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Browse our broad selection of Christian mystery books. A lethal chase, an unsolved murder, a tangle of lies -- choose your mystery with our collection of suspense and mystery books. Featuring bestselling Christian mystery authors Lis Whiel, Terri Blackstock, and William P. Young, our collection of gripping page-turners will keep you guessing until the very end.

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  1. The Raven (Coffey & Hill Series #2)

    The Raven (Coffey & Hill Series #2)

    Mike Nappa, Mike Nappa

    As part of his regular street performance, a deception specialist who goes by the name The Raven picks his audience's pockets while they watch. It's harmless fun--until he decides to keep the spare wallet a city councilman doesn't seem to miss, hoping for a few extra bucks. ... Learn More
  2. The Domino Effect

    The Domino Effect

    Davis Bunn, Davis Bunn

    Esther Larsen, a leading risk analyst at one of the country's largest banking institutions, is becoming more and more convinced that she has uncovered a ticking bomb with the potential to overshadow 2008's market crash. And as her own employer pursues "investment" strategies... Learn More
  3. Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For

    Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For

    Joel Smallbone, Nancy N. Rue, Luke Smallbone

    The powerfully compelling novelization of the major motion picture by Joel and Luke Smallbone of the band for King & Country. James Stevens was, at one time, a good man with a great life. After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James is... Learn More
  4. The Book of Mysteries
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    The Book of Mysteries

    Regular Price: $21.99 Special Price $17.59
    Discover life-transforming secrets, mind-blowing realities, and heart-changing revelations in such mysteries as the Face in the Waters, the Leper King, the Land of Gezarah, the Secret of the Third Prince, the House of Spirits, the Mystery of the Rains, How to Alter Your Past... Learn More
  5. Hidden Falls

    Hidden Falls

    Olivia Newport

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    Whether they realize it or not, their lives intertwine around Quinn. And when he disappears from Hidden Falls, the town just might unravel. Learn More
  6. The Occupied

    The Occupied

    Craig Parshall

    The Occupied is the first book in the Trevor Black series, new from Craig ParshallAs a youth, Trevor Black unleashed spiritual forces he couldn’t comprehend. Years later, Trevor is a high-flying criminal defense lawyer in New York City, with a six-figure Aston Martin and ... Learn More
  7. When Death Draws Near (Gwen Marcey Series #3)

    When Death Draws Near (Gwen Marcey Series #3)

    Carrie Stuart Parks

    When Death Draws Near is the 3rd book in the Gwen Marcey series by Carrie Stuart ParksWhen Gwen Marcey finds herself out of work, jobs soon appear. But even for a forensic artist, these cases seem strange. The first involves a death-by-snakebite; the second, a serial rapi... Learn More
  8. Without Warning (Elite Guardians Series #2)

    Without Warning (Elite Guardians Series #2)

    Lynette Eason

    Without Warning is the 2nd book in the Elite Guardians series by Lynette Eason.Kate Singleton is a bodyguard with The Elite Guardian Protection Agency. Her new assignment is to find out why restaurant owner Daniel Matthews has become a target of someone who wants him out of ... Learn More
  9. Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force Series #1)

    Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force Series #1)

    DiAnn Mills

    Deadly Encounter is the 1st book in the new FBI Task Force series by Diann Mills.Airport Ranger volunteer Stacy Broussard expected a peaceful Saturday morning ride around the perimeter of Houston’s airport. What she encounters instead is a brutal homicide and a baffling my... Learn More
  10. The Witnesses

    The Witnesses

    Robert Whitlow, Robert Whitlow

    Frank and Parker House – grandfather and grandson – share a special gift of being able to witness events before they take place. Gifts can be used for good or ill, and both men will need to decide how and when to make use of their talents. When Parker is offered a posi... Learn More

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