves: Three New Workouts to Fit Your Schedule - DVD


    ["Over 16.5 million Americans practice some form of yoga. Many are Christians who are looking for a Christ-centered alternative to their exercise routine. From the creator of the popular PraiseMoves--The Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD, Laurette Willis offers three new 20-minute workouts. In just 20 minutes a day, viewers can strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility while renewing their minds and nourishing their spirits on God's Word. Each posture is linked to Scripture to transform workouts into times of worship. This new program offers ways to-- reduce stress, improve circulation, and lose weight energize to optional Walkin' Wisdom Warm-ups learn God's Word through beautifully flowing Scripture Sequences 20 Minute PraiseMoves also includes an instructional segment with exercise tips, detailed posture moves, and postures for the beginner as well as the advanced PraiseMover."] Learn More
  7. The Dieter's Prayer Book: Spiritual Power and Daily Encouragement

    The Dieter's Prayer Book: Spiritual Power and Daily Encouragement


    ["Diets and diet books have never been more popular. At the same time, recent studies show that Americans have never been more overweight. It's no wonder, then, that women who are trying to lose weight--be it 10 or 100 pounds--are among the most frequently discouraged people around. Every day we are faced with fridge wars, bad mirror moments, diets that don't work, skinny friends who can eat whatever they like, and husbands who reminisce about the size 8 they married. Yet victory can be yours. Increasingly, scientific studies are indicating that in health matters, prayer works--and in The Dieter's Prayer Book, you'll find that daily ounce of spiritual encouragement you need. Not tied to any one particular diet, The Dieter's Prayer Book can be used in conjunction with any healthy-eating program, or on its own. Each day, these upbeat prayers will remind you what really matters, make you feel less alone, and empower you to achieve your goal of healthful living."] Learn More
  8. Comforting One Another: In Life's Sorrows

    Comforting One Another: In Life's Sorrows


    ["In this book, the author reveals her own experience in suffering, how looking to the Cross puts all trials into perspective, how pain can be used to taste the deep mercy of Christ, and how that mercy can be extended to those around you who are also suffering."] Learn More
  9. El Poder del Sufrimiento

    El Poder del Sufrimiento


    ["El conocido maestro biblico John MacArthur examina la realidad del dolor y las dificultades en la vida cristiana. Ofrece una explicacion biblica para los valles profundos que todos tenemos que cruzar. Este libro lo ayudara a crecer y aceptar las pruebas de la vida y lo prepara para dar consejo y aliento a otros. Bible teacher John MacArthur examines the reality of pain and trials in the Christian life and offers a plausible, thoroughly biblical explanation for the deep valleys each of us inevitably cross. This book will help Christians to cherish and grow from trials and also prepare to comfort and encourage others.]"] Learn More
  10. Rekindling the Romance: Loving the Love of Your Life

    Rekindling the Romance: Loving the Love of Your Life


    ["By God's design, romance is supposed to be the flame in the fireplace of marital intimacy. Yet far too many Christian couples feel cheated because their marriage produces as much spark as a book of wet matches. Others have neglected to fan the flames of passion for so long that they have lost hope of experiencing romance.

    \r\n\r\nRekindling the Romance<\/i> is organized into short, biblically-based chapters. Packed with practical insight, this tastefully candid and inviting resource provides the Christian couple with the keys to unlock their relational and sexual intimacy."] Learn More

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