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Attention to Detail


“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”   Luke 12:6-7


Attention to detail means you care. When you show intimate interest in something or someone, it means you value them. This is the nature of your heavenly Father. No concern misses His interest. God knows every bird. He cares for each cardinal, sparrow, blackbird, vulture, robin, eagle, condor, bluebird, hummingbird, wren, dove, and quail. 

Yet, the cost of a bird, compared to the cost of you, is incomparable. It is like comparing the value of a glass sliver to a radiant diamond. It is analogous to comparing a bicycle to a Mercedes. It is like setting a nest and a mansion side by side. It is laughable to surmise any kind of similarity in value. Yet God values you as we would the jewelry, the automobile, and the home. Your worth outstrips all of His creation. You are the pinnacle of His portfolio.

You are His most valued asset, as He knows and understands the details of your life. He, of course, is more intimately involved with you than you are with you. This is reassuring. You may be right in the middle of a maze of uncertainty. Life could not be more confusing. Your marriage is in chaos. Your career has hit a dead end. Your finances are at a new low. Your motivation to move forward is like walking through a marsh of molasses. Life is not fun right now, but the one with His eye on the sparrow has His heart on you. His care is beyond your comprehension. He is relentless and reassuring in His compassion. Let Him into the details of your life. He already knows, and He has your best interest in mind. Your heavenly Father does know what is best for you. No need to fear; God is as near as prayer. His attention to detail invites you to trust and lean on Him.

If details are more important to God, then they should be important to us; but details are not always easy to manage. They can become cumbersome and cranky, an albatross of responsibility. This is why you surround yourself with people passionate about areas in which you are not. People’s passion points flush out important details. It may be time for you to trust others with these critical details that are screaming for your attention. They will probably do a better job than you in managing them anyway. Though you are still accountable for the details, delegate the responsibility.  This will free you up to give overall vision and leadership. You cannot cover all the details; only God has that capability. You will go to an early grave if you stay on this obsessive trajectory. A supportive assistant is invaluable, so start there. Be aware of the overall details, and give close attention to the ones only you can manage.

Otherwise, you will be average at best in your execution. Most of all, trust God and others with the shepherding of those details. But as you trust others, provide friendly follow-up. You can do for others what God is doing for you, for He gives affectionate attention to the details surrounding your life; so replace fear with faith and hope in Him. The Bible says, “We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name” (Psalm 33:20-21).

Taken from October 30th reading in the 365-day devotional book, “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”… http://bit.ly/InvUdR

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