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Christian Mystery Books

Browse our broad selection of Christian mystery books. A lethal chase, an unsolved murder, a tangle of lies -- choose your mystery with our collection of suspense and mystery books. Featuring bestselling Christian mystery authors Lis Whiel, Terri Blackstock, and William P. Young, our collection of gripping page-turners will keep you guessing until the very end.

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  1. Always Watching (Elite Guardians Series #1)

    Always Watching (Elite Guardians Series #1)

    Lynette Eason

    Always Watching is the first book in Lynette Easton's new Elite Guardians series. Olivia Edwards owns an all female Elite Guardian Agency. Each woman has specialized skills and must protect their client at any cost. Wade Savage's body guard is almost killed and the stalker ... Learn More
  2. Thin Ice (Men of Valor Series #2)

    Thin Ice (Men of Valor Series #2)

    Irene Hannon

    Thin Ice is the second book in Irene Hannon's Men of Valor seriesChristy Reed has endured a life of grief, after losing her parents in a car accident, and her sister in a house fire. Once life finally seems to be trending upward, she receives a letter from her sister, claim... Learn More
  3. The First Hostage (J. B. Collins Series #2)

    The First Hostage (J. B. Collins Series #2)

    Joel C. Rosenberg

    The president of the United States is missing." With these words, journalist J.B. Collins---reporting on an ISIS attack in Jordan---puts the entire world on high alert. With terrorist threats of chemical warfare, can Collins and the Secret Service locate and rescue the leade... Learn More
  4. The Newsmakers

    The Newsmakers

    Lis Wiehl, Sebastian Stuart

    Ambitious televison reporter Erica Sparks has landed a job at Global News Network. On her first assignment, she witnesses a horrific ferry crash. Then ratings soar after she administers CPR to a presidential hopeful. But why did both events happen to her? Were they engineere... Learn More
  5. Lethal Beauty (Mia Quinn Mystery Series #3)

    Lethal Beauty (Mia Quinn Mystery Series #3)

    Lis Wiehl, April Henry

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    A constellation of murders has Mia and homicide detective Charlie Carlson searching for a common source and puts Mia’s family in the crosshairs of a Chinese crime cabal. Meanwhile, Dandan Yee’s mother has opted to take matters into her own hands . . . and the stakes get ... Learn More
  6. Mermaid Moon (Sunset Cove Series #2)

    Mermaid Moon (Sunset Cove Series #2)

    Colleen Coble

    Mallory Davis stayed away from her family home for fifteen years until her father mysteriously dies on his mail boat route in Mermaid Point. She believes her father was murdered and gets even more suspicious when she and her daughter start receiving threatening phone calls.... Learn More
  7. The Feathered Bone

    The Feathered Bone

    Julie Cantrell

    In one terrible moment during her daughter's fifth grade field trip, Amanda's world comes crashing down. First, her daughter's best friend Sarah disappears. Then---unable to cope with the guilt of having seen her friend last---her daughter commits suicide. Years later, when ... Learn More
  8. Liberators: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse (Coming Collapse Series #5)

    Liberators: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse (Coming Collapse Series #5)

    James Wesley Rawles

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    Western civilization has collapsed and a ruthless army is rising from the ruins and begins to restore order. As looting and rioting worsen, Afghanistan War vet Ray McGregor, takes refuge at his parents cattle ranch in British Columbia that has escaped the worst of the pandem... Learn More
  9. Murder at the Courthouse (Hidden Springs Mystery Series #1)

    Murder at the Courthouse (Hidden Springs Mystery Series #1)

    A. H. Gabhart, Ann H. Gabhart, A. H. Gabhart

    After a few years as a police officer in Chicago, Michael Keane has no trouble relaxing into the far less stressful job of deputy sheriff in his small hometown. After all, nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky. Nothing, that is, until a dead body is discovered on ... Learn More
  10. A.D. 33 (A.D. Series #2)

    A.D. 33 (A.D. Series #2)

    Ted Dekker

    In Ted Dekker's follow up novel to his bestseller A.D. 30, A.D. 33 follows Maviah, a woman whose fate was sealed on her birth by this world-unwanted, illegitimate, female, a slave-subject to the whims of all. They call her the Queen of the Outcasts. But then she met a man n... Learn More

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