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Bible Reference

Get more out of your Bible study with Family Christian's selection of Bible reference books, including complete Bible concordances and bible dictionaries. Bible handbooks answer commons questions and bible companions are helpful aids as you seek deeper understanding of the text.

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  1. Nelson's Foundational Bible Dictionary

    Nelson's Foundational Bible Dictionary

    Katharine Harris, Katherine Harris

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    The Bible was written for people to read, ponder, and understand.The message of God's love for humans transcends time, culture, and language. Nevertheless, readers of the Bible are often left with questions. The names sound strange to our ears, the geography is often unfamil... Learn More
  2. Smith's Bible Dictionary

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

    Inc. Barbour Publishing

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    The study of the Bible is a life-long pursuit and one that can be greatly enhanced by Smith's Bible Dictionary. This handy-size guide to the Bible contains thousands of entries on the people, places, things, and ideas of Scripture. The definitions are concise and easy-to-und... Learn More
  3. The Student Bible Dictionary: Compact Gift Edition

    The Student Bible Dictionary: Compact Gift Edition

    Johnnie Godwin, Karen Dockery, Phyllis Godwin

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    Here's a concise, easy-to-use Bible reference for students of all ages--especially teens who seek to learn more about the Bible and its times. This handsome, compact gift edition of "The Student Bible Dictionary" (more than 750,000 copies sold ) features definitions and expl... Learn More
  4. The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

    The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

    Mark Strauss, Peter Enns, Tremper III Longman, Tremper Longman III

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    In the pages of the Bible, we come to know God through Jesus Christ. Thus, the importance of the Bible for our spiritual formation cannot be overstated. However, the Bible is not always easy to understand - the places named in the Bible can seem strange, and the number of pe... Learn More
  5. Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary

    Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary

    Stephen M. Miller

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    Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary: For Those Who Thought They'd Never Read a Bible Dictionary is a Bible dictionary for people who hate Bible dictionaries. With its fast-paced writing and gorgeous pictures, you’ll wonder why more Bible reference books don’... Learn More
  6. Find What You Believe

    Find What You Believe

    Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson Publishers

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    Find What You Believe is an ultimate A to Z resource, part of Thomas Nelson's A to Z Series, combining the best features of a concordance, topical Bible and dictionary. Entries on everything from people and places to theological concepts and biblical principles appear in thi... Learn More
  7. W. E. Vine's New Testament Greek Grammar and Dictionary

    W. E. Vine's New Testament Greek Grammar and Dictionary

    W. E. Vine

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    Learn to read the New Testament in Greek W. E. Vine's classic introduction to Greek grammar is now available with his expository dictionary of over 5,500 entries on New Testament Greek vocabulary. The dictionary is keyed to "Strong's Concordance" and "Bauer's Greek-English-... Learn More
  8. Unlock the Bible: Keys to Discovering the People and Places

    Unlock the Bible: Keys to Discovering the People and Places

    Ronald F. Youngblood, Ronald F. Youngblood, F. F. Bruce, Frederick Fyv...

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    Build your Bible study library with this essential book on the people and places of the Bible. "Unlock the Bible: Keys to Discovering the People & Places" includes the best articles on the most important people and places in Scripture. Each article is drawn from "Nelson's Ne... Learn More
  9. The Essential Bible Dictionary

    The Essential Bible Dictionary

    Moises Silva

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    If you are looking for a Bible study tool that is compact, easy to understand, and does not require a Bible degree to use, then the Essential Bible Dictionary is for you. In addition to defining words, places, people, and the many themes of the Bible, this concise reference ... Learn More
  10. Catholic Bible Dictionary

    Catholic Bible Dictionary

    Scott Hahn

    More than a generation has passed since the appearance of the last major Catholic Bible dictionary. It has been a fertile generation for biblical scholarship, an eventful time for biblical archaeology, and a fruitful time for the Church's interpretation of the Bible. It is t... Learn More

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