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Bible Reference

Increase your understanding of the text with a Bible concordance, Bible dictionary or one of our many Bible commentaries. Our Bible reference books will also share Church history and Bible history for context.

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  1. Luther's Large Catechism: A Contemporary Translation with Study Questions
  3. Passion for Truth

    Passion for Truth

    Alister E. McGrath

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    In this book McGrath first sets forth the constructive ground on which evangelicalism stands and then shows how this revivified school of thought might respond to such important theological and cultural realities as postmodernism, religious pluralism and postliberalism. This... Learn More
  4. Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

    Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

    Loraine Boettner

    Includes the Five Points of Calvinism explained in detail, objections against the doctrine of predestination, the importance of the doctrine, Calvinism in history, and index of subjects and authors. Learn More
  5. Rise of Christianity Paper EDI

    Rise of Christianity Paper EDI

    William H. C. Frend, Williamh Frend

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    Traces the early history of the Christian church from Jewish Palestine prior to Christ's birth to the sixth century monastic movement, and explains how Christianity survived under a variety of cultures. Learn More
  6. Shadow of Calvary:

    Shadow of Calvary:

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    Hugh Martin leads us through the garden of Gethsemane, the arrest and the trial of our Lord Jesus Christ. He interprets these events in the light of the fulfilment of the Scriptures and subsequent fruit of Christ's suffering. Learn More
  7. Spurgeon-A New Biography:

    Spurgeon-A New Biography:

    Arnold A. Dallimore

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    This book will meet the need of those completely ignorant of Spurgeon and his vast achievements, but will stir also the interest of all who value his unique ministry. Learn More
  8. Standing on the Rock: Upholding Biblical Authority in a Secular Age

    Standing on the Rock: Upholding Biblical Authority in a Secular Age

    James Montgomery Boice

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    Do we have reason to believe, not only that the Bible is God's Word, but that it it God's unique revelation, without error and sufficient in every way for our salvation? Can we understand the Bible and defend it against the attacks of critics and skeptics?Dr. James Montgome... Learn More
  9. Talk Thru the Bible

    Talk Thru the Bible

    Bruce Wilkinson, Kenneth Boa

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    Start your study of any scripture with a comprehensive overview of the book it is in. Talk Thru the Bible is an easy-to-use handbook that summarizes each book of the Bible with at-a-glance charts, illustrations, and outlines. This reference volume is your first step to more ... Learn More
  10. Temple of Solomon

    Temple of Solomon

    Kevin J. Conner

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    The Temple of Solomon: discover how the ancient Hebrews worshiped God in splendor. In this temple that stood until its destructionin Jeremiah's day, all Israel could come and offer sacrifices to Him. Study the order of worship as found in the Temple of Solomon and examine th... Learn More

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Items 21-30 of 43

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