Cowboys, small towns, and the sweet smell of liberty, the untamed beauty of the Western Frontier has captured the hearts of many. From Western romances to wild gunfights, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our collection of Western fiction.

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  1. Her Cowboy Hero

    Her Cowboy Hero

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  2. Wild West Brides: 3-Book Series from a Bestselling Author

    Wild West Brides: 3-Book Series from a Bestselling Author


    ["Hang on for a wild ride with the three Claxton brothers, Civil War veterans who take refuge in the untamed West, and the three stubborn women who challenge their ideas of justice and freedom. Cole meets Wynne as she is seeking revenge from his youngest brother. Beau is near death when nursed back to life by Charity. Cass is tricked into marrying Susanne. Each brother has met his match, but will they be too stubborn to recognize God's hand in these unions? Includes: The Peacemaker<\/i>, The Drifter<\/i>, and The Maverick<\/i>"] Learn More
  3. The Brides of the Old West

    The Brides of the Old West


    ["Ride along on five romantic adventures that play out on the great American frontier. Stubborn young women are determined to survive their great challenges\u2014despite the men who try to help. Suzanne must save the ranch. Blanche learns to captain a riverboat. Amanda pushes across the plains to Oregon. Deborah stands up to hostile enemies. Tildie must keep three children safe in the wilderness. Will these challenges be their undoing or the start of something wonderful?\r\n"] Learn More
  4. The Western Justice Trilogy

    The Western Justice Trilogy


    ["Join bestselling and beloved author Gilbert Morris on three Old West adventures in which desperate women place their trust in the hands of unlikely heroes. Rosa\u2019s land is overrun by a gang of bandits, but only Faye, a genteelly bred lawman-want-to-be, will answer her call for help. Sabrina can only find Waco to hire to go after the outlaws who kidnapped her sister, but he is an ex-criminal himself. Raina plans a daring escape that relies on following Ty out of town, but he has gotten locked up in jail.

    Includes: Rosa's Land, Sabrina's Man, <\/i>and Raina's Choice<\/i>"] Learn More
  5. The Outlaw Takes a Bride