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Tidings of Crowder & Joy – An Interview with David Crowder


Family Christian Stores: This is the band’s first Christmas CD. What inspired you to create one after all these years together?


David Crowder: Well, I think when you form a band you know that it is inevitable you make a Christmas album. It only took us 11 years to pull it off! We were actually supposed to start work on our last album in January and instead of making any headway on it, a Christmas album popped out. I would get calls from our label asking how the new recording was coming along and I responded, "Are you feeling festive?" We didn't mean to make this album, but Christmas apparently, was still in the air.

FCS: Since Christmas music is so regularly covered, how do you find something that hasn’t been done before?

David: Well, the beautiful part about the Crowder*Band is that we are a collection of six different folks with varying tastes in music, so for us to revisit some of the classic carols would, by default, turn out a bit different than what you've heard previously. It's really something special when you consider it a conversation; that everyone's voice is important. It gives it an eclectic blend that is compelling, I think.

FCS: Do you have a favorite song on the album? What makes it special to you?

David: My favorite song on the album is “Silent Night.” I think the reason that I love it so much is because the center is people in the room with us when we were playing. Plus, the outro was a rather spontaneous thing that turned out better than I could ever have hoped for!

FCS: There’s a very unique bluegrass version of ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ on the record. What influenced that musical direction?

David: We became intrigued with the genre a number of years ago. If you could have ever been on tour with us, you would have heard us sitting around in the dressing room together playing old gospel songs or bluegrass tunes. So, this one just sort of popped out. It's rowdy, fun and very unlike any version of this song I've heard. But I think it is completely appropriate, given the subject matter. Christ has come and that is reason to celebrate and throw a hoedown of sorts!

FCS: Do you have any special holiday traditions as a band?

David: Actually as a band we have always taken December off so that we could be with family. It's been rather annoying for all of those wonderful people attempting to book us during the holiday season, but we've been careful about keeping those days set aside for family.

FCS: You’ve been very open that the album you’re currently working on (Give us Rest) will be your last. What can we expect to hear?

David: It is the last offering we will have as a collective and it's turned into the most ambitious offering we've had since we formed in the year 2,000. It's the most music we've ever put in one place at the same time. We have composed a ‘requiem mass’ that feels like all of our explorations as a band in one place. We absolutely can't wait for people to hear it.

FCS: So how will everything wrap up?

David: Our final CD will release January 10th. I couldn't be more pleased with the songs we've collected for it. We will play together as a band for the last time at Passion 2012, a collegiate conference in Atlanta, GA. The album will release shortly thereafter.

FCS: And finally, are there real Crowder*Band nutcrackers, as seen on the album art?

David: I wish! We're actually working on that and if it happens, you'll be able to find them on our website.

FCS: Thanks for such a fun interview! We wish you a wonderful Christmas & a memorable final tour with the band.

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