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Alone Yet Not Alone (Revised)
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It is autumn 1755. Settled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, deep within America's new frontier, the Leininger family celebrates the blessings of a beautiful homestead and bountiful harvest - until tragedy strikes with the beginning of the French-Indian War, and the dev... Read More

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It is autumn 1755. Settled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, deep within America's new frontier, the Leininger family celebrates the blessings of a beautiful homestead and bountiful harvest - until tragedy strikes with the beginning of the French-Indian War, and the devastating raid known as the Penn's Creek Massacre.

The lives of this simple, God-fearing family are forever altered when young sisters Barbara and Regina are carried away by a band of Allegheny warriors. Driven by their faith in God and the powerful bonds of family, Barbara and Regina hold firmly to the belief that they are never alone, even in their darkest hour, and that they will be reunited again. Alone Yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom is based on the true story of their miraculous survival.

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Ages: 8 & up.
Page Count: 160
Released: 12/2012
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  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jan 2, 2013
  • UPC: 9780310730538
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“Alone Yet Not Alone” by Tracy Leininger Craven by tickmenot on 4/27/2014

This is the true story of the Leininger Family, devout Christians, who had immigrated to America from Germany. The Leiningers purchased land from the Indians, built a cabin and began farming. The family often talked of the hardships faced in Germany before coming to this new land. They gave God the credit for getting them through the difficulties they faced. Their father told the children everyone has trials in their lives, but the thing that would help them, and could never be taken from them, was their faith in Jesus Christ. Every evening the family memorized a Bible verse, and they often sang hymns. One of their favorites was “Alone Yet Not Alone.” The entire family liked to sing, but they called Regina, the youngest, their “little song bird” since she loved to sing.

This book takes place in 1755 during the French and Indian War. At that time, the Native Americans had sided with the French, and because of that, believed all the agreements with the white settlers were over. The Indians began systematically burning cabins, killing the adults and taking the children as slaves. That is what happened one fateful day to the Leininger family. Their mother and son, John, had gone to the mill when the cabin was attacked. Their father and oldest son, Christian, were killed in their home, while sisters, Barbara and Regina, were captured and drug away by a band of warriors.

The book recounts the mistreatment the girls suffered at the hands of their captors. They were made to be slaves, and ultimately the sisters were separated. The many stolen children were divided up between the warriors who were from different trips. Barbara, the oldest, was taken by the son of an Indian chief back to his village. It was a trip of hundreds of miles that was all done on foot. Regina was taken away by a Native American from another tribe. Barbara fought to keep her sister with her, but to no avail. The last thing Barbara told Regina was to keep her faith in Jesus. She also told her to never forget that or Regina’s favorite song, “Alone, Yet Not Alone”–to keep them always in her heart.

The story tells of the trials and hardships faced by Barbara, as well as that of the other white people who had been taken captive. The Native Americans forced them to rub black walnut juice on their skin and hair so it would not be obvious they were white people. The lack of food caused the white captives to often go to bed hungry, despite working hard all day. Barbara prayed constantly for Regina and her to be reunited, and for a way for them to escape. As the years went by, Barbara kept her faith, but then she discovered that the Indian brave who captured her was planning to make her his wife in the spring. Barbara was in a panic because she knew if she became his wife, her chance for escape would probably be over.

This book is based on a true story, and is very exciting to read. It is an uplifting saga of Barbara keeping her faith, and holding on to her conviction that eventually she would make it back home. This work is the heritage of author who is a descendant of the Leininger family.

A movie with the same title as the book will be released in June 2014. I received a CD of the film’s soundtrack as well. The theme song of the movie, “Alone Yet Not Alone,” is brilliantly sung by Joni Erickson Tada. Although the book is geared to eight-year-olds and up, anyone who likes action, adventure or true stories should like this 5-star tale and movie.

“Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising): This book was published by Zonderkidz. Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner. Despite my receiving the book and CD free, it has not influenced my judgment, and I have given an honest opinion.

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