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Introducing Our Books of the Year: A Review of The Battle Plan for Prayer

You have an enemy–and he’s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing an abundant life in Christ. But you are not unarmed in this battle. Prayer is a powerful weapon and it should be your first plan of attack in all of life’s battles, not your last resort. This year, walk with us as we learn to develop prayer strategies through reading The Battle Plan for Prayer and Fervent, books inspired by the movie War Room.

The Battle Plan for Prayer, which was written for men, was recently reviewed by our very own Nick Mulder. Check out how the book has touched his life and stay tuned for next week's review of Fervent.

Change The Way You Pray

Inspired by the movie War Room, this book motivated a distinctive kind of prayer in my life—one that’s in line with God’s will. The Battle Plan for Prayer, written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, is a powerful reminder of the importance of prayer and the beauty of being able to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

The book turns the typical idea of prayer on its head. It’s not about us trying to affect God—just the opposite. When you ask God for something, it’s not because God needs to be reminded of what you need. Rather, it reminds us that we need God.

I love how incredibly positive, uplifting and encouraging this book was. After reading, you will be inspired to improve how you pray. Whether your prayer life is good and you’re looking to make it great, or you hardly pray at all and you need a jumpstart, you will be filled with a hunger for a deeper relationship with God.

Your trust will grow and your hope and faith in Christ will flourish. The book explains some of the reasons why it might seem like God isn’t answering prayer, and how to pray in ways that will always be answered. It makes the power of prayer really evident. The authors give examples of miraculous times that prayer has pulled through for the people of God, like when their dad was praying for the funds to build a Christian school, and a couple showed up with a check written for the exact amount.

As you start reading the chapters, you’ll notice a few things: each chapter is short and digestible, making it really easy to read. And you’ll notice that it is absolutely packed with Scripture. The Kendrick brothers do an amazing job throughout the book explaining what the Bible says about prayer. After reading, I felt encouraged to pray in a way like Jesus—not just by praying the Lord’s Prayer, but also through a type of prayer that caters to my struggles, joys and every detail of my life.

The crux of the book is an explanation of the ACTS style prayer, a pneumonic device that helps Christians to remember to pray through admiration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. The book explains the importance of each aspect of prayer, and how to maximize each one in your life.

An extremely helpful feature in the beginning of the book is a reading plan that helps you schedule out your reading pace, as well as some prayer targets that you should be aiming for and spaces for you to write your own targets.

The back of the book has an awesome set of features as well—a list of prayer strategy verses, verses to read in various situations, a list of the names of God, help starting a prayer group, really deep and evocative discussion questions and lots of other helps.

This book had a remarkable impact in my life. And I’m sure it will for you too.

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