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Praises for Home Run the Movie

Big shot baseball star Corey Brand has it all—on the field. Off the field is another story. When Corey’s unable to escape memories from his past, one bad decision grants him a second chance: return to his hometown to coach the youth baseball team and enter a recovery program. What follows is an incredible tale of redemption: how God tests each and every one of us and never gives up on us.

Praise for Home Run:

It indeed was a Pleasure and Privilege to get to see the screener for Home Run.

After seeing the Screening of Home Run at the meeting, I came home to my teenage children telling them as soon as the movie hits our market I am taking anyone in their youth group from church for Movie Night to see it.

The stipulation is they have to invite one unsaved friend to come along.  Perfect for all ages!!!!

Debra G. (District Manager)

It was an awesome movie, (I was a baseball player and my son now plays in college, so it hit a special cord as well).

The story of god touching and transforming lives was very well done. Kept my attention the entire movie and a great ending!

Mike G. (District Manager)

Home run is a tremendous story about pride and redemption.  It also shows us the beauty of Celebrate Recovery and how they work to strengthen the whole of an individual which finally brings out who God created them to be.

Curtis C. (District Manager)

I have had the pleasure of watching Home Run several times already.  Each time I have been struck by a different theme in the movie.  First it was parenting, then it was dealing with hurts from your past, then it was seeing a model of how to overcome addictions and lastly how the Gospel has the power to change lives.  Cory Brand, the main character in the film was raised by an alcoholic father and he has become the last thing he ever wanted to be:  he is just like his father.  This theme relates to many of us who experienced the damage our parents did due to their own hurts and are unable to overcome the pull of generational sin.  Cory also has to tackle his past mistakes and make restitution for his actions which are both themes that we can all learn from.  What I also like about this film is that although it deals with home heavy topics, it does not condemn the viewer who may have similar issues, but gives them hope and a possible way out of their circumstances.  And it makes for a great date night film too!  I would highly recommend this film to anyone from the sports fan who likes an inspirational story to the fan of life-changing messages in film.

Alex Mosoiu (Sr. DVD Buyer)

With its honest portrayal of overcoming life’s difficulties, everyone from Major League Baseball players and key Christian leaders have rallied behind the film and its message, reminding everyone that with God, it’s never too late … freedom is possible.

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