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Choose from a vast number of contemporary fiction books, ranging from romance to action and adventure. Our contemporary fiction collection offers stories of hope, loss, suspense, and faith.

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  1. When Sparrows Fall

    When Sparrows Fall

    Meg Moseley

    Freedom. Safety. Love. Miranda vows to reclaim them--for herself, and for her children. A widow and mother of six, Miranda Hanford leads a quiet, private life. When the pastor of her close-knit church announces his plans to move the entire congregation to another state, Mira... Learn More
  2. When Mountains Move

    When Mountains Move

    Julie Cantrell

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    Millie’s mind is racing and there seems no clear line between right and wrong. Either path leads to pain, and she’ll do anything to protect the ones she loves. So she decides to bury the truth and begin again, helping Bump launch a ranch in the wilds of Colorado. But jus... Learn More
  3. When Mockingbirds Sing

    When Mockingbirds Sing

    Billy Coffey

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    In Billy Coffey's When Mockingbirds Sing, Leah is a child from away, isolated from her peers because of her stutter. But then she begins painting scenes that are epic in scope, brilliant in detail and suffused with rich, prophetic imagery. When the event foreshadowed in the ... Learn More
  4. When Love Arrives (Misty Willow Series #2)
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    When Love Arrives (Misty Willow Series #2)

    Johnnie Alexander

    When Loves Arrives is the 2nd book in Johnnie Alexander's Misty Willow seriesDani Prescott came to the children's hospital to spy on Brett Somers--so how did she end up on a date with him? Weeks earlier she'd seen an interview in which he blamed her mother for the plane cras... Learn More
  5. When Joy Came to Stay

    When Joy Came to Stay

    Karen Kingsbury

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    Maggie Stovall is trapped inside a person she's spent years carefully crafting. Now the truth about who she isand what she's doneis bursting to the surface and sending Maggie into a spiral of despair. Will she walk away from everything, or can Maggie allow God to take her to... Learn More
  6. When I Sit in Darkness

    When I Sit in Darkness

    Dana Smith

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    Pining his life away in a cell, David Watson has to face what he has given up. Neither his status as the captain of his high school football team nor his wealthy family's fortune could change his fate. He has to wake up every day, living with the pain he has caused and the b... Learn More
  7. When Grace Sings (Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy #2)

    When Grace Sings (Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy #2)

    Kim Vogel Sawyer, Kim Vogel Sawyer

    Alexa Zimmerman wonders if the Old Order Mennonite community in Arborville, Kansas will ever fully accept her. Her family roots here aren’t what anyone thought when she first arrived, but she is hopeful that her culinary and hospitality skills will win the skeptics over, s... Learn More
  8. When Evil Prospers

    When Evil Prospers

    John Washburn

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    In the not too distant future, America's ongoing war on terror, coupled with its porous southern border and a growing lack of resolve among the masses to defeat our enemies, leads to another massive attack on American soil. This time, the state of Texas has become the target... Learn More
  9. When Dawn Breaks

    When Dawn Breaks

    Jennifer Slattery

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    As the hurricane forces Jacqueline to evacuate, her need for purpose and restitution forces her to head north to her estranged and embittered daughter and into the arms of a handsome new friend. Dealing with his own issues, Jacqueline isn't sure if he will be the one she can... Learn More
  10. When Darkness Embraces the Light

    When Darkness Embraces the Light

    Bell Lisa

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    In book 4, When Darkness Embraces the Light, Sage is in much more danger than ever Sage finds herself changing, but is she changing in a good way or a very bad way? Book 4 takes you on another chilling and magical ride filled with many more wicked characters such as a vampi... Learn More

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