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Choose from a vast number of contemporary fiction books, ranging from romance to action and adventure. Our contemporary fiction collection offers stories of hope, loss, suspense, and faith.

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  1. Fetching Sweetness

    Fetching Sweetness

    Dana Mentink

    Stephanie's dreams of becoming a literary agent are within her grasp, if she can obtain a coveted manuscript from recluse Agnes Wharton! But when Wharton's dog, Sweetness, runs off, she tells Stephanie to find it---or leave empty-handed. While searching for Sweetness, she me... Learn More
  2. The Room with the Second-Best View (Tales from the Goose Creek B&B Series #3)

    The Room with the Second-Best View (Tales from the Goose Creek B&B Series #3)

    Virginia Smith, Virginia Smith

    The Room with the Second-Best View is the 3rd book in the Tales from the Goose Creek B&B series by Virginia SmithAl & Millie are in the middle of helping Goose Creek Kentucky pull off its 200th year anniversary celebration. The towns existing anniversary plans are a... Learn More
  3. To Love a Stranger

    To Love a Stranger

    Colleen Coble

    Bessie Randall never intended to move to Wyoming. But when she finds that her sister married a soldier by proxy, using her name, she has no choice! Jasper Mendenhall is equally unimpressed when she arrives. But circumstances limit his options, too. With God's guidance, can t... Learn More
  4. The Witnesses

    The Witnesses

    Robert Whitlow, Robert Whitlow

    Frank and Parker House – grandfather and grandson – share a special gift of being able to witness events before they take place. Gifts can be used for good or ill, and both men will need to decide how and when to make use of their talents. When Parker is offered a posi... Learn More
  5. The Courtship Basket (Amish Heirloom Series #2)

    The Courtship Basket (Amish Heirloom Series #2)

    Amy Clipston

    The Courtship Basket is the 2nd book in Amy Clipson's Amish Heirloom series.Overhearing a whispered conversation between the love of her life and her best friend puts an end to Rachel Fisher’s hopes for a happy life. To ease her sorrow, she takes up teaching a class for ... Learn More
  6. The Things We Knew

    The Things We Knew

    Catherine J. West, Catherine West

    After her mother's death, Lynette Carlisle watched her family unravel. All her siblings eventually left Nantucket, silently blaming their father. Nobody will tell Lynette about that day that she can't remember. But when Dad's failing health and financial concerns bring every... Learn More
  7. Treasuring Emma (Middlefield Family Series #1)

    Treasuring Emma (Middlefield Family Series #1)

    Kathleen Fuller, Kathleen Fuller

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    Treasuring Emma is the 1st book in the Middlefield Family series by Kathleen Fuller.Adam was her first love and best friend. But then he went away. Determined to experience the freedom of living in the Englisch world, he left Emma heart-broken. How could he have chosen the... Learn More
  8. When Mountains Move

    When Mountains Move

    Julie Cantrell

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    Millie’s mind is racing and there seems no clear line between right and wrong. Either path leads to pain, and she’ll do anything to protect the ones she loves. So she decides to bury the truth and begin again, helping Bump launch a ranch in the wilds of Colorado. But jus... Learn More
  9. The Wonder of Your Love (Land of Canaan Series #4)

    The Wonder of Your Love (Land of Canaan Series #4)

    Beth Wiseman

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    The Wonder of Your Love is the 4th book in the Land of Canaan series by Beth Wiseman.Katie Ann lost the love of her life to another woman. Now God is offering a new beginning. Settling into her new life in Canaan, Colorado, Katie Ann Stoltzfus gives birth to a beautiful bab... Learn More
  10. They Danced On (The Darling Family Series #3)

    They Danced On (The Darling Family Series #3)

    Carre Armstrong Gardner

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    They Danced On is the 3rd book in The Darling Family series by Carre Armstrong Gardner.Nothing is more important to Jane Darling than her family. She’s dedicated her life to raising her children, and they all appear to be doing well. She can finally relax and enjoy life.... Learn More

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