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The Message for the Dominican Republic: GOD IS ABLE

This is where the Gospel is lived. Where redemption is real. And where we need you.

Good Goers is a mission adventure travel group founded by Family Christian. The mission is caring for orphans and widows in the U.S. and around the world. The adventure is living out this calling – with you – in broken places and broken hearts, because that’s where the good work of building the Kingdom begins.

We’ll also take you off the beaten path to experience the excitement of white water rapids, a ropes course, a zip line or hiking local sites.

Recently a team went to the Dominican Republic to offer care. What follows is a report of God working in an amazing way:

It is Wednesday and our team of nine GoodGoers has just finished our fourth day in the Dominican Republic.  We have been incredibly BLESSED to have visited two widows as well as a school for children from very poor families.

The needs are great, but God is able.

We found that the widows had no beds to sleep on, and one widow had two sons and a grandson living with her.  They had gathered large leaves to lay on the floor to sleep on.  We purchased lumber and materials to build beds as well as mattresses for two sets of bunk beds and one single bed.

The needs are great, but GOD is able.

We typically have mission staff to lead us out in building projects but this time no one was on campus for us and no one on our mission team was a construction "leader." [So] another mission team on the campus wanted to help with a building project so they joined us, and, in very GOD fashion, the beds were built in an afternoon and that team included two men with engineering and building skills!!!  By the way, that team also had additional funds they wanted to contribute!!  MAN!!!  When God is involved, He does a PERFECT JOB!

The needs are great, but GOD IS able! The widows were so thrilled to see us that they ran to meet our bus!  About 40 neighbors and children spent the afternoon with us and we were able to also share the gospel with them.

The needs are great, but GOD IS ABLE! What a blessing to join God on Mission and watch Him work through common folks as well as challenging situations.  We have seen many God-moments throughout every single day!

The needs are great, but GOD IS ABLE!!! God is EXACTLY who He says He is!

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