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Family Christian

  • Affirmed by God

    Posted on April 2, 2012 by Family Christian

    “ And I know that this man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows—was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell. I will boast about a man like that, but I will not boast about myself, except about my weaknesses.” 2 Corinthians 12:3-5


    Can we still be caught up in the paradise of God’s heavenly presence? Or, are these eternal encounters only reserved for the exceptionally righteous saints of the past? Holy Scripture validates that there are still opportunities for anyone to be accepted by God and have access to the glorious riches of His grace. It is at the Lord’s discretion who He allows to hear those heavenly tones which are unable to be translated into man’s words.

    On occasion the Lord graces His loved ones with special affirmations that create a most meaningful moment of intimacy. It is an experience of encouragement covered over with fingerprints of faith. This heavenly hug connects eternal reassurance to earthly insecurity. Almighty God’s affirmation has no rival in heaven or on earth, as His presence brings down bold belief and gratitude. It is in this secret place that He reveals the unspeakable.

    “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.” Revelation 2:7

    This third heavenly encounter eclipses where birds fly and astronauts explore, it is the spiritual stratosphere of the Lord’s paradise. A transcendent vortex of faith allows you to hold the tension of joy and grief simultaneously. Fear becomes the servant of faith and an incredible peace melts over your being, like hot liquid chocolate on an ice cream Sunday.

    However, these special moments with your Master Jesus are a call to humility and discretion. When He honors you with heaven’s delectable delights, it is not an opportunity to glory in being selected; rather it’s with humble deflection, as you enjoy the indescribable. Like Paul, you may brag about someone else—though it’s you who has been holy affirmed. You can’t put into words the glory of God, so you gratefully glorify Him.

    Most of all do not be surprised that suffering is a criteria for seeing the unseen. It is from your “thorn in the flesh” that your pride is checked and you desperately cling to Christ. Wisely support your spiritual experiences with the written word of God. Feelings fueled by your heavenly Father align with His truth. The Bible validates your authentic experiences. So, rest and rejoice in the Lord’s affirmation of your life—He has much more in store.

    “Because of that experience, we have even greater confidence in the message proclaimed by the prophets. You must pay close attention to what they wrote, for their words are like a lamp shining in a dark place—until the Day dawns, and Christ the Morning Star shines in your hearts.” 2 Peter 1:19

    Prayer: Lord, thank you for your holy affirmation and my desire to steward it with humble discretion.

    Related Readings: Genesis 32:22-32; Isaiah 6:1-6; 2 Peter 3:16; Revelation 1:9-11

    Post/Tweet this today: Heavenly hugs connect eternal reassurance to earthly insecurity. #heaven #assurance

  • Refuge in Him

    Posted on April 1, 2012 by Family Christian

    Blessed are all who take refuge in Him. Psalm 2:12b


    Outside of Christ, we are refugees in need of a refuge. Our soul seeks asylum in Almighty God. Our spirit is on a search for security and peace. It is refuge in God that we want deep down within our innermost desires. Otherwise, we wander around earth un-tethered to truth. We are induced into thinking things are OK outside of our Savior’s care. But there is something more significant that comes by slowing down and investigating our own authenticity. Refugees need a place of safety and trust. It is in refuge with Him that we can believe Him. There is an intimacy with Jesus that invites us into His refuge.

    Even if your faith is as slender as a spider’s thread, you can still trust in Jesus. It is the object of your faith that matters more than the amount of your faith. His refuge is not just reserved for the robust of faith. It is especially available to those of us who are flailing away in faithless fear. We have lost our way and we need to get to a wise weigh station to evaluate our faith. It is in refuge with Him that we are blessed with clarity and conviction. God is our refuge and God is our strength. He is a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, but will believe that the very best is found by faith in Him. Hope exists.

