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Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill Series #1)

Mike Nappa, Mike Nappa
Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill Series #1)

Annabel Lee is the first book in Mike Nappa's new Coffey & Hill series.When Annabel’s uncle put her in an underground military-style bunker on a farm in Peachtree, Alabama, his last words were: “Don’t open that door for anybody, you got it? Not even me.” Only 2 peop... Read More


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Annabel Lee is the first book in Mike Nappa's new Coffey & Hill series.

When Annabel’s uncle put her in an underground military-style bunker on a farm in Peachtree, Alabama, his last words were: “Don’t open that door for anybody, you got it? Not even me.” Only 2 people above ground know where she is. Who would want this girl? Will she ever be set free? What happened to her uncle?

Product Details:
Page Count: 368
Released: 03/2016
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Feb 2, 2016
  • UPC: 9780800726447
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 368
  • Publish Date: Mar 1, 2016
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042060"
  • ISBN: 0800726448

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Good read, would recommend by Brenservant on 1/14/2017

Hope for more

Annabel Lee was Exhilarating!! by Robin on 8/4/2016

Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill Book #1)
Mike Nappa

Summary: Fourteen miles east of Peachtree, Alabama, a secret is hidden. That secret's name is Annabel Lee Truckson, and even she doesn't know why her mysterious uncle has stowed her deep underground in a military-style bunker. He's left her with a few German words, a barely-controlled guard dog, and a single command: "Don't open that door for anybody, you got it? Not even me.” Above ground, a former Army sniper called The Mute and an enigmatic "Dr. Smith" know about the girl. As the race begins to find her, the tension builds. Who wants to set her free? Why does the other want to keep her captive forever? Who will reach her first? Private investigators Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill need to piece together the clues and stay alive long enough to retrieve the girl--before it's too late. With its stunning writing and relentless pace, Annabel Lee will captivate readers from the first page.

Review: Saw this book at Lifeway and I really wanted to read it, but I could not get it that day. For a great deal on Amazon I got the ebook. Less than a week later here we are. I stayed up late to read a portion of it! I was hooked! Well written, with enough hints I had ideas about what was a shadowy mystery. The only problem was a stupid mistake that Trudi made and I could not believe she did it!!!!! That bugged me! But it helped bring about the climax. I was holding my breath and I still wish that some things did not happen. However, I realize that had they not happened the majority of the book would have been unnecessary. It was a fast and furious ride for the most part and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Review from Rambles of a SAHM by Fitzysmom on 4/21/2016

If you enjoy a good suspense novel then I suggest you go ahead and pick this one up. Annabel Lee is the first book in the new Coffey & Hill series. I expected it to be slow in parts because it would need to introduce us to the characters and set the stage. I was completely wrong. Instead the reader is just thrown into the midst of the plot and left to figure things out as they come to light.

There are some gruesome parts that just seem downright evil. And in fact they are. But there are other parts that aren't what they appear to be at all. At the beginning of the story Annabel Lee's uncle locks her in a hidden underground shelter with a barely controlled guard dog. Why? What craziness is this? As the story unfolds the unknown comes to light and even though you will understand the reasons they are still scary.

Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill are former business and marriage partners. They've got a complicated history that just adds to the tension in this novel. I really like their characters and look forward to watching their story unfold in the coming books.

I don't give away endings but this one is a doozy! Take a bathroom break and get yourself a snack because you're not going to be able to put this book down as the story line comes to a climax. The epilogue will be a soothing balm to all the crazy of the previous chapters. Read the preview of the next book, The Raven, at your own peril. I say that because it doesn't come out until September and you will be left wanting to read it NOW. On a final note the acknowledgements were the best I've ever read. (Yes I read those and you should too! Gives you insight into who the author really is.)

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.

Great read, though pretty violent by Mark B on 4/12/2016

I think this is the first adult novel for this author from what I can see. He has written several books, but this seems to be his first suspense novel for adults, and it is a great debut novel.

The plot is complicated and very unpredictable, but not complicated in a way that is hard to keep up with or is boring. It is just a very well done plot that keeps the reader guessing and is more intricate than a lot of suspense novels. The story keeps you wondering and guessing til pretty close the end of the book why this young girl is being hidden, and why there are evil men trying to find her. The answer was very unique and surprising.

I liked the main characters a lot:
Annabel, a 12 year old girl locked away and having no idea why or how long

The Mute, an awesome former military guy who is loyal and fearless to a fault

Sam, CIA/investigator, and "the pig", according to his ex-wife Trudi

Trudi, Christian, investigator, and still in love with "the pig", and forced to work with him to unravel this mystery they have been handed.

I didn't really intend to read the book in one evening. It sounded weird and has a creepy cover, but I got into it and didn't want to put it down, so I did read through it in one evening. It was a very entertaining and suspenseful read, and had a great ending.

The book is more violent than most Christian suspense novels.... almost too violent, so it isn't for the faint of heart.

