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From apocalyptic endings to outer space missions to political deviance, travel through time to a world of possibility. Our futuristic fiction books include bestselling authors and gifted visionaries who have imagined a reality beyond our own.

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  1. The Left Behind Collection: Volumes 5-8

    The Left Behind Collection: Volumes 5-8

    Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

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    This collection includes 4 soft cover editions of the best-selling Left Behind series. Collection II consists of books 5-8. Left Behind products have sold more than 40,000,000 copies and continue to be a national phenomena. Learn More
  2. The Secret Code

    The Secret Code

    Paul D. Meier, Robert Wise

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    This fictional thriller is based on historical predictions that are encoded in the Torah, and are revealed through computer technology. Learn More
  3. The Third Millenium

    The Third Millenium

    Robert Wise, Paul Meier, Thomas Nelson Publishers

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    "The Third Millemium," an unusual novel by Paul Meier, paints a blood-chilling picture of the chaos and confusion of the end times as witnessed by one american family as unforgettably narrated by their guardian angel, Michael. Learn More
  4. I Am Alpha and Omega

    I Am Alpha and Omega

    Jesse Brown

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    Here's an excerpt from I Am Alpha and Omega. Satan said, "I am who I am I shall be ruler of this world and torture God's most cherished creation. You two shall be destroyed, for your God has left you " I said, "You may destroy us, but just like Jesus said in front of this t... Learn More
  5. Triton Rising

    Triton Rising

    Scott Ayars

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    Two worlds, light-years apart, their only hope-a broken ship and a priceless treasure. It's been three years since Searcher returned from Octoduo and the heroes that brought her home disappeared. SECON (Space Exploration and Colonization), the corporation that financed, and ... Learn More
  6. Escape


    Nierman Marjory

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  7. Fusion Fire (Firebird Trilogy #2)

    Fusion Fire (Firebird Trilogy #2)

    Kathy Tyers

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    Forced to forsake her royal heritage, Lady Firebird now faces new and powerful enemies. Firebird is pregnant with twins when her new husband, Brennen Caldwell, is left as the only heir to ancient messianic prophecies. Meanwhile, on another world, Firebird's sister defects to... Learn More
  8. The Spectre of Layla Gary: The Chariot Allegory

    The Spectre of Layla Gary: The Chariot Allegory

    Melinda, Melinda, Melinda Parker

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    Layla will be a slave to no one, but what is she willing to do when captured and inimitably imprisoned in Sierra Leone? Melinda Parker creatively spins a twisted tale of deception and intrigue in The Spectre of Layla Gary. When the mad scientist Dr. Conner McCleary falls in ... Learn More
  9. Bionic Lakisha

    Bionic Lakisha

    Carolyn Jernigan

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    Lisa is a secretary for Senator Tom, whom she loves and stands beside. The city is full of crimes, and Lisa decided to help the senator by using her bionic powers, which include super speed and self-healing. In Bionic LaKisha, Lisa's main adversary is Bruce, a convict who es... Learn More
  10. When We Listen: Life's True Stories

    When We Listen: Life's True Stories

    Steven Blake

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    The old lady who had once stayed with Steven for that brief period of time was now on the forefront of his mind. For many years, he kept her words filed away in the back of his memory. Now, with the elections over from 2008 some thirty years later, her words seemed to be rel... Learn More

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