    He is our refuge when hope seems extinct. He is our refuge when financial requirements are ravishing our resources. He is our refuge when people we depend on are nowhere to be found. He is our refuge when health issues hound our heart. He is our refuge when fear knocks at the door and questions our courage. He is our refuge when our marriage hangs in the balance. He is our refuge when work pressures pulsate in our mind and awaken us at night. He is our refuge when all seems to be going wrong. He is our refuge when all seems to be going right. His refuge is required regardless of our circumstances. During the good and bad times, we need to rest and refuel under the shadow and wisdom of His almighty wings. It is in refuge and relationship with God that His blessings abound.

    We are blessed when we find refuge with our Creator. The Almighty aids us with wisdom and understanding when we take the time to listen to His instruction. Our prayer over His Word provides a ton of illuminating insight. The place of refuge holds up truth and casts out lies. It is a place of clarity and conviction. This is a blessing. Stability is another blessing from resting in His refuge. Our world rocks around us. Instability is the only insulation infidels care to offer. But we have a rock in our Lord.

    He is solid and dependable. There is nothing about our Savior that is shaky. He is not a suspension bridge that sways with the winds of the world’s unpredictability. He is a concrete crossover to the calm and peaceful shore. He cannot be shaken by strife or sin because He is Holy God. He is our rock when relationships are rocky. This is a blessing. We are blessed in our refuge with Him by reassurance. He whispers lovingly, “It’s OK. I am with you. I will never leave you. You are mine. I am yours. Therefore, hold me tight and we will walk together through thick and thin.” It’s in refuge with Him that we are refreshed and rejuvenated. Go there often. He bestows blessings in refuge with Him.

    Taken from Reading #1 in the 90-day devotional book, “Seeking God in the Psalms”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

    Post/Tweet this today: Outside of Christ, we are refugees in need of a refuge. #refuge

  • Best for Last

    Posted on March 31, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”  John 2:10


    Jesus sometimes saves the best for last. He delights in delivering the unexpected to the unsuspecting. He waits until there is opportunity to show up, where the needs are rampant but the solutions are few. Then He meets the need unconventionally and boldly. Often this is His method because Christ is counter-intuitive. He wants others to ask “Why?”  Why did Jesus save the best for last? One reason the Lord saves the best for last is to honor the recipients. Those who persevere deserve the best.

    For example, in relationships, the fruit of long-term commitment produces the best experiences. Trust, contentment, and fulfillment all earn their right in relationships that resolve to remain true. God blesses those who wait: “Wait for the LORD and keep his way. He will exalt you to inherit the land.” (Psalm 37:34a).

    You experience the best God has to offer when you save yourself for marriage. Sex within the bonds of marriage exceeds exponentially the settlement of premarital capitulation to hormonally driven sex. Otherwise, you risk disease and a lifetime of disrespect and regret. Waiting on the best brings out the best, for trust in God fosters hope that there must be something better to look forward to in the future. It protects you from impatient impulses that can instantly implode.
    Waiting for the best is difficult at times because it means depending on others to accomplish the goal. The outcome is out of your direct control. You have to trust that others can execute the project better than you can by yourself. Your sphere of influence will remain stunted if you try to do everything yourself. You will be limited by your time, energy, and intellect.

    Your capacity is a drop in the bucket, compared to the resources of an aligned team; you need each other’s gifts and skills (Romans 12:4-5). It is your best that brings out the best in others. Therefore, be the best at what you do, and expect others to do their very best. Excellence attracts excellence, as mediocrity attracts mediocrity. Be the best that you can be and see to it that others do the same. Best breeds best. 
    Lastly, trust Jesus to take people and circumstances under your influence and bring out His best. Let go, and let the Lord run with the opportunity. He may surprise you with joy. The best is yet to come if you look to the Lord for His best outcomes. Your humble request of God will result in much more than you thought you were capable of, for Christ has no capacity issues. He is looking for those in whom He can trust with His best.

    He wants those whose faithfulness to Him far exceeds their earthly ambitions. Do whatever He says, and watch Him carry out His very best because obedience leads to His best. Believe the best is yet to come, and don’t settle for less. Believe the best in others. Trust Him for the very best. Expect the best, and be your best. Pray and ask God for His best. Be patient, wait on Him, and remind yourself often: He saves the best for last.

