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Choose from a vast number of contemporary fiction books, ranging from romance to action and adventure. Our contemporary fiction collection offers stories of hope, loss, suspense, and faith.

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  1. A Hideous Beauty

    A Hideous Beauty

    Jack Cavanaugh

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    The world's battles pale when compared to the one waging in the angelic realm---and Pulitzer Prize-winner Grant Austin is about to be drawn into the conflict whether he wants to fight or not! With more than human blood in his veins and his soul at stake, which supernatural s... Learn More
  2. A Hundred Years of Happiness

    A Hundred Years of Happiness

    Nicole Seitz

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    Contemporary fiction. Amidst the splendor of the South Carolina low country comes a generous story of three families bound by war— and the truth that sets them free. Learn More
  3. A Kingsbury Collection: Three Novels in One: Where Yesterday Lives, When Joy Came to Stay, on Every Side

    A Kingsbury Collection: Three Novels in One: Where Yesterday Lives, When Joy Came to Stay, on Every Side

    Karen Kingsbury

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    Three Page-Turning Novels in One Volume "Where Yesterday Lives " Ellen Barrett is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist with an uncertain marriage, a forgotten faith, and haunting memories of her picturesque hometown and the love she left behind. The eldest of five siblings, ... Learn More
  4. A Lesson in Hope

    A Lesson in Hope

    Philip Gulley

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    Sam Gardner has been pastor of Hope Friends Meeting for just four months when ninety-eight-year-old member Olive Charles passes away. What's more shocking news is that Olive has left her entire estate--worth nearly one million dollars--to the meeting. At first the gift ... Learn More
  5. A Letter for Joe - DVD

    A Letter for Joe - DVD

    de Miller

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    Joe Roberts (Evan Schwalb) idolizes his older brother, Denny (Neil Schwalb), and Denny's college friends. But to the guys, Joe is a pesky nuisance whose Christian faith makes him strange, so Denny devises an elaborate prank to write a fake letter and send Joe on a wild goo... Learn More
  6. A Letter to My Daughter

    A Letter to My Daughter

    Michael B. Dodd

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    Michael Ireland has a pen, a notebook, and five days to live In that time, his desire to bring his daughter to Christ will tax the resources of all three. Learn More
  7. A Life of Joy (Kaufman Amish Bakery Series #4)

    A Life of Joy (Kaufman Amish Bakery Series #4)

    Amy Clipston

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    Eighteen-year-old Lindsay Bedford has reached a crossroads. Should she stay in the small Amish community she's known and loved for four years or return to the English life of her hometown in Virginia where her older sister is a college student? An extended visit to Virginia ... Learn More
  8. A Light in the Window (Mitford Series #2)

    A Light in the Window (Mitford Series #2)

    Jan Karon

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    Contemporary Fiction His attractive neighbor is tugging at his heartstrings. A wealthy widow is pursuing him with hot casseroles. And his red-haired Cousin Meg has moved into the rectory, univited. As you can see, Mitford's rector and lifelong bachelor, Father Tim, is in nee... Learn More
  9. A Light in Zion

    A Light in Zion

    Bodie Thoene, Brock Thoene

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    The Zion Chronicles series covers the events surrounding Israel's statehood in 1948. Each book vividly portrays the intense struggle of the Jewish people in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the forces, within and without, which engulf the Middle East in conflict and contro... Learn More
  10. A Love Like Ours

    A Love Like Ours

    Becky Wade

    Deeply scarred from a day he wishes he could forget during his military service, Thoroughbred trainer Jake Porter has given up on love. He struggles against symptoms of PTSD, lives a solitary life, and avoids relationships. When Lyndie James, Jake's childhood best friend,... Learn More

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