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BookBites - Vol. 1

Craving a new read? You’ve come to the right place. We love books. And we love sharing our thoughts on them. Welcome to Bookbites, where we give the latest books a grade, brief review and include an excerpt—a “bookbite”—that grabbed our attention.

Happy reading!

UNGLUED:  Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

Lysa Terkeurst

Grade A+ --- A re-reader, even better the second time.  Perfect cover, fits the topic like a...crazy lady with a purse on her head.  A+ for the cover alone but the inside grabs you too.

Appeals to all women, especially Moms, who've had their moments of becoming unglued and want a new plan to deal with it.

Bookbite:  "Feelings are indicators, not dictators, child.  They can indicate where your heart is in the moment, but that doesn't mean they have the right to dictate your behavior and boss you around.  You are more than the sum total of your feelings and perfectly capable of that little gift from Jesus called self-control!"

BECOMING MYSELF:  Embracing God's Dream of You

Stasi Eldredge

Grade B --- Interesting, journalistic, somewhat too personal to author's experience.

Appeals to women with similar life issues such as weight, abuse, approval, fear.

Bookbite:  "Becoming ourselves requires standing against the current--the demands, the expectations, the assault of daily realities, and our own histories.  We cannot afford to indulge in our inner diatribes any longer.  To become true ourselves will require that we speak the truth in love, even to ourselves."

SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN:  The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking and Health

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Grade C --- Author makes a valiant attempt to explain in layman's terms the complexities of the brain God created and the science behind how we can change our life by how we think, however the book lacks real life examples for application.

Appeals to fans of TV shows like "Brain Games" and "Dr. Oz".

Bookbite:   "When you think you change...Brain scans show that parts of the brain activated by action are the same parts of the brain activated by simply thinking about an action."

One thought on “BookBites - Vol. 1”

  • Cindy Javens

    I am always looking for Christian books. Love reading and bible study.

    Right now I am looking for a book that would enhance the information I get from the Lutheran Study Bible.

    Any suggestions????


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