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Pure Living

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according
to your word.”  Psalm 119:9


God’s Word is a filter for pure living. His Word extracts the sediment of selfish living. It is a purifier. Without the purifying effect of the Word, we become polluted in our thinking and distasteful with our words. Everything about us becomes soiled by sin. Sin is dirty—it stains our lives. But, the Word of God can remove sin’s stains and clean us up Clean living is the way to go. It frees you from guilt and unshackles you from the complexities sin creates.

Adultery is complicated: It ravages relationships and pollutes some families for a lifetime. Lying is complicated: You have to remember and cover up more than you are capable of covering. It is a messy web of deceit. The same happens when other areas of our lives are not kept clean. Without proper physical hygiene we begin to smell, and there is a good chance that we will contract an illness. Impure physical living is not healthy.

Any mechanical equipment, if left on its own, overtime, will operate less efficiently at best. If maintenance is chronically ignored, it will eventually shut down. The same is true for our home or car. If either is cluttered with stuff, disorganized, and dirty, it becomes a distraction. Both car and home left unclean are not pleasant places to occupy. Left unattended and uncared for, they both deteriorate into junk filled, trashy environments instead of the inviting environments they once were.

Our lives can follow this same downward spiral if we are not constantly cleansed by God’s Word. We need a daily “bath” in God’s Word to prevent us from becoming smelly to Him and others. We need to emit the pleasant aroma of righteousness rather than the rank smell of sin. We need inviting lives. The application of God’s Word is the critical piece of pure living. You can listen to it being taught and never change. You can talk about it and still remain captive to bad habits and attitudes. You can even study it, memorize it and meditate on it, but allow it to feed your pride instead of your humility.

Knowing and understanding God’s Word does not guarantee pure living. However these are necessary steps. If humility and forgiveness are infiltrating your life more and more, you know that you are on the right track. If the character of Christ is engulfing your behavior more and more, you are on the road of purity. A pure life means you are able to see God for who He is. He is high and lifted up, holy and majestic. He is your heavenly Father, full of grace and compassion, waiting for you ever so patiently. God can be clearly distinguished through the lens of pure eyes.

Purity does not mean perfection or some pseudo-spirituality. It means honesty in acknowledging your need to come clean with God and people. It is not hiding secret sins of lust and emotional attraction for someone other than your spouse. Purity is not slithering around the dark corner of sin. Rather, purity results as you “sunbathe” in the bright rays of accountability. People know your defects and your strengths. There are no surprises. You are real and receptive to the correction, teaching, and even the rebuke of God and others. Purity implies the removal of impurities. This may or may not be an easy process.

However, if purity is exercised consistently, impurity buildup is minimal. If the buildup is minimal, then the shame and embarrassment of unclean living can be kept at bay. Both young and old can enjoy pure living. Like taking a hot shower after a hard day’s work in the yard, you become refreshed and revitalized. You smell sweet, and people are attracted to your life. Pure living is fueled by the Word of God, so learn it and live it!

Taken from Dose 84 in the 90-day devotional book, “Infusion”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

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