An Original Thriller by Emilie on 3/25/2016

Annabell Lee is a mysterious adventure that stretches beyond categories to produce an intriguing read.

From the cover you get the feeling that this book is going to be creepy. I personally found it wasn't nearly as frightening as I thought it would be, but I did find it intriguing.

Annabell Lee has a flavor all its own. It reminded me of an amalgam of Ted Dekker, James Bond, Magnum P.I., and post military themes. I know, not the best description but it was definitely in a category all its own. I wanted there to be more suspenseful action, and yet there was definitely a high death-toll toward the end that was quite shocking but not necessarily in a bad "socking" way. That may sound bad, but I'm not opposed to some violence as long as it's not completely unnecessary. I suppose it's in the way that Mike writes that defines the book. It's descriptive but doesn't have as much tension in the writing as you'd expect.

The characters were intriguing as well. In my mind they weren't your "run of the mill" main characters. You had Annabel who was only eleven but wise beyond her years, a protective German Shepperd (I include him in the characters because...why not?), The Mute (yep, just like it sounds), and then Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill. Talk about some interesting dynamics, especially between Trudi and Samuel. I see some interesting development possible with them - but I'll leave out the rest of my comments so as not to spoil anything.

I think, overall, I would say that Mike has something good going on here. Read the letter at the back of the book and you'll get a very interesting story indeed, but I can see people loving this book and people hating it. It's not traditional or typical and I think that's okay.

I would recommend this to fans of suspense and/or romantic suspense with a disclaimer that it's not your average suspense/romantic suspense book, so don't expect it to be. As I try to do, read with an open mind and you might just find something you love in Mike Nappa's writing.

My rating: 4*
Originally posted on my blog: http://eahendryx.blogspot.com/2016/03/annabel-lee-by-mike-nappa-review.html
I received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review. I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

Awesome by Megan on 3/16/2016

This book definitely keeps you wanting to read more and I think it should be made into a movie!

Not Your Typical Christian Fiction - But Worth Your Time by Claudia on 3/10/2016

I like watching Steven Seagal movies on TV where the bad language has been bleeped out, and I can enjoy the storyline and action. Reading Annabel Lee was a lot like that. In this book, I think Seagal would be cast as The Mute, a former Special Forces warrior who would lay down his life for his former commanding officer and his niece, Annabel Lee, and who wasn’t beyond taking a few other lives with him. Trudi Coffey, private investigator, is unwittingly drawn into the mystery surrounding Annabel by Samuel Hill, her ex-husband, ex-partner and CIA agent. Little did she know that she had been intrigued by the mystery ever since she first discovered the “Safe” message in the classified section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution three years prior, not long before she discovered Samuel’s duplicity. This action packed story will have readers turning pages long into the night.
In the author’s notes Nappa tells of the difficulty he had finding the right niche for this story. Including one Christian, a seeker, a handful of agnostics, mercenaries, and a cult member, along with quite a bit of violence, it isn’t your typical Christian fiction tale, but it had enough of a Christian slant that secular publishers were not sure it fit their market either. I am so glad that Revell publishing decided to publish Nappa’s story. It was a wild, bumpy ride, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed. I hope that some of you will decide to take the ride as well. I am looking forward to future books in the Coffey and Hill series.
I thank Revell Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for providing Annabel Lee for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

Constant Action by Maureen on 3/1/2016

Annabel Lee is a superbly written novel that as you read this page-turner you are picturing a movie. The word pictures are amazing and I could read the action like I was watching it. Excellent, and exciting and yet scary all at the same time, this heart-pounding book should be made into a movie.
It is fiction and yet I found myself believing that this could all be true, even the part with the eleven year old hidden in the bunker. Little smarty that she is, not all youngsters could have survived as she did, especially with a dog that only understood German, and she believed ate fingers.
When you find out what this whole horrible mission is about you will cringe, this goes back centuries, and they will stop at nothing.
The detective in this story Trudi Coffey, she has quite the equipped office, is a divorcee whom calls her ex-husband “The Pig”, although he does come to her aid several times, and does profess to still love her. They are thrown together in this big adventure, forgot to tell you that he is CIA.
You will be quickly absorbed into this book once you turn the cover, and I am excited to see that there is another book in this series coming out this fall.
I received this book through Revell Reads, and was not required to give a positive review.

ANNABEL LEE . . . Suspenseful Fiction from Mike Nappa by Steve on 1/22/2016

“Uncle Truck keeps a German shepherd on his farm that’ll eat human fingers if you feed’em to it just right.”

When a work of fiction opens like that, you really only have one option – you have to find out “what happens next.”

Annabel Lee is an “educated girl,” caught up in the maelstrom of special operations conducted by clandestine agencies whose titles are spelled out by letters in the alphabet. And she is the possessor of a secret so guarded that even she doesn’t know what it is.

To share any more with you would spoil the surprises that abound. Get the book. Read it. And then spend the next two to three weeks letting the possibilities roll around inside your head. I know I did.

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