    Taken from March 29th reading in the 365-day devotional book, “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

    Post/Tweet this today: Waiting on the best brings out the best. #wait #best

  • Emotional Emptiness

    Posted on March 30, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23


    Emotional emptiness is a set up for frustrated and insecure living. If I ignore my emotional bank account with bad behavior, I can easily become overdrawn and withdraw into my silent shell. There are ‘late fees’ that result in broken promises, missed appointments, and angry outbursts. Emotional emptiness easily leads to chronic exhaustion.

    Unhealthy emotions, like unresolved anger, overcome those running on emotional empty. In addition, good things like serving others can suck the joy and gratitude from your life if you are not emotionally whole. Resentment runs rampant when your emotions are on the edge of emptiness, so guard your heart with the Holy Spirit’s help and wisdom.

    “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

    So how do you know if you are approaching emotional emptiness? If you are emotionally spent, how do you replenish your emotional bank account? One sign of emotional fatigue is when your feelings are easily hurt. You take too much personally without appropriating forgiveness and trust in the Lord’s ability to handle the situation. So invite God to grow your character during challenging times.

    One way to involve Jesus in your emotional barrenness is to write out your fears, and talk it through with the one whom you totally trust. He will give you courage to encounter those you fear with humility and courage. Lastly, make regular appointments with encouragers who lift you to the Lord with their affirmation and prayers.

    Look for those who remind you to place your hope in heaven. Emotional fullness is created in a prayerful pace of living. Protect your emotions as they give understanding and insight into yourself, people, and the Lord. Above all else, trust in the peace of God to make whole your emotions, and to guard your heart.

    “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

    When can I block out weekly time on my calendar to guard my heart and replenish my emotional emptiness?

    Related Readings: Proverbs 15:30; 22:11; 1 Timothy 1:5; 2 Timothy 2:22

  • Guard Your Heart

    Posted on March 29, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23


    Guard your heart for it is where the Lord gives life. It is truly life, because it bubbles up with tremendous trust in Him. A heart on guard for God deeply desires love for Him, and obedience to His ways. There is a compelling call to follow Christ through the best and worst of circumstances. Therefore, guard your heart from disbelief, so doubt doesn’t become despair.

    Guard your heart from un-forgiveness, so anger doesn’t become bitterness. Guard your heart from pornography, so lust doesn’t become lasciviousness. Guard your heart from worry, so fear doesn’t become frantic. Lastly, guard your heart from pride, so your attitude doesn’t become arrogant. A guarded heart increases the probability of good things from God. A guarded inward man makes for a good outward man.

    “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

    So, how do you guard your heart from being defiled by sin and disturbed by trouble? One simple safeguard is using wisdom in what you watch, as your eyes encamp around your affections. Secondly, be watchful about what words enter your ears. If you listen to lies over and over again, they can easily become truth in your thinking.

    Thirdly, ask God to be the guardian of where you go. Environments greatly influence the outcomes of your heart. Indeed, a guarded heart is a candidate for greatness with God. Ask the Holy Spirit to hunker down in your heart, and bring bold leadership to your life, and swift conviction to your soul. Be on guard, and a wellspring of life will gush forth for God’s glory. 

    “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer” (Psalm 19:14).

    Who will I ask to hold me accountable in what I watch, so my heart is clean and pure?

    Related Readings: Deuteronomy 4:9; Psalm 139:23-24; Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:21-23

  • Lack of Understanding

    Posted on March 28, 2012 by Family Christian

    “I am your servant; give me discernment that I may understand your statutes.” Psalm 119:125


    Discernment is not always easily understood. Where to live? Where to go to school? Who to marry? Where to work? Who to mentor or who to be mentored by? What to purchase? Where to join a church? What doctor to visit or medicine to take? How to parent? How to grow a healthy marriage? However, the Lord wants His children to understand His ways. Answers from the Almighty are the best, because they align us with His productive plan.

