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Translated from the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts into today's American idiom, The Message by Eugene Peterson is designed as a reading Bible, unfolding like a gripping novel. Choose from The Message Bible and The Message//Remix, along with individual books and collections of psalms. Bible Translation Guide >

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  1. The Message Bible  - Lavender Embossed LeatherSoft

    The Message Bible - Lavender Embossed LeatherSoft

    Eugene Peterson

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    The Message is a reading Bible translated out of the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures by scholar, pastor, author, and poet Eugene Peterson. Peterson spent ten years working on the Message after teaching seminary and preaching in churches for more than thirty years. It c... Learn More
  2. The Message Bible: Numbered Edition

    The Message Bible: Numbered Edition

    Eugene H. Peterson

    Message, The Message

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    This new numbered edition of The Message Bible, the most widely read paraphrase, is easier than ever to read and understand - and since it's 25% thinner and a full half pound lighter than previous versions, it's also easier to take anywhere! The Message translates the Bib... Learn More
  3. The Message Promise Book

    The Message Promise Book

    Eugene H. Peterson, The Navigators

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    Updated and revised with new topics and Scripture references, this pocket-sized reference arranges passages from The Message by topic. Offering the hope of God's Word on a wide range of issues, including stress, money, self-image, and relationships, The Message Promise Book... Learn More

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