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Sara Groves Reveals The Collection On September 17

Sara Groves is embraced as an esteemed, talented singer-songwriter and consummate storyteller. On September 17, Sara will release The Collection, celebrating her career thus far and culling the best and brightest from her 10 studio albums. The Collection weaves together Sara’s catalog of career successes from her debut record, Past the Wishing to her latest project, the critically praised release of Invisible Empires. In addition to the 23 songs from her repertoire, the September two-disc release will also include four brand new songs. Beginning next week and leading into November, Sara will release new live performance videos from select songs off The Collection.

“I made a map of my life on my 40th birthday and remembered in broad strokes the first 20 years of my life and then the second,” says Sara. “I was amazed that there was rarely just one monolithic line, plummeting and rising, but that in the darker hours, there was almost always a counter-rise. You know what I’m talking about because when I go out and sing, you come and tell me about your plummeting and rising and these songs that mark each turn in the line. We’ve done our best to compile a group of songs to follow that line and 15 years of making music.”

In tune with the release of The Collection, Sara and friends Andrew Peterson and Bebo Norman will embark on the “In The Round Tour” this fall. The multi-city tour begins in September and runs through November, sharing stories from each artist’s latest releases.

Track Listing for The Collection: *New tracks

DISC 1 1. Strangely Ready* 2. Maybe There’s a Loving God 3. The Word 4. You Are The Sun 5. Something Changed 6. Add To The Beauty 7. How Is It Between Us 8. Awakening 9. Fly 10. Painting Pictures of Egypt 11. You Cannot Lose My Love 12. He’s Always Been Faithful 13. Blessed Be The Tie*

DISC 2 1. Lay It Down* 2. When The Saints 3. Eyes Wide Open 4. Come Thou Fount 5. Every Minute 6. Fireflies And Songs 7. Setting Up The Pins 8. Miracle 9. Roll To The Middle 10. I Saw What I Saw 11. All Right Here 12. Eye On The Prize 13. Why It Matters 14. Kindness of Strangers*

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