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New Movie - The Book of Esther

Good battles evil in this timeless story of Biblical heroism. The righteous Jew Mordecai and the despicable Haman square off for control of the young Persian King Xerxes. But Haman’s plans include something horrible for Mordecai and his people. It is up to Mordecai’s niece Esther to win the affection of the King, unmask Haman’s treachery and save the Jewish people. Based upon the Book of Esther, this delightful retelling emphasizes the values of courage, faith and obedience.

Stars Jen Lilly, Robert Miano and Joel Smallbone (For King & Country).

Behind the scenes:

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One thought on “New Movie - The Book of Esther”

  • Theron

    The Bible account of the book of Esther is a wonderful. Too bad the script writter for this film did not follow the story. The acting was good and for a low budget film it was, as my wife put it, entertaining. Other than that it was worst telling of Esther I have ever seen. I'ver seen at least 3 other film versions. One really good thing about the movie I can say is that my young children were conscently crying out how what the movie was saying happened was wrong. It made me feel good that my children on their own could tell error.

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