    Thus, we take time to first understand the wisest course of action, so we don’t have to redo a wrong result. Listening to the Lord’s voice and understanding His choice brings calm and confidence to our prayerful posture. It’s when we run ahead of Jesus that we run an unnecessary risk of reacting in the flesh. Indeed, we learn to wait on understanding, when we remember the past pain of pushing ahead in ignorance. Lack of discernment causes us to scratch our head, but it also guides our heart in humble dependence on Jesus.

    “Israel’s watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge; they are all mute dogs, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream, they love to sleep. They are dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding; they all turn to their own way, they seek their own gain.” Isaiah 56:10

    Furthermore, understanding from above requires intentional learning below. You grow in discernment with disciplined study of Holy Scripture and observing the wise choices of holy people. Understanding Christ’s ways is a work of grace in your heart over a lifetime. It is not like a light switch that one day is turned on—it is more like running a race for the first time and observing your unique surroundings at each mile marker. Your discernment grows as you determine to listen to the Lord and to those He is blessing.

    You are wise to learn from your spouse who sees a situation with unnecessary risks. They have a sense that it is wise to wait before you go into debt, or spend money that maybe you can afford, but which they do not have a peace about the expense. Wisdom asks the Lord what He thinks, and then listens for understanding and discernment. Comprehension comes as much from preparing your heart with humility, as educating your mind with truth.

    Lastly, obey what you sense the Spirit is leading you to do, even when you don’t completely understand. Your heavenly Father wants you to trust Him through an unsure process and He may later reward your obedience with understanding in retrospect. Jesus understands that your faith grows stronger when you feel weak. So, seek the Lord first and discernment second. Walk with Christ, and comprehension will come in His timing.

    “He has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills.” Exodus 35:31

    Prayer: Lord, I need a full heart of faith, as my head needs clarity in where you are taking me.

    Related Readings: 1 Chronicles 22:12; Job 12:13; Ecclesiastes 11:5; 1 Corinthians 2:12

    Post/Tweet today: When we run ahead of Jesus we run unnecessary risks. #patience #risk

  • Gods Word

    Posted on March 27, 2012 by Family Christian

    “For, “All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word that was preached to you.” 1 Peter 1:24-25


    What does it mean to get a word from the Lord? It means that God in His infinite wisdom personalizes His principles for each of His children. The Bible is an individualized love letter delivered to each disciple of Jesus for his or her unique situation. A word from the Lord gives hope in the face of discouragement, wisdom for understanding, and courage to confront injustice. Scriptures planted in the human heart are seeds of faith for the soul.

    We are blessed when we seek counsel from the wise, but when we receive direction from Almighty God in His word, we can rest secure. The Bible is the baseline for our beliefs and behavior. It is the first and the final say for faith-based living. A day without scriptural intake for our spirit is like missing three meals for our body. God’s word nourishes our soul, is a trailblazer for truth, and leads us into His very best for our life.
    “Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn.” Isaiah 8:20

    You endure, as you learn and apply to your life the enduring word of the Lord. Have you encountered a roadblock in parenting? If so, scripture has insight into how to see exactly how to love your child at their point of need. Are you experiencing an unreasonable individual at work or in your family? The Bible gives instructions in how to unselfishly serve those who are full of themselves. Come to Christ and listen to His voice, as He speaks to you through His word. Stillness before Holy Scripture brings it alive for you.
    Hide in your humble heart the life giving word of God and you will be able to give life to others. What does God think? This is the first question for followers of Jesus Christ. And fortunately for His children, His Holy Spirit brings to life the pages of His word in prayer. Study to know the truth, and listen to apply the truth. Scripture gives stamina to your faith.

    “He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.” Luke 8:21

    What area of my life needs instruction and encouragement from God’s word?

