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It's Festival Time

Some of my fondest memories with my family is packing everyone one of us in our mini-van and driving to a music festival.  Being surrounded by other believers that have the same appreciation for art is always a great thing to do.  It was a picture of the Church - or what it will be some day.

There always seemed to be something for our whole family to do.  Whether it was checking out the artist's booths, various ministries that were present on the festival, catching a great speaker, listening to music or finding the rock climbing wall. We always had a blast.

One year, on the first day of the festival, a huge rainstorm came rolling in. It basically turned out to be a Christian "mud-fest." Nobody minded though. All of us were muddy and none of us cared.

I thought that I would offer a "play-list" of sorts to help you get ready for your journey to your nearest Christian music festival.  Check out these artists today and prepare for some amazing, God-honoring shows when you see them this summer.

Check out the sounds of American Idol contestant, Colton Dixon.

Curious how art mixes with worship? Be sure to see Matt Maher and David Crowder.

Need some "pyro" in your show? One band comes to mind. Skillet.

The kings of the comeback - Audio Adrenaline.

See the whole play list here.

What festival do you hope to go to this year? Lifelight - Missouri Lifelight - South Dakota Unity - Michigan Atlanta Fest - Georgia Alive - Ohio Big Ticket - Michigan Lifest - Wisconsin Spirit Song - Ohio The Heart Fest - Missouri Rock the Park - North Carolina Wonder Jam - Ontario Creation Fest - Washington Creation Fest - Pennsylvania Sonshine Festival - Minnesota Hills Alive - South Dakota The Soul Fest - New Hampshire Rock the Desert - Texas Spirit West Coast - California Fandana Festival - Indiana Kingdom Bound - New York Uprise Festival - Pennsylvania



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