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Suspense & Mystery

A lethal chase, an unsolved murder, a tangle of lies-- choose your mystery with our collection of suspense and mystery books. Featuring bestselling authors Lis Whiel, Terri Blackstock, and William P. Young, our collection of gripping page-turners will keep you guessing until the very end.

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  1. Vines of Entanglement
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    Vines of Entanglement

    Lisa Carter

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    A tangled web of lies characterizes the life Laura Mabry has built for herself and her son after the tragic death of her husband. But Laura's carefully constructed world slides off its axis when she stumbles upon the body of a young college student on the recreational trails... Learn More
  2. Smoky Mountain Investigation
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    Smoky Mountain Investigation

    Annslee Urban

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    A mysterious caller taunts journalist Kylie Harper with details about a decade-old death, leading her to a new trail of murder. Who is this deranged person…and what does he want from her? Ex-Delta Force captain and Kylie's former love Nick Bentley fled their Smoky Mountain... Learn More
  3. Mark of Evil
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    Mark of Evil

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    "Mark of Evil" is the final chapter in The End Series, with high-tech thrills told against a background of fulfilled prophecy, bringing us one step closer to the reign of the Antichrist and Christ s return. Ethan March, Jimmy Louder, and Rivka Reuban have been left behind in... Learn More
  4. Undetected
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    Dee Henderson

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    When asked what he does for a living . . . Commander Mark Bishop is deliberately low-key: I'm in the Navy. But commanding the ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada, keeping her crew trained and alert during ninety-day submerged patrols, and being prepared to launch weapons ... Learn More
  5. Weep in the Night
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    Weep in the Night

    Valerie Massey Goree

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    After three years in the witness protection program, Sadie Malone's life in Texas is bland and humdrum--until she meets a new co-worker. Bowen Boudine ignites a flame in Sadie's long-dormant heart, but when she discovers he knows her true identity, she attempts to flee. He t... Learn More
  6. Streams of Mercy (Jenna's Creek Series #1)
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    Streams of Mercy (Jenna's Creek Series #1)

    Teresa D. Slack

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    On the day of her father's funeral, seventeen year old Jamie Steele discovers that her dad was once the prime suspect in the disappearance of a local girl. All too familiar with his hard fisted lifestyle and violent temper, Jamie has to find out for herself if he was capable... Learn More
  7. Sidetracked
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    Brandilyn Collins

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    When you live a lie for so long, it becomes a part of you. Like clothing first rough and scratchy, it wears down, thins out. Sinks into your skin. Thirty-four-year-old Delanie Miller has fled her dark past and is now settled into a quiet life in small-town Redbud, Kentuck... Learn More
  8. Alabaster Vases
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    Alabaster Vases

    Catherine Finger

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    After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her vindictive husband, Police Chief Josie Oliver is finally ready to walk away. But he's bent on leaving her first and destroying everything she cares about on his way out. As if that weren't enough to deal with, she's been ask... Learn More
  9. The Awakening
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    The Awakening

    Cliff Warden

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    "It s not a dead end, Art," said the professor. "It s the information you need to know to become who you really are." Hailed as the top teen piano virtuoso, Art Jenicks has a promising future before him when suddenly his past begins to unravel. Orphaned at a young age, his p... Learn More
  10. Vidalia
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    Carrie Delatte

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    With a history of erratic sleeping behavior, Tess Durrum is traveling down a slippery slope when her "night episodes" return with a vengeance. Finding solace in the counsel of her husband, board certified psychiatrist, Christopher, she leans on her long-time love for his gui... Learn More

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Items 31-40 of 607

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