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There's no end to the things that the Bible can teach us, and our quest to learn can often lead us in a new direction. Expand your study with Family Christian's collection of books pertaining to Biblical issues, including explorations of apologetics, Biblical prophecy, Christian theology and more.

Explore the Three Heavens
The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead

The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead

by: John Hagee

In The Three Heavens, renowned prophecy expert John Hagee takes readers on an exciting biblical journey through three heavens, exploring the timeless clash between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. Through the study of the Word of God, science, and incredible true stories of the supernatural, you'll examine the First, Second, and Third Heaven and how they affect you and everyone else.

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  1. Exploring the Christian Faith

    Exploring the Christian Faith



    Here is an accessible, authoritative guide to Christianity as a way of life.

    Articles from 94 international contributors cover the entire scope of Christian doctrine, including such topics as creation, God, Jesus Christ, humanity, new life in Christ, the church, and more. Each belief is clearly explained with emphasis on how it is rooted in Scripture and what it means for Christians today.

    Profiles of key Christian leaders and movements, biblical references, a glossary of key terms, and a full index are also included."] Learn More

  2. The Westminster Shorter Catechism for Study Classes: Second Edition

    The Westminster Shorter Catechism for Study Classes: Second Edition


    ["For decades, author G. I. Williamson\u2019s study manuals on the Shorter Catechism have served as invaluable tools for instructing young and old in the Reformed system of doctrine. Now newly typeset in one volume, the illustrated manual The Westminster Shorter Catechism for Study Classes<\/i> offers clear exposition of each of the 107 questions in the Shorter Catechism. Each lesson includes Scripture proofs, as well as questions for review or discussion.

    A valuable aid for group instruction or private study, this volume has been used successfully for years by homeschoolers, pastors, Sunday school teachers and parents.

    The first edition of The Westminster Shorter Catechism<\/i> was formerly available as two separate books - in this second edition, both books have been combined into one volume.

    Product Details:<\/b>
    Page Count: 371
    Released: 01\/2003 (Second Edition)"] Learn More
  3. The Story of the Christian Church

    The Story of the Christian Church


    ["No institution has spanned more centuries and more continents than the Christian church. Its dramatic story is one of bloodshed and peace, corruption and purity. Here Dr. Hurlbut retells this story in an objective, concise, and clear style, emphasizing the spirit of the church, its growth and maturation, and the causes leading to historic events and their resulting influence. Accurate, up-to-date, and vividly presented, Hurlbut's Story of the Christian Church traces the six general periods of church history from A.D. 30 to the present day. A concluding section, covering the period since Dr. Hurlbut's death, has been added in this revised edition, thus giving the reader a complete, easily understood overview of the Christian church. Designed for two audiences, this book contains outlines and references in the margins to aid the student or teacher along with a continuous narrative and numerous illustrations for the general reader. It is ideal for Sunday school use, since it includes suggested outlines and review questions for each chapter at the end of the book."] Learn More
  4. Go for the Magic - Paper Back

    Go for the Magic - Paper Back


    ["In this book, Pat Williams, senior executive vice president of the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association, gives five secrets he has discovered that lead to a magical, miraculous way of life."] Learn More
  5. Christianity for Dummies

    Christianity for Dummies


    ["Get to know the beliefs and practices inspired by Jesus Christ. Discover what it means to be a Christian and follow the gospel. Curious about Christianity? This friendly guide helps you understand the basic teachings of the Christian faith, exploring the commonground that all Christians share, the differences among the major branches, the key events in Christian history, the key theological issues, and the many ways Christians live out their faith in today's world.The Dummies Way: *Explanations in plain English *\"Get in, get out\" information *Icons and other navigational aids *Tear-out cheat sheet *Top ten lists *A dash of humor and fun"] Learn More
  6. Caught Up Into Heaven

    Caught Up Into Heaven


    Out of stock

    ["During a nine-day visionary journey, Marietta Davis saw many breath-taking aspects of heaven and hell. Here is an eyewitness account of the glorious beauty, pleasures, and joys of heaven that await every Christian, as well as a look at the coming torment for unrepentant souls."] Learn More
  7. The Collected Writings of W. E. Vine

    The Collected Writings of W. E. Vine


    ["His expository dictionary is a bestselling classic that has been popular with Bible scholars and students alike. But W.E. Vine wrote not only the famous dictionary, he was also the author of timeless theological studies. Now, gathered together in a landmark five-volume edition, The Collected Writings of W.E. Vine includes all of Vine's known writings on biblical studies and theology, and they are available to a new generation.

    Included are his commentaries on selected Bible books and insights on such topics as the person and work of Christ, the divine inspiration of the Bible, missions and Christian service, the Second Coming and the last days, the evolution theory in the light of Genesis, and much, much more. Also included is his self-study Greek grammar, a valuable tool for those who want to study the New Testament books in their original language.

    The fruit of years of prayerful study and deep Christian thought, The Collected Writings of W.E. Vine offers the wisdom of one of the great contributors to modern biblical studies. A must for the library shelves of any serious student of the Bible.

    W.E. Vine, M.A., was known in his day (1873-1949) as a classical scholar, a skilled expositor, and an acute theologian. Recognized as one of the world's foremost Greek scholars, his Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, first published in 1939, now available in Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, represents the fruit of his lifetime labors and is an unsurpassed classic in its field."] Learn More

  8. Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs

    Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs


    ["Do you get bored just looking at these words?*Monophysitism*Hypostatic Union*Infralapsarian*Traduciansm*Chiliastic*PneumatomachianCheer up! This book was written precisely for people who do not understand such words but who want to understand the Christian faith. Many Christians think that the task of understanding the Bible and Christian doctrine is beyond them, a task reserved for specialists who know Hebrew and Greek and love to throw around \"million -dollar words.\" As a result, the ordinary person feels left out and hopelessly dependent on the erudition of scholars.Christianity 101 has been written to bridge the gap between biblical scholarship and people who yearn to understand the Christian faith. It presents eight basic doctrines of Christianity-The Bible, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Human Beings, Redemption, The Church, and The Last Things-in clear, simple language that gives the seasoned Christian a fresh understanding of the Bible and its teachings and enables the new Christian to become familiar with Christian doctrine. Bilesikian doers not shape his analysis of these doctrines in the worn-out, rationalistic categories of older systematic theologies, but in vibrant, dynamic language that communicates to the modern age.."] Learn More
  9. Practice of the Presence of God
  10. He Gave Gifts Unto Men

    He Gave Gifts Unto Men


    ["The role of the apostle, prophet, and pastor in the Body of Christ.The offices of the apostle and the prophet have recently come under much scrutiny and questioning among believers. Some claim that these offices are no longer in existence in our day.But what does the Word of God say about the roles of the apostle and prophet in the earth today? Does the apostle rule over all the other ministry gifts, including the pastor? Should the prophet lead the local church and who is in authority in the local assembly?Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin answers these and other questions according to the clear counsel of God's Word in this book. He emphatically states that God is not only raising up strong local churches but is also desiring to give clear understanding of the proper role and function of apostles and prophets in the Body of Christ."] Learn More

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