    Related Readings: Genesis 15:1; 1 Samuel 3:1-7; Luke 7:29; 2 Timothy 2:9

    Post/Tweet today: Scripture gives stamina to our faith. #scripture #faith

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Posted on March 26, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.” Luke 15:23-24


    Grateful Christians take the time to celebrate the recovery of loved ones. It may be a son or daughter who returns from the foreign country of selfish ambition and immoral living. Celebration could be an appropriate occasion to honor a friend who is recovering from abuse or an addiction. Or, a family member after a long battle with cancer or another debilitating disease is on the road to recovery. Recovery calls for celebration!

    A call to celebration makes much of the faithfulness of God and the wise choices of the one in recovery. We know in our hearts that heaven deserves the credit for our blessings on earth. Thus, we take the time to give glory to God for His gracious healing of our soul, our emotions and our body.  Ultimately, Christ causes a transformation of trust in our heart and mind. He loves us back to a place of rejoicing.

    “Then Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the LORD; in the LORD my horn is lifted high. My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in your deliverance.” 1 Samuel 2:1

    Perhaps you throw a party for a friend who is now following Christ with their wise choices. Invite those who prayed and supported them on their ongoing road to recovery. Consider presenting to the honoree an album with notes of affirmation from those who love and appreciate them. A toast to the Lord’s great love would give glory to the central figure in redemption’s story. He doesn’t give up on those who give up on Him. Jesus loves the lost.

    Furthermore, guard your heart from envying or questioning the return of a friend or colleague. Give them the benefit of the doubt—since, by grace, your heavenly Father has given you the benefit of the doubt. Celebrate their coming back to belief and good behavior. Life without celebrations is like a sporting event without a stadium of fans or bands. It’s a big deal when a body’s healed; it’s an even bigger deal when a soul’s saved!

    “Moses answered, “We will go with our young and our old, with our sons and our daughters, and with our flocks and herds, because we are to celebrate a festival to the LORD.” Exodus 10:9

    Lord, what celebration can I initiate on behalf of someone who is on the road to recovery?

    Related Readings: Deuteronomy 16:15; 2 Samuel 6:21; Psalm 145:7; Romans 12:15

    Post/Tweet today: God doesn’t give up on those who give up on Him. #God #grace

  • God Audit

    Posted on March 25, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
    Psalm 139:23-24


    Expect God to conduct a regular audit of your life. His Holy Spirit is an expert at probing beneath the surface of our actions and is able to root out unhealthy motives and habits. God’s accountability is thorough and swift. He is honest, steadfast and unbiased. I can talk myself into anything, but God holds my feet to the fire of His expectation. He searches your heart looking for payouts of forgiveness to others.

    Your books do not need to be loaded up with accounts receivable that hang over others like a bad dream. God will deal with their shortcomings and the pain they have inflicted. Keep your accounts short. You have the ability in Christ to forgive others of their debt. Write off their offenses and you will build up your heavenly tax credits.

    This is what we do as Christians. We forgive. We forgive because of the great mercy we have received from our heavenly Father. Another common discovery from God’s audit is fear. Our minds swirl with scenarios out of our control. Fear of failure, fear of confrontation, fear of rejection, and fear of what might happen can immobilize you. These fears birth anxious thoughts that refuse to go away. They race back and forth through your head uncontrollably.

    God’s probing will put a finger on your worries, and He will remind you to trust Him.
    He gently and lovingly says not to let anxiety drive you but to trust instead. He can handle whatever He uncovers in your life, and He can handle whatever you encounter in life. This is what He does as God. He is the calmer during uncertainty and the stabilizer when you face difficult circumstances. This is where you trust your heavenly auditor.
    You trust God that whatever He asks you to change will be for your good and the good of others. His audit is for your benefit since He already knows His conclusions before He starts.

