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Be Light: Shining God's Beauty, Truth, and Hope Into a Darkened World

Roma Downey, Samuel Rodriguez
Be Light: Shining God's Beauty, Truth, and Hope Into a Darkened World

These are dark times. What can we do to overcome the spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and financial shadows that threaten us and those we love? Calling the church to be "the bright city on a hill," Rodriguez shows how to overcome obstacles and break through walls ... Read More

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Item # 1589737


Item # 1589737

These are dark times. What can we do to overcome the spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and financial shadows that threaten us and those we love? Calling the church to be "the bright city on a hill," Rodriguez shows how to overcome obstacles and break through walls as we endeavor to shine with the light of Christ.
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  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: May 3, 2016
  • UPC: 9781601428165
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 224
  • Publish Date: May 3, 2016
  • Language: English
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  • BISAC: "REL012120"
  • ISBN: 1601428162

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Amazing Book by Antonio on 5/7/2016

Be-light is an absolutely amazing book for Christians to read. It not only teaches you how to be a light to a dark world but to properly show the world the love of And hope that only comes through Jesus. Furthermore it teaches us how to shine light into our personal lives, be it day to day or be it while confronting trials and tribulations that arise. Be-light by far has to be the best guide to date on how a Christian needs to walk talk and show the light of Jesus to 1st ourselves and then the world.

BE LIGHT! by Ocie on 5/4/2016

"Be Light" by Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is a book truly given and inspired by the Holy Spirit. In an age that is blinded and covered in the darkness of evil, sin, and immorality, it is imperative that the EVERLASTING LIGHT OF CHRIST JESUS shines even more brightly, radiates the universe and galaxies, and penetrates and obliterates all darkness. It is high time that we as believers and Christians learn how to BE LIGHT. I'm appreciative of Rev. Rodriguez taking the time to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal this great treasure of life to him and to share this crucial message with the world. When I read this book, I am convicted. Why? Because I have allowed some things to come into my life and cover my light. This message revives me and puts more oil to my light and fire, because now more than ever, I am spiritually aware of the subtle and cunning forces of darkness that try to sneak into my life.

Because of this great message of hope, I am encouraged and ignited to BE LIGHT and to spread the INEXTINGUISHABLE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST around the world. This book has caused me to self-reflect and ask myself "Am I really being light?" Now more than ever, especially in these last days of the last days, I will, through the empowering of the Holy Ghost, will BE LIGHT and spread it everywhere I go. I will let my light shine so that others are drawn to Christ, not myself.

From reading this book, I am reminded of the scripture in Psalms: "He makes his angels spirits, but his ministers a flaming fire." We are called to be light and to be torches. We as believers must fulfill this call and divine assignment to BE LIGHT.

This message of hope and salvation is a MUST BUY AND MUST READ!

Be Light by Samuel Rodriguez by Perla on 5/3/2016

Be Light
By Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez does it again. In Be Light: Shining God’s Beauty, Truth, and Hope into a Darkened World he provides a blue print on how to influence and overcome dark times in life. We all have them. Here Pastor Sam help you identify with the way Christ regards you, the light of the world. Pastor Sam beautifully expounds on the scientific properties of light and offers us applications on how we can embody light in every realm of our lives. More than a book, this is a 30 day journey to help you rise up and confront every darkness.
One of my faves is Day 7 pg. 43 (Refraction: Bending Light and Bending Lives). Pastor Sam states: “the size of your praise is proportional to the hell God freed you from.”
With deep insight, Pastor Sam reminds us about not giving up and being adaptable in our confrontation with darkness. “Just as light bends and separates when it strikes water and glass, we can learn to do the same when we meet an obstacle, and in the process see the fullness of Gods glory refracted through us- living prisms waiting to receive the light from above”. Pg. 44
Recently I was diagnose with a disease (Cadasil) in which doctors say there is no cure, I found myself knowing that God is in control while also wondering what’s the purpose of this trial. I found biblical wisdom and insight in Be Light. I am so thankful that Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is a conduit of the Lord in teaching, empowering, and equipping us with Be Light.
A few examples are
• Knowing light (what you know is more important then what you feel) Day 2 pg.9
• Overcoming darkness (when life throws your rocks build an alter) Day 3 pg. 15
• Why is the sky blue? (There is a difference between existing and living). Day 8 pg.49
Day 8 pg. 54 Give God all your waste! God will release FRESH spiritual oxygen into your life. Breathe!
That is just one of the many quotes that made my shoulders & heart feel physically lighter. There are so many more quotes that have changed my present & will impact my tomorrows. I now know that I am his child & will let my light shine, shine brightly, even in times of discouragement and threatened by darkness. Be Light is an experience that will change your life. My hope is that you would join me and countless others in this journey.
Learning to “Be Light”
Perla Alcaraz U.

