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  1. How Sweet the Sound

    How Sweet the Sound

    Amy K. Sorrells

    The Harlans appear to be the perfect Southern family. Wealth and fame help to preserve their sparkling image, but dysfunction and secrets lurk beneath the surface. The town is rattled by the news-- a rape followed by the murder of two Harlans. The devastation brings thre... Learn More
  2. Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot

    Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot

    Annie F. Downs

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    Your body is an instrument. No, it s not a flute, or a guitar (I hope). It is a sacred and original design by a master craftsman with a specific plan and purpose. That s a pretty big deal. From head to foot, the way you view your body is directly connected to how you serve G... Learn More
  3. The Captive Maiden

    The Captive Maiden

    Melanie Dickerson

    Happily ever after... or happily nevermore? Gisela's childhood was filled with joy, laughter, and visits from nobles such as the duke and his son, Valten. When her father passed away tragically, each day was filled with nothing but servitude to her stepmother. Gisella gr... Learn More
  4. The Dating Games #2: Blind Date

    The Dating Games #2: Blind Date

    Melody Carlson

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    Five blind dates. A masquerade ball. What could go wrong?The girls of the Dating Games club have chosen blind dates for each other. What began as a seemingly good idea, may be nothing but a nasty trick. Join Cassidy, Devon, Abby, Brynn, and Emma as their night of guessing ga... Learn More
  5. The Screwtape Letters CD: The Screwtape Letters CD

    The Screwtape Letters CD: The Screwtape Letters CD

    C. S. Lewis, Joss Ackland

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    A worldwide best-seller now available unabridged on audio cassette and CD This clever guide to temptation gives insight into the danger of pride, the power of prayer, and the ultimate victory of faith in Christ over the forces of evil. Learn More
  6. Thunder (Stone Braide Chronicles)

    Thunder (Stone Braide Chronicles)

    Bonnie S. Calhoun

    In post-apocalyptic America, where scattered rusted metal lines the shore, animals are tainted with poisonous radiation, and debris from the once-great city coats the ground, Selah Chavez hides in the shoreline's long grass, determined to catch a Lander. These mysterious Lan... Learn More

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