    However this divine accounting of your life is based on an invitation. Yes, God does have His Holy Spirit performing an internal audit at all times. As a follower of Jesus Christ you can never get away from His prompting, His convicting, and His comfort. He is ever at work even when you are unaware. But, busyness can barricade you from the Holy Spirit’s influence. You can run so hard that you run right by His warning signs. Your wife says to slow down, you are missing the children growing up, but you keep running—before you know it they are moving out, bound for college.

    Your body screams to slow down, but you keep running—until your first heart attack. Your schedule says to slow down but you keep running while, in the process, you are breaking promises and letting people down. A “God audit” means that you may need to go away and open up the books of your life to the life-giver Himself. This is a good place to begin trusting that things will go just fine as you take the time to listen to your heavenly auditor. His laws are not complicated, though we have a tendency to complicate them. Listen intently and obey.

    Once your God audit is complete, painful as it may be, He is ready to lead you forward with His game plan. This pause in your schedule is meant to propel you forward. Your introspection, confession, and repentance free you to move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the genius of a divine audit. Your freedom and opportunities explode now that you are God compliant. Clean books and a clear conscience expand your capacity. Now you are energized for God’s next assignment. Schedule your God audit today!

    Taken from Dose 90 in the 90-day devotional book, “Infusion”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

    Post/Tweet this today: A pause in your schedule to pray will propel you forward in faith. #wait #pray #wisdomhunters

  • Overcome By Fear

    Posted on March 24, 2012 by Family Christian

    “Then all the people of the region of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear. So He got into the boat and left.” Luke 8:37


    Fear drives out faith, and overwhelming fear withdraws faith’s invitation to Jesus. Indeed, Jesus is a gentleman, so He does not tarry where He is not trusted. He will not remain where He is not wanted and He does not negotiate to be needed. Faith is exhausted in the face of overwhelming fear. This is especially true when your chronic fear relates to money. Money, more than anything, can make you myopic to faith in God. You get so consumed by the crises of current affairs that you forget your anchor in Almighty God. Money, or the lack of it, may be what’s killing you. However, money is a symptom of something else beneath the surface of your fear. Money is not the answer; Jesus is the dependable security you desire.
    Do not dismiss prayer and patience just because you feel out of control. This is when you are tempted to behave like an atheist. You say you believe in God, He is in control and you trust Him, but your behavior betrays your beliefs. You act like an unbeliever when your actions marginalize your Master. Indeed, it is when the bottom falls out that faith in the Lord needs to be your mainstay. “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). This is when you need Him the most, so be wise and ask Jesus, the gentleman, to remain with you when all hell breaks loose.

    Satan loves to see you alone. He wants you to battle Him in your own strength. He wins when Jesus is run off and fear drives you into irrational action. Fear keeps you looking over your shoulder in doubt. And all the while, your Savior is right beside you, waiting to be your calming force. Take the time to tarry in trust with the One who is totally trustworthy. Do not drive Him away in denial. Rise up from under the load of your languishing condition and come to Christ. Look to Christ for perspective and patience. Don’t panic. Exorcise your overwhelming fear by faith. Place it on the shelf of self-denial, and surrender to your Savior.  
    Now is your opportunity to stand firmly and courageously in Christ. Do not run Him off, for He will only stay where He is wanted. Talk is easy, but your walk with Him is what matters most. He desires an authentic and teachable heart. He can do this for you by faith.  So let these uncertain times embolden you and strengthen your beliefs. Go deeper with Jesus during desperate days. He is a gentleman waiting for your invitation to stay and not go away.

    When fear attacks, be comforted by Christ’s confidence and warm embrace. Say with David, “The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27: 1). Furthermore, be real with those around you. Some of them have gone before you; learn from them. Trust them as a resource, for fear is flattened by the faith of friends. Trust them and Him. Fear flees in the face of faithfulness, so escort the fear of failure out the door. Above all else, be strengthened by faith’s reassurance, not weakened by the fear of financial loss.

    Taken from March 25th reading in the 365-day devotional book, “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”… http://bit.ly/bQHNIE

    Post/Tweet this today: Fear flees in the face of God’s faithfulness. #fear #faithfulness

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