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Seasons of Gray

Brady Gray was always the favorite son. Overcome by jealousy, his brothers resort to an unforgivable crime to drive him away from their father's ranch. Brutally beaten and hauled away to an uncertain destiny, Brady chooses to forget the past and start anew. Yet his troubles are just beginning. Falsely accused of assaulting his new boss's wife, he ends up in prison. Daring to believe there may be some purpose in his suffering, he's given a change to turn his life around. At long last, success brings him the opportunity to decide the fates of the men who wronged him. But what man intends for evil, God intends for good. This simple, yet powerful, message is all he has left. Brady must now decide whether acts of cruelty or the hand of providence will mark the seasons of his life.

Seasons of Gray is a modern day retelling of the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. This uplifting feature film is quality family entertainment with strong morals and an enduring message of hope.

What man intends for evil, God intends for good . This simple, yet powerful, message is all Brady Gray has left. His brothers, driven by jealousy, cast away their own flesh and blood in the same way that Joseph was sold into slavery by his siblings. Heartbroken and separated from his family, Brady holds tightly to his faith and begins to build a new life for himself - but there are more challenges in store for this servant of God.

False accusations land Brady in prison, where his God-given gift of interpreting dreams helps him forge friendships that will play an important role in his ultimate salvation. Upon his miraculous release from prison, Brady discovers, as his dreams predicted, that his brothers direly need his help. Despite the pain and suffering caused by his betrayal, Brady must find the strength to embrace one of the Bible’s most important messages: We forgive because we are forgiven.
Characters: Brady Gray (Andrew Cheney) Favored son. Hated brother. Betrayed by his family, Brady starts fresh in a big city. He humbly chooses a menial job and works his way up within the company. But the season of success won't last. Another betrayal crushes his future, and thoughts of injustice crush his spirit. In the dark prison cell, Brady faces the loss of his girlfriend, his hope and more importantly, his faith.

Chris (Akron Watson) Faithful friend. Funny man. Chris has no idea what to expect when he picks up severely beaten Brady Gray from the side of the road. A risk taker, Chris invites Brady to stay with him and infuses the dismal young man with laughter once again. But as Brady's life vacillates between the ladder of success and the depths of imprisonment, Chris faces the challenge of discovering promise in his own life.

Kate Welling (Megan Parker) Sharp. Beautiful. Sticks to her guns. An innocent office romance turns serious when Kate and Brady are separated by his prison sentence. Kate visits the distraught Brady, only to be harshly treated and turned away. Will she let him get away with it, marry a new love in another city, or face him one last time?

Ryan Gray (Jonathan Brooks) Eldest son. Bitter brother. Ryan's father continually passes him over in favor of his younger brother, Brady. When Ryan realizes the farm may one day be passed down to Brady, he drives him away with a violent goodbye Brady can never forget.

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