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Interview with Peter Furler

As a founding member of the newsboys for over 20 years until his departure in 2009, Peter Furler sold millions of records with number one hits like “He Reigns,” “Shine” and “Something Beautiful.” This summer he returns refreshed and reawakened to the joy of music, recently stepping out with his first solo album, On Fire.

FCS: Hello, Peter, thank you for talking with us today!

Peter: You're welcome!

FCS: Your solo debut, On Fire, released in June. Tell us about the title and theme of this exciting new project.

Peter: When we're born again, our spirit is free to join with God’s Spirit. Then, if and when we begin reading…and doing what Jesus said, and following the promptings of the Spirit of God, this leads our hearts and minds to live without being bound, trapped…. or led by…anxiety, emotions or the material. To be ‘on fire’ is to live the full life of Christ.

FCS: This is a very joyful record, full of encouragement. What are you hoping it will mean to your listeners?

Peter: I hope people hear these songs and find the same joy and encouragement I have found in writing and singing them.

FCS: Your first single, “Reach,'' reminds us that God is personal. What inspired this song?

Peter:  I believe God cares for each and every one of us individually. God has made himself known to us in the person of Jesus Christ. He wants us to know Him, He wants us to be known by Him. He is a relational God. He has reached out to us through Jesus.

FCS: Do you have a favorite song on the new album? What makes it special?

Peter: One of my favorites, at the moment, is the song ''Psalm 23.'. I have wanted to put that, along with some other Scripture, to melody for quite some time.


FCS: Your songs are popular with a variety of age groups. How do you stay relevant to so many?

Peter: Hmm… I don't think I try to stay relevant… I have had the same haircut… and pretty much worn the same outfits (black)... for a bit now!  I just try to write words and music that I want to hear and I am very blessed to have people who like to hear what I do.

FCS: Does it ever surprise you to see which of your songs people love the most?

Peter: Over the years there have been a few surprise. ''Breakfast'' would be one for sure. More often than not, I find that artists and their fans have the same likings.

FCS: Has your vision for your music changed from when you started back in the mid 80s?

Peter: In the early days, I had to do a lot of odd jobs to survive (construction work, etc). I remember thinking back then, if I could just make music and not have to dig ditches, that it would be nice. I still love making music. I love to write songs that cause a stir. I hope that when I am gone from this earth, some of my songs might be left behind to glorify God and do the talking for me. If so, I made a better singer/songwriter than ditch digger!

FCS: You’ve said, “We need not just a knowledge of God's Word, but a love for it.” How do you keep your faith fresh?

Peter: I knock, I seek and I ask.

FCS: Thank you, Peter, for sharing. It’s been a privilege. May God continue to bless your music ministry.

Peter: Thank You!

Music video for Reach, Peter's first single.

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