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Wait for Gods Answer


I wait for you, O Lord; you will answer, O Lord my God. Psalm 38:15


God’s answer is not always immediate. Our heavenly Father may not be forthcoming in His answer to prayer. We wait in our pain, and there seems to be no relief. We wait in our confusion, and our circumstances seem to become more complicated. We wait for wisdom on how to harness our child’s energy for God, and we find ourselves wanting. Their rebellion seems to compound as they distance themselves from Christ. We wait and wonder what we need to do at work. Indeed, answers from the Almighty may be absent for now, but the faithful wait. We wait for God’s answer because He is the source of our sanity and our security. His goal is to give us everything we need in His timing and in His way. He is not without compassion. He cares immensely by answering our prayers and giving creative solutions to our questions. Pray to Him. 

We commit ourselves to Christ because we know He judges righteously. He can be trusted. He is not withholding His answer for His pleasure. In fact, He may have already answered and we have avoided hearing Him. Our activity can be a roadblock to hearing God. You may need to slow down and stop trying to fix the faults of others. Instead, slow down and be with your Savior. Seek His face and fear Him. Seek the Lord and love Him. It is in the quantity time of being with Jesus that we learn how to invest quality time in doing for Jesus. His answers may not come instantly, but they come over time. They come when we are ready to listen to His wisdom and apply it to our life. God doesn’t speak freely to those He can’t trust. But to the trustworthy He pours out His truth. Those who steward truth well are candidates to receive more insight into God’s ways.

Our patience allows God to possess our soul. Hope in the Almighty’s intervention and the power of prayer are what bring peace to a soul plagued by pain. It is in our adversity that the voice of the Almighty is near and clear. We just need to listen, really listen. The earwax of anger may be blocking the hearing canals of our heart. The water of worry may stop up our soul’s capacity to hear Christ. The pain that racks our body may be distracting us from discerning the Lord’s instruction. Whatever may be blocking our communication with Christ we need to give over to Him. We can trust Him, so wait and listen to Him.

Do not settle for anything less than the Almighty’s answer. Look for the Lord’s leading in His word and among godly counsel. You will find the richest solace in waiting for His wisdom. Why settle for the scraps of a quick solution when you can have the gold of God’s solid strategy? Take your team and/or family through a process of discovering God’s game plan. It takes more time and trust, but it bears the fruit of God’s best. Christ’s answer is often compelling and creative. Rest in the refuge of His omniscience. Do not allow your soul to be tossed back and forth while you anxiously await an answer. Use this time of waiting to grow in your understanding of God. His answer is really worth the wait. Don’t run ahead impatiently. He works while we wait. He expands our faith while we wait. Listen intently, discern, and obey. Obedience unleashes answers. Obedience leads to opportunities. Stay faithful and patient. The Almighty will answer.

Taken from Reading #27 in the 90-day devotional book, “Seeking God in the Psalms”…  http://bit.ly/InvUdR

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