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Christian Classics

Treat yourself or someone you love to one of these Christian classics from Family Christian, celebrations of faith that never go out of style. These classic Christian books always make great gifts! And like a good friend, they are always there when you need them most.

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  1. The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation

    The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation

    Thomas Merton, William H. Shannon

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    Now in paperback, revised and redesigned: This is Thomas Merton's last book, in which he draws on both Eastern and Western traditions to explore the hot topic of contemplation/meditation in depth and to show how we can practice true contemplation in everyday life. Never be... Learn More
  2. The Interior Castle

    The Interior Castle

    Of Avila Teresa, Teresa of Avila, Mirabel Starr, Teresa Of Avila

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    Celebrated for almost five centuries as a master of spiritual literature, 16th-century saint, Teresa of Avila, is one of the most beloved religious figures in history. Overcome one day by a mystical vision of a crystal castle with seven chambers, each representing a differe... Learn More
  3. The Holiest of All

    The Holiest of All

    Andrew Murray

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    Every Christian has a ministry, a call to serve the Lord. This book reveals the keys to finding God's purpose for your life. Discover how you can: find supernatural wisdom and strength, prepare to enter into your ministry, see God's power miraculously at work, be spiritually... Learn More
  4. Angel Unaware: A Touching Story of Love and Loss

    Angel Unaware: A Touching Story of Love and Loss

    Dale Evans Rogers, Dale Evans, Dale Evans, Norman Peale, Norman Vincen...

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    The true story of the daughter of Roy and Dale Evans Rogers who was born with Downs Syndrome and very much loved until her premature death. Learn More
  5. The Annals of the World [With CD-ROM] (Grades 6-12)

    The Annals of the World [With CD-ROM] (Grades 6-12)

    James Ussher, New Leaf Press, Ussher James

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    James Ussher's Annals of the World was first published in Latin in 1654. It was translated into English in 1658, and this current publication updates the work into modern English. This comprehensive history of the world through A.D. 70 offers a look at history rarely seen: r... Learn More
  6. Call to Discipleship

    Call to Discipleship

    Karl Barth

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    In this brief essay, drawn from Church Dogmatics, Barth articulates what it means to follow Jesus in faith. He emphasizes that discipleship involves a detachment from the authority of possessions, foregoing the pursuit of personal glory, challenging the fear and use of force... Learn More
  7. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

    Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, Mark Trigsted

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    Though 250 years old, Edwards' most memorable sermon resonates with the message that today is the day we need to make sure we live for Christ. Learn More
  8. Absolute Surrender

    Absolute Surrender

    Andrew Murray

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    In Murray's classic devotional style, he shows the way to new freedom and power, beginning with the truth that "carnal Christianity" is not true Christianity. He clearly and convincingly presents the "one decisive step" that believers can take to move from the old life to th... Learn More
  9. The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer

    The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer

    Andrew Murray, Andrew Murray

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    Throughout his ministry, Andrew Murray passionately prayed and taught people about prayer. In this volume he combines his devotional writing with his only study guide on prayer: Pray Without Ceasing. His simple but profound goal is teaching Christians how to change the world... Learn More
  10. Abiding in Christ

    Abiding in Christ

    Andrew Murray, Irene Hannon, Andrew Murray

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    Using Jesus' words in John 15, "I am the vine; you are the branches," Andrew Murray explores how the believer abides in Christ. In a message as timely today as when first published in 1895, he urges readers to yield themselves to Jesus, in order that they may know the "rich ... Learn More

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