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Choose from a vast number of contemporary fiction books, ranging from romance to action and adventure. Our contemporary fiction collection offers stories of hope, loss, suspense, and faith.

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  1. A Love Like Ours

    A Love Like Ours

    Becky Wade

    Deeply scarred from a day he wishes he could forget during his military service, Thoroughbred trainer Jake Porter has given up on love. He struggles against symptoms of PTSD, lives a solitary life, and avoids relationships. When Lyndie James, Jake's childhood best friend,... Learn More
  2. A Love So Strong

    A Love So Strong

    Kendra Norman-Bellamy

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    Bryan and Nicole Walker have the perfect marriage---even without the baby they so desire. But when Tricia Smart, a woman from Bryan's past, introduces a child who has hiseyes and smile, Nicole is devastated, Bryan is Learn More
  3. A Man Whose Name Was Joseph

    A Man Whose Name Was Joseph

    Shawn Stanley

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    Screams were coming from everywhere. A fetid odor smothered the air like a heavy, stench soaked blanket. Evidence from the slaughter of male children was at every turn. Joseph cautiously tried to keep Mary in the night shadows. Since being forced into the open Bethlehem stre... Learn More
  4. A Marriage Carol

    A Marriage Carol

    Gary Chapman, Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry, Chris Fabry

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  5. A Matter of Control

    A Matter of Control

    J. E. Solinski

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    Five very different people wrestle with the ultimate question: who is in control? Martha Richards is a high school English teacher who prides herself on her efficiency in the classroom and her ability to solve problems. Three of Martha's students--Reba Washington, Alex Ko... Learn More
  6. A Matter of Wife & Death

    A Matter of Wife & Death

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    LIFE IS SOMETIMES MESSY... "especially when people expect you to be perfect." Jennifer, who volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center, has waited years for a baby. Why is it so easy for girls like Jessica to get pregnant -- and so hard for her? Is it possible to want a baby t... Learn More
  7. A Mile in My Flip-Flops

    A Mile in My Flip-Flops

    Melody Carlson

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    Thirty-something Gretchen Hanover is stuck. Seeking solace from a broken heart, she traded her wedding plans for home improvement shows and ice cream—but she knows she can’t live on Ben and Jerry’s forever. She also knows that her enthusiastic Lab puppy has outgrown he... Learn More
  8. A Moment of Weakness

    A Moment of Weakness

    Karen Kingsbury

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    Jade and Tanner were separated by scandal and one wrong decision. Now only the truth about that long-ago summer can set them free-and rekindle their dreams of forever. Learn More
  9. A Month of Summer

    A Month of Summer

    Lisa Wingate

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    First in a new series from a national bestselling author whose ?novels are] like those of Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans.?("Bryan-College Station Eagle") For Rebecca Macklin, an ordinary summer brings about an extraordinary change of heart when she discovers that h... Learn More
  10. A Nest of Sparrows

    A Nest of Sparrows

    Deborah Raney

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    Starr was the only woman Wade Sullivan ever loved. Now his fiancee's three children are all he has left. But when Starr's abusive ex-husband arrives claiming custody---and Wade's grieving heart is stirred by a compassionate social worker---he must learn when to fight, when t... Learn More

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“to look after orphans and widows in their distress...” James 1:27 NIV

Our heartbeat is to help orphans and widows in need, as our Father calls us to do.
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