Amazing word of God! by Bellesmith on 5/3/2016

Be Light
by Samuel Rodriguez

Be Light is a well written book, coming from a Pastor spreading the word on how to be more like Christ. He lays out a great foundation of principles to help Christians understand why God created us the way we are. This thirty day quest is a roll call on all of our lives to live out God's chosen profession for us to be light. Be Light equips us with the right tools to spread God's light through us to those around us.
Pastor Sam's book Be Light has constantly inspired me to better my relationship with God and help others do the same. It opened my eyes to understanding the changes that God has been making in my life over the past few years. This book really helps me comprehend how God created us in His image and to live my life more like Christ and help others find their way. I absolutely love how Pastor Sam speaks to his audience through his writing and also referencing scripture along the way while comparing to the principles of science. You will truly be inspired by reading this book trust me!

Powerful Read by Pastor Noel on 5/3/2016

Be Light book will provide you the tools to live a life full of God's light in a very dark and fearful world. Darkness can control your thoughts and heart only if there is no light. But once you flip the switch and the light is on, darkness will no longer have control.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez is not only a good friend, Pastor, and author, he is an instrument in God's hands to the nations. I believe this book will challenge your faith and encourage you to allow the light of Christ to shine through and shine bright.

Pastor Noel Sanabria,
Author, Conditions Of The Heart

Be Light in a Dark, Complex World by Brandoncjc on 5/3/2016

If you’re ready to rise up and live out your purpose in life - then Be Light: Shining God’s Beauty, Truth, and Hope into a Darkened World by Samuel Rodriguez is for you. Pastor Samuel Rodriguez shows us how to go beyond just wearing the “Christian” label, and actually live out God’s call to Be Light and influence the world.
Pastor Sam explains how to embody and emit God’s light in a complex, darkened world by understanding the remarkable complexities of light. Christians who find themselves overwhelmed and resenting new cultural norms that label us as irrelevant extremists need to read Be Light.
This book is also for Christian Millennials, like me, who want to throw off whatever life or hell has put upon our faith. Be Light challenges us to impact American Christianity and our culture in bold, but biblically sound ways. Pastor Sam cautions us in sobering words, “The Bible makes it clear that we are subject to losing our faith unless we are intentional in sustaining it.”
Be Light provides a blueprint that guides us as we build platforms of influence — in school, at work, in every sphere of our life — to share our light with others. This is no small task, but as Pastor Sam admonishes “there is no such thing as comfortable Christianity.”

Be Light-Amazing! by Marcos on 5/3/2016

BE LIGHT Shining God's Beauty Truth, and Hope into a Darkened world by Samuel Rodriguez is an amazing book that I could not put down.

BE LIGHT will take you on a intellectual and spiritual journey to be all that God has called you to be, a LIGHT for Jesus to push back and defeat the darkness that is prevalent in our world today.

BE LIGHT will inspire, encourage and equip you to take your place in being that City on a Hill that cannot be hidden. A LIGHT that will bring healing and revival.

I was truly impacted by chapter 23 where Pastor Samuel explained how when God removes something in your life, He always replaces it with something better. Something that God gives you the ability to shine brighter for his glory.

If you read one book this year, BE LIGHT by Pastor Samuel Rodriguez should be that book!

A daily tool by Maritza on 5/2/2016

Be Light by Samuel Rodriguez is a powerful book. The moment I started reading I could not put the book down. Pastor Rodriguez not only speaks to the heart but to the mind of the reader as well. I highly recommend this book as a daily tool in your spiritual walk.

"When light stands next to darkness, light always wins!" ~Samuel Rodriguez~

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