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Bible Reference

Increase your understanding of the text with a Bible concordance, Bible dictionary or one of our many Bible commentaries. Our Bible reference books will also share Church history and Bible history for context.

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  1. The Books of the Bible

    The Books of the Bible

    Dr John Sailhamer, John H. Sailhamer, John Sailhamer, Verlyn Verbrugge...

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    The Books of the Bible gives you an introduction to the Bible and essential grasp of - The 39 Old Testament Books - The 27 New Testament Books -- Turn here for exactly the kind of informative, easy-to-read overviews you're looking for. From theology, to biblical archaeology,... Learn More
  2. The Bible and African Americans

    The Bible and African Americans

    Vincent L. Wimbush

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    The unique encounter of African Americans with the Bible has shaped centuries of spirituality and social engagement of a whole continent. Highly respected biblical scholar Vincent Wimbush here outlines the five phases of African American reading and shows how the Bible offer... Learn More
  3. The Bible & Science Made Easy: An Easy to Understand Pocket Ref Guide [With Chart]

    The Bible & Science Made Easy: An Easy to Understand Pocket Ref Guide [With Chart]

    Paul Hendrickson

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    Learn how the truth of the Bible and the conclusions of science relate with this new pocket reference book: Discover how science confirms teh Bible story Find out how archaeology is uncovering more about Bible Times See how nature itself reveals God's handiwork Plus a seven ... Learn More
  4. The Basic Bible Pocket Guide

    The Basic Bible Pocket Guide

    Jim George

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    Looking for a quick, accessible survey of the Bible? You've just found it! Simple, concise, and compact, George's go-anywhere reference offers straight-to-the-point summaries of each book, a beginning-to-end overview of Scripture's important points, and practical application... Learn More
  5. The Baker Compact Dictionary of Theological Terms

    The Baker Compact Dictionary of Theological Terms

    Gregg R. Allison

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    A quick, accurate, go-to source for explanations of 600 terms, covering doctrine (e.g., atonement); movements (Pentecostalism); church practices (anointing of the sick); documents (Chalcedonian Creed); biblical concepts (Messiah); people (John Wesley); councils (Council of T... Learn More
  6. Temple of Solomon

    Temple of Solomon

    Kevin J. Conner

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    The Temple of Solomon: discover how the ancient Hebrews worshiped God in splendor. In this temple that stood until its destructionin Jeremiah's day, all Israel could come and offer sacrifices to Him. Study the order of worship as found in the Temple of Solomon and examine th... Learn More
  7. Talk Thru the Bible

    Talk Thru the Bible

    Bruce Wilkinson, Kenneth Boa

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    Start your study of any scripture with a comprehensive overview of the book it is in. Talk Thru the Bible is an easy-to-use handbook that summarizes each book of the Bible with at-a-glance charts, illustrations, and outlines. This reference volume is your first step to more ... Learn More
  8. Standing on the Rock: Upholding Biblical Authority in a Secular Age

    Standing on the Rock: Upholding Biblical Authority in a Secular Age

    James Montgomery Boice

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    Do we have reason to believe, not only that the Bible is God's Word, but that it it God's unique revelation, without error and sufficient in every way for our salvation? Can we understand the Bible and defend it against the attacks of critics and skeptics?Dr. James Montgome... Learn More
  9. Standard Bible Atlas

    Standard Bible Atlas

    Standard Publishing

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    All new resource from the editors of Standard Lesson Commentary includes 31 newly drawn maps based on satellite imagery that bring to life the stories and lands of the Old Testament and New Testament. Designed with a teacher in mind, this new atlas also includes five additio... Learn More
  10. Spurgeon-A New Biography:

    Spurgeon-A New Biography:

    Arnold A. Dallimore

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    This book will meet the need of those completely ignorant of Spurgeon and his vast achievements, but will stir also the interest of all who value his unique ministry. Learn More

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