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Patient Endurance

“This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.”  Revelation 13:10b


Patient endurance is not easy, but many times it is necessary. If you change jobs every two years, ten times in a row, you do not have twenty years of work experience. You have two years of work experience in ten different places. So, make sure that you learn what God intends for you to learn where you are, before you move on. This is one of Satan’s ploys. His desire is to keep you reactive to life, accompanied by a shallow faith.

Your faith has the opportunity to go deep when you stay somewhere for a while, but your faith remains shallow when you run from resistance. Resistance is a faith builder. When you are pressed against by life (what sometimes seems from all sides), you have the opportunity for growth. This is where patient endurance can serve you well. Patient endurance says that I will stay in this marriage, because it is for better or for worse. I will allow God to change me for the better, and I will trust Him to do the same for my spouse over time.
Indeed, patient endurance is able to outwait and sometimes outlive its accusers. Accusers come and go. If they do not get the reaction or desired response from you, they will move on to some other unprotected prey. So, by faith, “out-endure” your enemies. There will always be someone who does not like you. Don’t think you can appease everyone; this is not possible or healthy. Appeasement may grant concessions that come back to haunt you. It is one thing to negotiate with those who represent a spirit of good will but it is a whole other deal to compromise with someone who is totally at odds with your values and principles. Be willing to walk away. It is not worth it to do business with an enraged enemy.

Patient endurance is illustrated throughout the Bible. Jesus patiently endured the cross. He patiently endured His critics and, ultimately, He more than restored His reputation when He proved His claims by His resurrected life. David patiently endured the fallout from his adultery and murder. He had pushed himself to the point of totally turning his back on God, but, instead, he turned back to God and became a broken and humbled leader.

Joseph, also, patiently endured the ridicule and jealousy of his family members.
Their injustice drove his faith in God deeper and broader. His patient endurance during the horrific injustice of his imprisonment led to his godly influence over a kingdom. Hannah patiently endured her inability to bear children. Her faithfulness to God during barrenness was a testimony of encouragement to friends, family and a nation. Her womb was empty, but her faith was pregnant with God possibilities.

Therefore, do not be tempted to take the easy way out. The easy way, many times, is not the best way. Yes, there is a time to cut your losses, but only after you have patiently endured and exhausted your options People are watching how you “do life.” So, use your influence to help others patiently endure their situations. Faithfulness, when you don’t feel like it, is evidence of a maturing faith. You may be on the verge of experiencing God’s very best.

However, do not confuse procrastination with patient endurance. Patient endurance is active and productive. It is not misguided, apathetic or irresponsible waiting. It is daily depending on and seeking God for His best. Therefore, patiently endure for God’s sake and for the sake of others. Heavenly rewards await those who patiently endure. Moreover, your faith will never be the same!

Taken from Dose 86 in the 90-day devotional book, “Infusion”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

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